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The following are the known statistics for all the weapons in PLAYERUKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS. However, the higher listed a tier is, the more widely viable and potent the weapon in question is. Most websites recorded their data via private matches and some don't include the feet/range. You’re an extremely helpful website; couldn’t make it without ya! It’s possibly because sniper guns are hard to use and used in long-range combat. Weapon tier lets you know how powerful the gun is. The new sniper gun has pretty similar stats as the legendary sniper gun Kar98K. Weapon tier lets you know how powerful the gun is. Groza and M249 are the two strongest assault rifle guns in this game. If you have something with good range and damage, it might be worth to supplement with a gun that has high fire rate and vice-versa. This weapon tier list divides the gun collection into 5 groups, from S to D. The recoil and reload of these rifles is small.
The amount of damage done to the body when the armor is at level 2. Enjoy. The amount of damage done to the head when the armor is at level 3. The unendingly changeable roster of PUBG guns and weapons takes a staggering amount of time to truly master. This might be because the head typically has less armor than the entire body, but may also be a mechanic to allow for headshots. Also known as bulk, or the amount of inventory space taken up. Different weapon stats are important at different times; DPS isn’t very important for sniper rifles, but it’s one of the most important stats for SMGs. Weapons marked with an asterisk * are only available in air drop crates, so don’t plan to play around these being available in every game! First, these stats are sourced from datamines of the main game – sources include datamined stats, as well as data from PUBG redditor. Here is the weapon tier list in PUBG Mobile this month. So, these guns need great damage and accuracy.

Weapon Balance Update. Either way, in almost every case, a headshot is going to do more damage than a body shot, and skilled marksmen should aim here first. No one knows if the tests were consistent when recording the data. The amount of damage done to the body when the armor is at level 0. Here is the weapon tier list in PUBG Mobile this month. The new sniper gun has pretty similar stats as the legendary sniper gun Kar98K. A Step-by-step Walkthrough On How To Get GSM Fix Fortnite. Enjoy. The accumulative score in all of these will then be combined and then averaged to give you the PUBG guns final rating (out of 5). The full form of DMR is Designated Marksman Rifles.

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