My old L4630 came with R4's and being a novice tractor owner at the time, did not have anything else to compare them to. They tear up the turf more than a turf tire, but less than a full out ag tire. If we look at saying that this is the hybrid between an R1 and an R4, our bar zigzag tread is probably the hybrid between an R1 and an R3 turf. Federalist 78 Ap Gov, August 2020 1Stunde16Minuten, 5 - Kaffeepause Die Cookie-Einstellungen auf dieser Website sind auf "Cookies zulassen" eingestellt, um das beste Surferlebnis zu ermöglichen. Star Trek Coronavirus Meme, We believe the Goodyear R14 is a game-changer for our dealers and customers — it’s one more factor that sets Kubota apart from the competition.”Kubota conducted detailed testing of the Goodyear R14 tire, which Titan says features a unique, new-to-market hybrid tread design combining elements of an ag tread (R-1), turf tread (R-3) and industrial tread (R-4). We believe the Goodyear R14 is a game-changer for our dealers and customers — it’s one more factor that sets Kubota apart from the competition.”.

This is the R14 that just came out here from Goodyear Titan. today it did not, the least aggressive of them, the bar turf was the winner.

While it is probably going to be a little bit better on your turf than what an R1 would, I go back again to the zigzag tire pattern that we've had as well still being worth your consideration. Tires Easy carries a great selection of R-4 tires from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Goodyear, Titan, Carlisle, and Advance, along with discount tire brands for a lower price.

The R14, if the number doesn't explain there in and of itself, is a hybrid between an R1 tire, an agricultural deep V tread tire, and an R4 tire, an industrial oriented tire like we see on a lot of compact tractors and skid loaders. While this is cool on a tractor like this, I'm most excited to see this tire in those bigger AG applications, where we can see quite a low sidewall version of this on the bigger utility tractor. Tire Options : Choosing the right tire for your tractor : Master the three R’s. The Ingredients Short Story Jason Reynolds, The line is available in both Low Sidewall Technology (LSW) and conventional sizes, including LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34. The Goodyear R14 crossover tires will be exclusive on select Kubota compact tractor models.

If you go with an R-1, then you have more traction, but more vibration on hard surfaces. If you like to play in the mud you've certainly seen tires like these before with the tractor bar lug design. STI R4 Tires.

A radial tire flexes more than a bias tire, giving it better ground contact, traction, stability, and tread wear.

You have some low sidewall options, so it's really being geared largely towards that agricultural market, where guys are really probably going to be mostly interested in this tire's ability to road better and, in that low sidewall option, not bounce quite as much going down the road. If we sum that up, more than likely I would say that from the testing that we've done with load cells behind tractors like this, by and large, we probably underestimate the capability of the less aggressive tires. And something very important to remember, as traction increases, available life/wear usually decreases. agriculturally minded tire, but it does have its place in compact tractors as well. Obviously, this is going to be a little bit more aggressive than what your R4 tire is, so if you're looking for a tractor mostly for dirt work, it'll give you that little bit more bite than what you would get with the bigger bars on an R4. Wayfair 10 Off First Order, Snap On 1600 Psi Pressure Washer Model, Again, R4 bar-turf and R14. There are two other tire options in this series, this small B series has five different options on them.

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