Please keep the progress updates coming. Możesz obserwować tylko 300 wyszukiwań jednocześnie. I found the right transition transition pipe online. The NA-Tune changes this, offering many advantages: Plug-n-play kit, comes with everything needed to … Dowiedz się więcej o Reklamie graficznej. I knew I wanted something rear wheel drive. Oferta charytatywna to oferta, z której całkowity dochód zostanie przekazany na powiązany z nią cel charytatywny. I needed new tires and the most reasonable options were on 17″ wheels. Here’s when I brought it home: A little rough around the edges..but no rust or serious dings on the body.

OEM 4 piston Porsche calipers. The surprising thing was that a regular paper air filter made the exact same power as the "high-flow" K&N piece. W wynikach uwzględniamy wprowadzone przez sprzedającego informacje o pasujących pojazdach. The dash is coming along. If I’m running E85 I’ll probably shoot for around 18psi. Porsche 944 turbo na - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje.

Surprisingly few bolts sheared or stripped out. It did however need a new clutch installed. Bez dodatkowych kosztów! Darmowy zwrot to co najmniej jedna forma dostawy z darmową opcją zwrotu. Rear wheel drive and front engine. The results were impressive: That is a ~13% increase in power, and a ~16% increase in torque across the board! ... North America. I used somewhat of a complex set of strings to align the car. Made my first attempt at painting and I’m happy with the results. Now the fun of rebuilding the 2.5L turbo engine begins. It had nearly perfect front to rear weight distribution. Porsche Cayenne 955 Turbo Amortyzator pneumatyczny, REVELL MODEL DO SKLEJANIA PORSCHE 911 TURBO, PORSCHE 997 TURBO GWINT ZAWIESZENIE GWINTOWANE, POMPA CIECZY CHŁODZĄCEJ PORSCHE 924 944 HEPU P592, Europejski Dzień Zdrowego Jedzenia i Gotowania. The NA-Tune brings real MAF conversion for the 944NA (all 8-valve variants). Porsche 944 najnowsze ogłoszenia na Car is sitting low.

I found the best method was a multi tool followed by a wire wheel to remove all the adhesive. Powiadomimy Cię przez e-mail gdy pojawią się nowe oferty. Now Speaking from experience - boosting the 944 NA is straight forward. see all. Picked up my new calipers this weekend. By dalej dodawać kolejne wyszukiwania usuń coś z listy obserwowanych wyszukiwań.

A few more engine pictures. It might not be the easiest job though. Ten format reklamy jest dostępny w Allegro Ads. Also, 100mm studs so I can run spacers. It went from a 2.25″ diameter pipe to a T3 flange (rectangular). Yes, it can be done.

Some before and after pictures from interior and exterior painting. Had to roll it outside for some pictures. I found a great deal on a 1983 944. After the wire wheel and orbital sander it still took a lot of scrubbing with cleaner and a scotch brite pad to remove all the adhesive. 10 monet to kupon o wartości 10 zł do wykorzystania przy kolejnych zakupach. It was going really well until I got the head off and noticed the cylinder walls on 3 of 4 cylinders were pretty well scored.

The biggest pain was removing all the sound deadening material from the floor boards and interior.

New front and rear wheel bearings. After some welding and a small amount of body fill, what used to be an antenna hole is ready for primer! Engine and transaxle were next. if so that may have belonged to a friend of mine Dale Timmester. After several more layers of fiberglass it’s very ridged.

Pulling the engine up from the ground worked really well. Hands down one of the highest HP gain for dollars spent for your Porsche 944. Free shipping on many items ... KBD Polyurethane Front Bumper Lip 83-89 Fits Porsche 944 Non-Turbo 37-2095 (Fits: Porsche 944) $379.00. Stage 3 turbine wheel. No torsion bars. It weighed in at 2300 lbs with no driver and 1/4 tank of gas. If you want to turbo your N/A, the cheapest route is to but a complete 944 turbo engine and all the parts that go with it on ebay. I had to grind on the mount and the crossover pipe needed a new flange. I had very few rough patches. The popup headlights are neat but these weigh less and are more reliable. There are lots of options out there, but I wanted something unique. Yes, it will cost you more then buying a 944 Turbo, Yes, it makes some here crazy to see that this is one of your first posts! I’m happy with the installed location and it seems very close to the stock turbo (which will make routing the intercooler hard pipes possible). W Allegro jesteś u siebie!

It was believed to be the head gasket. 10 monet to kupon o wartości 10 zł do wykorzystania przy kolejnych zakupach. As the title suggests..I went with a Porsche 944.

My plan is to cut out some of the inside where the larger gauges will go and put a flat sheet of fiberglass to give it a cleaner look. It’s a .63 AR and a 50 trim compressor wheel. I already had the turbo engine and transaxle so I figured it was time to start the tear down process. Completed engine bay, header panel, front bumper, rear bumper, and front facia. I went to check it out and the car fired right up! I went with Hankook RS-3′s. Now that I had tires it was time to set the ride height and corner balance. Then I used a v-band to mate with the rest of the 3″ exhaust. Fortunately the sale included a clutch. Turbo is hitting peak boost pressure just after 3,000 RPM. Rear wheel drive and front engine.

The engine rebuild is coming along nicely. Some progress pics. Since the car is mostly geared towards the track I installed a roll bar. After completing the bike, I wanted to take on the challenge of a four-wheeled vehicle. (I’m not sure how many owners there were between you and I, I sold it in early 2010.) 51/49 fr/rr percentage. Będziesz mógł zwrócić zakupiony towar bez dodatkowych kosztów. Furthermore, the part-throttle improvements are even greater due to removing the AFM restriction (at part-throttle the AFM "door" is still partially closed, blocking airflow). Like the 944 Turbo, the 944NA uses a very restrictive air-flow-meter (AFM) from the factory. See this.

What we see is an average of 8% increase in horspower and torque at every RPM! Korzystanie z serwisu oznacza akceptację regulaminu, O - oryginał z logo producenta samochodu (OE), Q - oryginał z logo producenta części (OEM, OES), P - zamiennik o jakości porównywalnej do oryginału. It also included a camber plate. I’m very happy to see the work you’re doing to it. Next was the headlights. VFB47 475 MM, Wycieraczka VALEO 575004 FM47 VFB47 19'' 475 MM, DENSO WYCIERACZKA HYBRYDOWA DUR-050L 500mm 50cm, DENSO WYCIERACZKA HYBRYDOWA DUR-048L 475mm 47.5cm, Wycieraczka Pióro VALEO First FM48 19" 475mm, Wycieraczki VALEO First Multi VFB47 475MM, VW PASSAT B3 B4 B5 FL POLO LUPO KOREK WLEWU PALIWA, MAGLOWNICA PRZEKŁADNIA VW SHARAN GOLF PASSAT B5, SPRZĘGŁO HYDROKINETYCZNE BMW 3.0D 231/286 KM 6HP26, MAGLOWNICA PRZEKŁADNIA VW GOLF IV BORA AUDI A3, MAGLOWNICA PRZEKŁADNIA OPEL ASTRA G H ZAFIRA, SPRZĘGŁO HYDROKINETYCZNE BMW 3.0D 218KM 6HP26, MAGLOWNICA PRZEKŁADNIA VW GOLF IV GALAXY ALHAMBRA, KOŁO DWUMASOWE TOYOTA 2.0 D-4D 90 110 116 KM, SPRZĘGŁO HYDROKINETYCZNE BMW 4.4 333KM 6HP26, SPRZĘGŁO HYDROKINETYCZNE MERCEDES 722.6 722.9 S C, SPRZĘGŁO HYDROKINETYCZNE BMW 3.0D 235KM 6HP28, VALEO FIRST WYCIERACZKA PIÓRO 350mm 14" 35cm, BOSCH ECO WYCIERACZKA PRZÓD TYŁ 340 mm 34 cm, ADAPTER BLUETOOTH DO RADIA SAMOCHODOWEGO RCA AUX, AMORTYZATOR 100 623 SACHS VW GARBUS -81, PORSCHE, ORYGINALNE AMORTYZATORY KOMPLET PRZÓD SACHS 100623, Bosch 0280130026 czujnik temperatury wody nowy, SILIKON DO CZUJNIKA SENSORA DESZCZU AVENSIS T5 C5.

Took it for a test spin..and it was burning some serious coolant. The NA-Tune changes this, offering many advantages: Note - All of our Tunes requires a 28pin DME. In the stock turbo vehicles they mounted it under the removable header panel. Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz! Heating .25″ plexiglass over the original headlight cover at around 250F gave me a perfect shape match.

Anyone who has removed the hood foam knows how much of a pain this is! More than half of the car is done! Most of the wiring is complete. did that car have a big porsche crest on the rear when you bought it? I found a great deal on a 1983 944. środków komunikacji elektronicznej oraz telekomunikacyjnych urządzeń końcowych w celu przesyłania mi informacji handlowych oraz prowadzenia marketingu (np. In-fact, the AFM in the 944NA is even more restrictive than the one used in the turbo cars! It took me about a week to finish the clutch job. Delivery Options. The only mod to our test 1985 944NA is the NA-Tune, everything else is completely stock down to the cast-iron headers. Here’s one section of the sunroof wet sanded and polished. Free-breathing MAF sensor, with enough capacity to measure over 225hp! On to suspension, brakes and steering. See, What we see is an average of 8% increase in horspower and torque at, Continuing our quest to find even more power for the 944NA, while still keeping the modifications simple, we tested a common K&N drop-in air filter, a simple free-flowing "cat-back" exhaust, and an offset camshaft key from. to oferta, z której całkowity dochód zostanie przekazany na powiązany z nią cel charytatywny. Worldwide. The 944 NA vs 944 Turbo motor - not a lot of differences that would limit boost under 1 bar.

Paint can certainly use some cleanup but it’s looking good for the most part.

We’ll see what the knock counter says.. Enhanced closed-loop operation, which better understands driver-input to deliever improved performance and economy. I’m running 350lbs springs in the front and 550 lbs rear. Dowiedz się więcej o Reklamie graficznej. After lots of painting it’s starting to look like a car! My plan is to do red so it was a perfect set for me. This is an overlay of seven different 944 Turbo AFMs; all of these AFMs came from running vehicles: Copyright 2014 Rogue Tuning. Znajdziemy sprzedawców, którzy mają wszystko czego szukasz. True 3-dimensional timing mapping, allowing more linear power delievery, and ability to adjust to other engine/performance modifications. Allegro Smart!

Free shipping. 340 RWHP PACKAGE 944 TURBO The above dyno pull was done with the optional 4" exhaust upgrade.

He sold his 83 and ive seen it around a bunch until lately. Gdy kupujesz od Super Sprzedawcy, masz pewność doskonałej obsługi klienta i udanych zakupów. I’ve been busy prepping for paint while I wait on my engine block. After lots of research I went with a kit from

Like the 944 Turbo, the 944NA uses a very restrictive air-flow-meter (AFM) from the factory.

Can’t wax of course, as the paint has to cure, but it looks pretty good if I may say so! Will set you back at least 5K! It’s wrapped with titanium heat wrap and held in place with stainless steel ties. One that would be a worthy companion on the race track, yet enjoyable for a weekend cruise.

Tym symbolem wyróżniamy najlepsze sklepy w Allegro. In-fact, the AFM in the 944NA is even more restrictive than the one used in the turbo cars! After lots of research it seemed like the 944 would make a great entry level track vehicle. Dostawa dzisiaj do Katowic, Krakowa, Łodzi, Poznania, Warszawy, Wrocławia. We’ll see if the tires rub on the fenders. Well, new to me. Hi – I owned and loved that car for 10 years! Seats and harnesses installed. Quite a bit more meat to help transfer that forced induction power. I was so happy to have the car moving under it’s own power. The early models were spot welded on with a lot of excess material under it. New wheels and tires! That means no AC, heater, radio, etc. Some fabrication to get the turbo to fit.

Zaloguj się i zobacz swoje zakupy, obserwowane oferty i powiadomienia. Free Shipping. I’m still breaking in the engine so it’s running relatively low boost. All rights reserved. First project was the dash.

If your AFM is dying, replace it with a Miller MAF conversion today and gain power, throttle response and efficiency. Some sanding done, and lots to go yet. Dash is still in rough shape but starting to come together. It needs lots of work yet.. Another large challenge has been the intercooler.

Still need to work on a few loose ends, but it’s running and driving pretty well.

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