C8 rub. Mentioning that Oremid was especially a softie when it came to small critters, Pumat Sol caught himself and seemingly regretting having said so, having a flash of fear in his eyes.

The reward for doing so was 700 gold pieces.

He might've been told to tag along by Oremid to keep an eye on the fiend situation and report back, also to escape and warn him should things go wrong.

[15], Official art of the Pentamarket in Zadash, by Linda Lithén. There is actually a version of the Simulacrum spell called "Sansuri's Simulacrum" in one of the 5e books (Storm King's Thunder) that allows for multiple copies, so could be Matt got it from there and uses those rule or he simply thought it was a cool idea and gave his NPCs some extra powers to make a cool character.
And that's gonna be such a huge tone shift in the coming episodes as they level up even higher, and I'm SO excited to see how certain members of the group work through this newfound trust in them going forward. - de la climatisation des maisons et bureaux ainsi que des pompes à chaleur de maisons et piscines.

But I don’t think Matt will intentionally drive a knife into their backs by having Pumat turn. [11] The southern gate has a 15-foot-wide portcullis that is being held aloft by large chains. In order to get his assistance, the M9 have set themselves up to do him a massive favor later on. Plane Location Information For a price, some time, and some help from his duplicates, Pumat Sol was able to translocate a simple enchantment from one item onto a similar piece of equipment. report. Profession On the corners of the roads stand tall lanterns containing very faint ever-burning flames, between which are long, white, silken banners.

Ads by Longitude. Was just reading a two year old article on Geek and Sundry and noticed a special someone, PumatSol4, in the comments section. 3 comments. His subsequent second fireball finished off the cultist wielding divine power, and his third fireball finished off the heartiest of the cultists, who took a total of 63 damage. He might also have some info of demons/traitors in the empire so he's playing his cards close to his chest, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the criticalrole community, Discussion forum for the live D&D show Critical Role, every Thursday night at 19:00 Pacific on https://www.twitch.tv/CriticalRole, Press J to jump to the feed. Size-wise, Zadash is comparable to the metropolis of Port Damali[5], though where Zadash is tall, Port Damali is more spread out.

With their business concluded, Fjord bought another healing potion for 50 gp, and as the Mighty Nein left The Invulnerable Vagrant, Pumat Sol claimed he is always happy to "sell, buy, trade, and generally help anybody who has money. [26] When the party realized they needed to head north sooner than anticipated, Vess DeRogna stepped in and put pressure on Pumat to rush the job so that they could leave, causing Pumat much stress.[27]. Pretty much this.

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