Leycesteria formosa is a robust and easily grown shrub native to China and Tibet, which attracts a wealth of wildlife. Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Leycesteria_formosa&oldid=962904564, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 June 2020, at 17:20. (I'm guessing Autumn, but this is a guess!). To keep them tidy and ensure masses of flowers, wait until the buds are coming into leaf, then prune right back to create a woody framework around 5cm from the ground. Divided into 3 groups these lists, linked below, are maintained by a team of RHS staff and are reviewed annually. AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme. Pheasant Berry, Himalayan Honeysuckle, Flowering Nutmeg, Himalyan Nutmeg : Scientific Name: Leycesteria formosa : Season Start: Jul : Season End: Oct : Please note that each and every hedgerow item you come across may vary in appearance to these photos. [9], Silva, L., E. Ojeda Land & J.L. The one I potted is not looking too cheerful, a bit droopy. With their large, open flowers, it’s no wonder lavatera are such good plants for bees. Cut these shrubs back every year to reinvigorate them, prevent them from becoming old and woody and to promote flowering at head height and below. My dog spent yesterday afternoon illicitly scoffing berries. Don’t grow fuchsias? It can be pruned back hard if desired. Try an advanced search, RHS Registered Charity no. We shall see. Mainly in formal gardens but can be found self seeded in the wild. [6] It is often found naturalised in the wild in southern England. Also, don’t forget to remove any weak or diseased stems.

Maximise flowering by knowing when and how to prune these shrubs, with the help of advice in our guide. Invasive terrestrial flora and fauna of Macaronesia. And what time of year is best? Sow in winter, in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse, covering thinly with compost or vermiculite. After the rainy season starts in autumn would be fine. [8] It is also recorded as Symphoricarpos rivularis Sukdorf. If you’re growing Spiraea japonica, you can encourage a compact, flower-packed shape by hard pruning it at the beginning of spring. Caryopteris bloom on the current year’s growth, so are well-suited to some hard pruning in spring, to encourage vigorous new growth and keep them looking tidy, for masses of autumn flowers. Hi Gill, I can find no information about the berries toxicity to dogs but it not mentioned in the Dogs Trust list of poisonous garden plants. Our Botanical team are working hard to increase the number of plants with detailed information. It has soft, hollow, upright green stems 1–2 m tall, which only last for 2–5 years before collapsing and being replaced by new stems from the roots. Despite their tropical associations, there are many varieties of hardy hibiscus that can be grown in the UK, such as Hibiscus sinosyriacum ‘Lilac Queen’. 020 3176 5800 Himalayan  honeysuckle  is so easy to take cuttings for new plants, Winter snow broke mine in half,  now I have a dozen starts and even a 5 inch start will bloom and have berries ,(in a green house). Top 100 in Azores, Madeira and Canaries. Optimal Growing Conditions. I've just dug one up and potted it because it had seeded in the wrong place. It will also stop the plant becoming bare at the base, and create more space in your borders. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine.

I understand that pheasant berries, although palatable and safe for humans, are poisonous to dogs? Small, white, trumpet … Pheasant berry where I come from. Search by plant name, key attributes or both to find plant details and a list of

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