He is depicted as a knight or soldier wearing red armor and a golden crown; according to other grimoires, his skin is also red.

When he uses concentrate, throw up Marakukaja with Makoto.

Before the next palace boss, you need to upgrade your main physical attacker.

If you can spare the cash, try to make Vishnu since he can only be made during this extremely short time frame.

Warning: A very difficult boss will come right after this and it's very SP intensive. There is still a little bit of luck involved in this fight. Just SMT being SMT. 50% chance of killing one foe instantly.

Use ONLY Joker and Ryuji's SP.

This persona is also required for the Strength Confidant. He can be recruited after his defeat. Finish off the avenger with Psio and other elemental spells. So don't save after you put it in, save before. This will be your new magic heavy hitter.

Just two boss fights and then you'll be kicked out. Work your way through the palace until you reach a room with a shiny treasure that Morgana points out.

The exploits listed below will NOT be used against The Reaper so he may fight at his full strength with his complete arsenal of skills. If you are low on SP, guarding regularly with Morgana and Joker so that they survive is another decent tactic. Joker will be doing almost all of the damage. Ignore the dogs and don't stray too far from a save spot.

This is an extremely long palace, but you can still finish it in one day.

Check out "Pirate Legend" from the Library.

Also, make sure to check out the list of enemy weaknesses for the second palace in Persona 5 here. Not everything in Persona 5 Royal has to end with combat.

Bring out Seth and wreck him with One-shot Kill.

Memorize your party's turn order. ... You're probably speaking of Brutal Cavalryman in Old Castle 3F. Lastly, at night you can talk to Sojiro for a decent reward for acing your exams. Don't forget to save afterwards, there's another mouse maze coming up.

Joker should spam Snap, Ryuji should spam Headbutt, Ann should keep his attack down with Tarunda, and Morgana should heal when necessary. The most notorious of the bunch is Monarch of Snow AKA King Frost.

12/22 is the last day you can prepare for the final dungeon. Maintain the same strategy. ), Receive Mementos Request from Fortune confidant. However, you can't fight with a treasure demon so you'll have to fuse it with something else and transfer those skills. However, you won't unlock the better challenges right away.

He is susceptible to Mudoon, but it's risky. Ignore the AoA and use that turn to remove the warlord's attack buff with Tarunda or Dekaja.

First Appearance Of course the answers aren’t labeled, so you have to guess which answer is what type. This will require Joker to be at least level 51. Morgana on heals. It's also pretty nifty in battle. You can restart this fight if you die so take some chances in the beginning to do a lot of damage instead of guarding.

Repel is vastly preferred. Ryuji should put Tarukaja on Joker and Morgana while they Garu spam the boss to death.

Joker should sleep one guard, Ann sleeps the other, and Ryuji increases Makoto's attack. Not all shadows have weakness though, I find those types are more prone to status effect such as forget, confuse, sleep and brainwashing.

Secure the infiltration route. Reach the treasure this visit. Bring Morgana, Ann, and Haru. As an angel, Berith was prince of the order of cherubim. Don't forget to resummon both Matador and Orobas to have the full range of elemental spells. He can also use One-shot Kill, Riot Gun, Megidola, and Concentrate but he doesn't use them nearly as often as long as there's a weakness to exploit. When you reach the final safe room you're ready to grind XP. Feel free to revisit some areas and collect the treasures again.

Combined with Emperor's Amulet that you should have by now, you can cover 6 elements.

Makoto must keep Marakukaja up at all times, and Ann must keep Matarunda on the boss at all times. Owning certain DLC can sometimes change recipes.

If you can't kill extra enemies and get the negotiation on the first round, don't risk it. At the first Safe Room, make sure you save because one of the fights with the two flowers can get you a Game Over if they choose to focus on Joker and there's not much you can do about it.

Just kill everything you come across and try to recruit Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniac (Jack-o'-Lantern) to get the Agi spell in your arsenal for the upcoming boss. The Heavenly Punisher is a mini-boss faced by the Phantom Thieves both in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal.

Keep Marakukaja and Matarunda up at all times during all phases, I won't repeat this so don't forget. This is one of the more boring parts of Merciless, but it gets much less grindy after this.

Medium Physical damage to 1 foe. With Ali Dance you'll dodge most attacks and with Sharp Student you won't get hit with critical attacks nearly as often. He'll use two skills per turn and summons the same enemies as Uriel. Your Shiki-Ouji should still have Snap. Overall she's not very threatening. Make sure you send the calling card the day of or after you place an order so you don't miss one of them. I recommended level 54 earlier so Makoto can learn Diaharan and to make sure you weren't lower than what I know for sure is possible. Bring Ryuji, Ann, and Makoto to this fight. These are good for all stats if you can't do something else.

(Moon requires completing non-confidant related Mementos Requests. Berith may be derived from Baal-Berith, a god worshiped in Canaan before he came to be viewed as a demon under Christian demonology.

If you are level 44 (doubtful) or have the Sun confidant at rank 10, you can recruit an amazing persona called Girimehkala (Rebellious Elephant). You will have enough time to buy it 3 times assuming you don't send the calling card at the wrong time.

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