I can’t install patches or DLCs no matter what I do. I will start updating my text file and pics. Hey I’m completely new to this, and maybe I’m doing this wrong, i thought I followed all the steps correctly. Did it have to do with the settings you applied? I aheva question tho. 4. hello i need help! Im unable to install the games from pkgj, I hope someone can help me out here. I know it lists games you have installed but newer stuff would be great.. Not that I know of, you probably have to connect the Vita to your laptop and then sort the games by modified date. Open your config.txt found in the tai folder, and add "ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx" under *KERNEL. NoNpDrm needed to run games,updates, and DLCs: i reboot psvita and load vitashell when i click on refresh livearea [Download failure: HttpError: HTTP download error 0x80431068]

GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. As it turns out, I’m just really blind and kept missing a few steps in the process. Or I get easely flagged on PSNProfiles? It just refuses to download. I’m glad you got it up and running. Are you using the config.txt from my site, it sounds like an issue with the text file. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Oh yes, pretty active with this site lately with the news of the Trinity released. is it beacuse i edit app.db ? Coz I think in pkgj have it, Why else…? I am trying to install games on PKGj, but I keep get the same error:C0-9250-6. I’m not sure if my wifi is too slow, I have tried reconnecting with my vita and it seems to connect properly. Please check your NoNpDrm installation.

My ur0:tai/config.txt looks like: Meaning you properly installed NoNpDrm and still get the message? Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Hello,

If you go to ux0:addcont do you see the gameid? Hi just a heads up, really appreciate your help but I think your config file is out of date. Yes that would be my first step, move all the contents to ur0 and then delete the tai folder in ux0. Are you sure it is the same region, what game are you trying to install it to, and what firmware are you on? To Install DLCs, press triangle to bring up menu and scroll down to, Press X (if no item shows, press triangle and then, Press X on the compatible DLC and wait for the install, the.

That all. Does your config.txt in the PGKi folder look like the pic I have at the end of Step 8? privacy statement. Hello! Games cannot be installed or played.’ notification. Not sure what you mean by your games not saving when using VitaShell, VitaShell doesn’t save your game. Hi, did you remove from all addresses word ‘beta’? `

I can not start the games that need to be patched, I have the message C1-6703-6. I looked them up on nps on browser just fine and I can get the PKG from there, but I’d like to know if there’s something I can do to have them show up on PKGj? Hi, are you sure the patch you download is a compatibility patch? i did everything in the instruction but it still says cant get list httperror. Thank you. Une fois fait, redémarrer votre console afin que plugin soit activé. Upgrade your Micro SD Card to store more files.

You should only have one nonpdrm.skprx. `# This file is used as an alternative if ux0:tai/config.txt is not found. Im from Europe, can I play and earn trophies from other regions games? Thanks a lot for this tutorial but I have a problem. I have the Nonpdrm installed on ur0:tai and the config.txt reflects this, but every time I refresh the livearea it says 0 items installed. The config.txt from my site was outdated but I have since updated it. Learn more. Hi, I hade a problem with PKGj (PS Vita with latest soft 3.73 + henKaku). Can you give some advice pls – either how to delete it or how to install it Thank you!

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I just noticed I didn’t end ur0:tai/repack with .skprx in my config.txt file that little error was what was preventing me from launching games, Thanks a bunch, most of the steps went well. Where is your tai folder located at? Is it asking you to install iTLS-Enso? Just to confirm the folder name matches, EX: if the app is PCSA00000, all the patches and dlcs also say PCSA00000? Did you use the config file I provided? for your answer, I appreciate… ty, This game is pcsh00058-ASA- Shin Gundam musou 2,75GB Kindly advise, what are the features of 0.55 pkgj. Archived. I followed bothof your NoPdRm and PKGJ guides, and yet, small apps like YouTube won’t even install, it will download 100%, and then will either say unable to install, or wait to install. Your email address will not be published. Thx! You need to downgrade, Trinity is just a temporary hack. Note: Since the update does show up on your notification, for paranoid users in fear of PSN ban (so far no reported case of a PSN ban from a hacked Vita and very unlikely) create a new PSN.

Thanks for your help Hi, I need some advice. What error are you getting from trying to install enso? ur0:tai/storagemgr.skprx

What firmware are you on and how did you set up the nodpdrm plugin on the Vita? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If it’s not on pkgj then try to find a nonpdrm version of it from Google.

I currently have version 3.60 and I have the NoNpDrm file located in the tai folder of my ux0 section. Nonpdrm Help - Games not showing. Halo, im have question to download dlc….

Enjoying PKGj so far! Does anyone of you encounter after installing pkgj and installing nonpdrm plugin still getting an error Nonpdrm not detected. See guide to install You have all the prerequisites installed such as nonpdrm and adrenaline if you are running psp/psx games? https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/comments/e18tq0/psa_temp_solution_for_pkgj_issue/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf, https://psvitamod.com/modoru-downgrade-the-ps-vita/, https://github.com/blastrock/pkgj/issues/247, Save Manager, Use Saves From Different PSN Accounts, Press O to cancel main settings and then press, Press O to cancel the USB connection and go to the folder you put it in (. Where is your tai folder, and what does the config.txt in that tai folder say? Everytime i try to install a game it gets stuck on “Waiting to Install”. What is the gameid, does it match with the DLC? Posted by 1 year ago. Where is your tai folder located at, make sure the config.txt in that tai folder is correcting referencing the all the plugins like nonpdrm. Most of people already has it. If you are interested in a different color vita (like my pink one), I got mine online from an eBay seller in Japan at ebay.com/search. I found a post on reddit that gave a psa work around with only the comppack url here’s link. Ur0:tai/repatch_4.skprx didn't work, so i changed it to ur0:tai/repatch_4.skprx, rebooted the system, and the problem was solved. 7 comments Closed NONPDRM NOT WORKING #16.

Any ideas. Is there any way that when you refresh the vita list of games, that it highlights new games that have been added. I installed a game, it says installed, but theres no bubble for the game? The PKGj file is also located in ux0. Already on GitHub? I checked many posts , made autoplugin, errase ux0: tai … Do I have to delete my tai folder on ux0, and move the contents to ur0? I get my Micro SD Cards here. First mistake is changing the confiq to uma0 (this is only applicable for those who used storagmgr), but I guess that is not clear enough in my guide because of the second sentence (I will fix that).

When refreshing inside of PKGj, at the very end [9/10 100%] error pops up: PKGj "Could not find application" Question. Will PKGi be the one that will handle its installation of the files, or do I have to do something to make the dowoaded compatibility pack work? To update, click on the newly installed file and click on the yellow button. You have to know the gameID of the incomplete game, because the files in there will contain letters and numbers. Games cannot be installed or played.’ notification. I installed it and have been using it for months without zero issues! If no items appear, press triangle to bring up the menu and click X on, Once the download is done, go back out to the. If no what can i do! ur0/tai/ref00d.skprx

What firmware are you on, what model vita, where is your tai folder located in, and what error message are you getting? PKGj "Could not find application" Question.

It just displays this, Download failure: scePromoterUtilityPromotePkgWithRif: 0x80870004 Step 3. but do you know why my games wont launch and i get an error? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Looking for a complete configuration.txt with tsv links etc.

Scroll all the way down and you should see a bouncing bubble of your file. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Did you also install nonpdrm? Downloaded the confiq.txt and where it says install_psp_psx_location ux0: change that to uma0. Fatal error:pkgj requires unsafe mode to be enabled in Henkaku settings! I want to download dlc “shin Gundam musou”, example “additional Mobile suit: Wing gundam ew”, I’ve already installed, but I check to my game its not there/show… I’m newbie,pls help What is problem that…? Dlc name is pcsh00058-ASA- Additional Mobile suit [Wing Gundam Zero (EW)… I’m not sure Coz I never use Dlc before so i don’t no… No, ihavent yet Download dlx from nopaystation…. i tried downloading from different servers but still i face this problem..please help me..i want to play spiderman without strucking. Close. I can download the games and the compability patches, PKGJ says that’s all “green”. 3.60, the same region, tried for pal Killzone Mercenaries, PS All-Stars Battle Royal pal, Gravity Rush USA, japanese patch and dlc for Dragon Ball Z Battle for Z, none of it worked. (C0-11303-8). Member. Hi I have the same kind of issue. my mind is blank Now…. If so, you can install it here: https://github.com/blastrock/pkgj. I solve the problem on my own. Great tutorial you made here. ... `# This file is used as an alternative if ux0:tai/config.txt is not found. I’m having some issues only with PS Vita games. I just have a question. and I’m a bit stuck on what to do next. 2. The only difference I see is that it disabled compatibility packs by default since that seems to be causing issues for users. Games cannot be installed or played.” As far as I can tell, nonpdrm seems to be installed correctly? No problem, these things happen. First is go to content manager and then “Manage Content on Memory Card” to see what is taking up all your space. Kinda sounds like the nonpdrm plugin, did you use my guide to install that? All references to piracy in this subreddit should be translated to "game backups". Thier not in the PKGJ folder also..

I just updated my Vita to 3.73 and I have been documenting all that hacks I have done to it. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. It could also be how you set up your tai folder and the config.txt file in the tai folder. … henkaku stuff, It should all start with “ur0:tai/” not “ur0/tai/”. Step 2.

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