As he shared how happy his family and him are now and how strong their bond has become.

It takes a lot of strength to love like that! There should be limit to there friendship.If a lady wants to really know that her male friend is trust worthy,she should try and seduce her if the guy will not fall.What most of the ladies do not know is that,the guys think about it(, ) but do not know how to present or execute it.If opportunity presents itself guys will not slack.The best thing is:while making friends with guys use your sense and know your LIMITS. I find it beautiful. U know yourselves the more but not compulsory. It does not expect. His love is constant and truly altruistic.

Probably not.

Even if nothing is happening physical, either of them is nursing something is his/her mind, but no liver to say it. Does True Friendship Exist Between Guys And Girls? ( Log Out / 

The dynamics of a Man-Woman relationship are too complicated and unpredictable for any sensible person to even admit a possibility of 'pure' friendship between the sexes - all things being equal. My love had to make the mistakes and learn. Copyright © 1998-2020  All rights reserved.

I know what this pure love is. And when I say 'all things being equal', I really mean it because that is the crux of the matter. They both know my girlfriend and my gf knows them. A pure colour is not mixed with any other colour: 3. Pure definition: A pure substance is not mixed with anything else. we swim togeda, eat in d same plate, even slip in d same bed. I know two people, a guy and a girl who are best friends since high school. Women and men can be good friends. There is no such thing. I was on this kind b4 i got married and men there were times that pressure was there but i just told my self i should not do it and moreover i did not fancy her for marriage for some reasons and i kept the friendship, and she's getting married this year and i don't feel any bad about that. Does Pure Friendship Exist Between A Man And A Woman? The only thing I felt was happiness for him. A fight for my love. I tell you that true friendship exists between Girls § Boys if u are doubting it, confirm from schools and churches. I don’t believe in pure love or true love. I now call her my sister. It grew without my knowledge and when my heart was broken, that’s when I truly realized the depth of that love. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My best friends are females and we move on well. As 4 most of My female friends, I don't view them as a sex object but as pple who can contribute positively to my life dat's why I don't have only one female friend but more. Even when I tried doing something by the side with another girl because my girlfriend lived far and I hadn't seen her for months, one of my friends felt bad , for my girl and I noticed she almost became cold towards me during that period. All rights reserved. I am detached from the outset… I do not hold onto anything. Eventually I came to realize that my love existed without want. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I Went Through My Son’s Phone (see Screenshots) / 5 Disadvantages Of Dating A Rich Guy / Hypocrisy of men claiming Alpha male online. It didn’t wear without attachment. I have great male friends. Although we can’t be God, we can learn that divine love has to be of the same measure – pure, constant and selfless…. spontaneous happiness to give if you can when somebody needs your hand, is this friendship or self-satisfaction psyologically.

14 Signs He Is A Real Man And Has Control Of His Life. In pure love I am detached, meaning I am unaffected by the outcome. I am in no way attracted to them, and it doesn't mean they are bad looking. Do you believe that pure love is true love? Me and one has even slept together in the same bed on multiple occasions. its not possible, cuz something is bound to come up sooner or later, besides opposite sex in friendship always tend to get madly jealous when the guy/girl sees the other with another person, I'm so sorry about some people's experience here but the truth is that my best friend of all time (and she remains my bestfriend) is a lady and I don't think I've ever thought of violating her, the thought has not even come, though there was this time we almost saw ourselves as lovers but that was just when we were still younger and our friendship was still immature.

Life is love and love is life love begets live. ( Log Out /  And i doubt her askn for a relationship. Although the idea of going through life not being able to share my love with him breaks my heart, for his happiness, my love does not want. May be I do.yeah It’s very early to know whether it’s true or something else..but it’s very long time. Then again, it depends on what definition of “romantic” we’re using. And although there are times when I am lost and I don’t understand. In that moment, no amount of importance could I find for what I wanted to ask him. In that moment, I realized I could never ask him of something he feared would come in between that.

Bless your soul! I lived as I felt; and it never led me astray. Very possible. its so good to be close to d opposite sex. I don't understand the stuffs I am reading here.

Thank you for writing and publishing this. Pure love means to keep the highest attitude and vision for every soul. i tell him wat i cannot even tell ma parents. Probably not. It accepted that letting go was for his happiness; and it was happy to be able to give him that happiness in whatever way possible. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I have 3 best friends, 1 is male and 2 are female. I can't continue writing about this but if you have a good friend you'd know what I mean not someone you look at lustfully because everything you see in her looks normal to u even if she was naked before you, and for the guys who keeps ladies as friends and later violate them, please stop! They are my friends and I simply were more like sisters that sex partners. What is your opinion? I used to think it was easy to be only friends with guys, but learned that guys have secret thoughts and desires about their female friends that they keep secret. i think sincere relation is to understand your partner or friend,what does he or she likes,so one should have to bear any thing which you think is not good in your partner,also show him or her your desires of affections you have.its the relation which make hearts closer and closer. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In pure love I am detached, meaning I am unaffected by the outcome.

Learn more.

I don’t remember the quote but there’s something along the lines of “true love occurs only between strangers.” I can’t decide if what you said makes sense but that quote makes your exclusion of “platonic” and description of true love as being “romantic only” sensical. The love is at peace. Pure love is natural, gracious and freeing. And when I say 'all things being equal', I really mean it because that is the crux of the matter. pure love doesn’t measure anything or a form of an exchange it is something that you share naturally as a couple. I also come to understand that dating ourselves would only tear us apart which neither of us is ready to accept. It is the most intensest feeling I have ever felt in my life. Will you have sex with your sister? Friendship and love are two different kinds of feeling, but they share one common feature: affection or mutual atrraction. One person is bound to lose control and nothing good comes out of it. In this world there is no one who can love one person for his or her whole life. Post a Reply to: Do you believe there is pure and sincere friendship between men and women?, Content: ( 3,000 characters at most, please ). I see both situations as true,I have known people who have a pure and sincere friendship with each other.They have been married to other people and have been friends before marrying and the friendship remained after. Having pure love means to bring others closer to themselves and to their inner truth. pure definition: 1. not mixed with anything else: 2. It was at peace when there was doubt as to if it was shared or only from my side.

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