Some of the documents you will need to present to SEF include the following: For more information on the family reunification visit SEF’s website. (See: 'Holiday home Brits face Brexit shambles').

Any foreigners, after entering Portugal, can apply for a residence permit having  job in hand. }

} After Brexit and without residency, you will be treated as a tourist and only permitted to live in your house in Portugal for 90 days in every 180 and you won't be able to visit any other Schengen country until you have been out of Schengen for 90 days. } This article walks you through various paths to residency, and makes the process a little more manageable. "acceptedAnswer": { What courses are taught in Studienkollegs?

This decision can be reversed.
The meaning of Portugal in Arabic language is "The Orange fruit". Citizens of some non-EU countries with bilateral agreements with Portugal are allowed to apply for this work residence visa in Portugal within 90 days of arrival into the country. One route to Portuguese residency is through employment. background-color: #F5F5F5;

If you get employed, you can change to a worker status which allows you to live and work in Portugal.
Guidance regarding documents and procedures. Attaining your Portuguese residency could also be worth it in the long term if it means you end up with a Portuguese passport. Health Card (PB4 and others) and private health insurance, international transportation of animals, substitution of driving license (driver’s license) and others. Portugal has become a place that’s high on the list of places to relocate to in Europe. In addition to the fine he had to register to pay tax in Portugal and back-tax for the years the authorities considered him to be resident here, even though he had paid tax in the UK. We inform clients on their action options. Once you have been legally resident in Portugal for 5 years you can apply for your Certificate of Permanent Residence. Você pode bloqueá-los ou excluí-los alterando as configurações do seu navegador e forçando o bloqueio de todos os cookies neste site. Your email address will not be published. .in-post-simple-cta i {

Por favor, esteja ciente de que isso pode reduzir muito a funcionalidade e a aparência do nosso site. Clients can follow the evolution and progress of their proceeding(s) in the user reserved area of the site. padding: 20px; The application for residence title should be scheduled (via an electronic platform – to be implemented for holders of residence visas) and submitted personally on a standard form signed by the applicant or his/her legal representative.

Should you fail to register, the law provides for a fine of between €400 and €1,500 (at the time of writing - March 2017), although personally I only know of one person that has had a fine for this and that was several years ago. If you come from an EU country that asks Portuguese migrants to have a health insurance policy, then you too will require this and provide proof. I'm Englush living in Portugal I have a fiance in Philippines I have tried and tried to get a visa for here to come Portugal for a holiday but impossible ..

could you please help me out for settling to portugal? See also. Access to healthcare for migrants in Portugal; Demographics of Portugal

This would allow visa-free travel to over 171 countries in the world. Just like any other governmental office in Portugal the majority of people whom are working there are old and unskilled! Remove Cookies

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