They looked about them and found an adjoining room to the right, in the midst of the hall, and they went in. The horse on which Day rides is called Skinfaxe, and with his mane he lights up all the sky and the earth. While these things are happening, Heimdal stands up, blows with all his might in the Gjallar-horn and awakens all the gods, who thereupon hold counsel. Then they went under another oak. He and his wife went on board his ark and saved themselves in it. He rules over rain and sunshine, and over the fruits of the earth. Har answered: Much knowledge is needed to explain it all rightly, but still it is shortest to tell you that most of these names have been given him for the reason that, as there are many tongues in the world, so all peoples thought they ought to turn his name into their tongue, in order that they might be able to worship him and pray to him each in its own language. When the asas said they were ready, the wolf shook himself, spurned against and dashed the fetter on the ground, so that the broken pieces flew a long distance. Thus it is said in the very words of the asas themselves: 43. He, who had conducted him in, answered that the one who sat in the lowest high-seat was king, and hight Har; the other next above him, Jafnhar; but the one who sat on the highest throne, Thride. Then answered Har: The sons of Bor slew the giant Ymer, but when he fell, there flowed so much blood from his wounds that they drowned therein the whole race of frost-giants; excepting one, who escaped with his household. Har answered: A wise man would not ask such a question, for all are able to tell this; but if you alone have become so stupid that you have not heard of it, then I would rather forgive you for asking unwisely once than that you should go any longer in ignorance of what you ought to know. Some have a long, others a short life. Thereupon said Ganglere: I wish to ask tidings of more of the asas. But Hel replied that it should now be tried whether Balder was so much beloved as was said. Then Thor became wroth, grasped his hammer, and would forthwith have crushed her skull, had not all the gods asked peace for her. Thus he gets information about many things, and hence he is called Rafnagud (raven-god). Her man-servant's name is Ganglate; her maid-servant's, Ganglot. He is the son of Vasad, and all that race are grim and of icy breath, and winter is like them. Skrymer proposed that they should lay their store of provisions together, to which Thor consented. He pulled the serpent up to the gunwale; and in truth no one has ever seen a more terrible sight than when Thor whet his eyes on the serpent, and the latter stared at him and spouted venom. Thus it is said in the short Prophecy of the Vala (the Lay of Hyndla): And on this point, when Vafthrudner, the giant, was asked by Gangrad: Then asked Ganglere: How were the races developed from him? And Thor grew so wroth at the giant that he came near letting the hammer ring on his head straightway, but he restrained himself, for he intended to try his strength elsewhere. Har answered: Few men, I know, are able to tell thereof, but still he has often been in difficult straits. He also took into consideration that it was necessary to expose one's self to some danger if he desired to become famous; so he let them put the fetter on him. Their names are: 15. Answered Thor: I should like to try other games, but I should be surprised if such a drink at home among the asas would be called small. Thor finding himself unable to open it, and being anxious to get within the burg, they crept between the bars and so came in. Har answered: Great things are to be said thereof. Have you not been told that the gods made a bridge from earth to heaven, which is called Bifrost? When Skirner came back and gave an account of his journey, Frey said: This is the reason why Frey was unarmed when he fought with Bele, and slew him with a hart's horn. He rules all things, but the other gods, each according to his might, serve him as children a father. When he had put on the ox-head for bait, he cast it overboard and it sank to the bottom. He has a very thick shoe, and he is the strongest next after Thor. Thereupon asked Ganglere: On what did the cow subsist? Then the asas came together and held counsel, and the bargain was made with the builder that he should get what he demanded if he could get the burg done in one winter; but if on the first day of summer any part of the burg was unfinished, then the contract would be void. He possess three valuable treasures. And it is my belief that this Odin and his brothers are the rulers of heaven and earth.

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