The mystery about the state of Rafael Amaya seems to have been solved by one of his friends, singer Roberto Tapia, who offered some details about Rafael Amaya. “We had a little bad time, mainly Rafa and I at a certain time, but he hit him a lot harder, he got sick, it was more complicated,” added the actress. God fearing and a Fashion lover. In a recent interview he revealed not only that his friend is not only very well, but ready to prepare new projects. Casillas’ fate only served to spark further speculation regarding Amaya’s whereabouts and health. ( Log Out /  Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rafael Amaya finally awoke from this treatment at around 2 p.m. later that day. We went to an ex-convent, something a little removed from here in Mexico City and yes we obviously breathed, we inhaled a lot of dust, dirt from the floor and they were caverns that were full of bats. Is he doing okay? Then, two hours later, Amaya started to eat again, and then a short time later, he was walking. After weeks of many speculations about the uncertain future of Rafael Amaya in The Lord of the Skies after his character was in a coma, Venezuelan actress Dayana Garroz, who plays the Colonel Amber in the successful telemundo superset, broke the silence through social networks about what is really happening with the Mexican actor. Change ). Amaya disappeared from the public scene more than a year and a half ago. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. … Rafa is very well, every day much better, “said Dayana, who confirmed that both Rafa and she fell ill during the recordings of The Lord of the Skies, only that the 41-year-old gallant gave him more hard. “We don’t make comments on rumors about the narco-series is going according to schedule,” the Telemundo statement read, via the Latin Times. God fearing and a Fashion lover. He also revealed that Amaya is working on new projects, so there seems to be no mystery behind the actor, who has preferred to keep a low profile for over a year. Although it was announced that Amaya would return to the seventh season of the series, his appearance was ephemeral: in the first chapter, the death of Aurelio Casillas, his iconic character, was shown. THE TIME RAFAEL AMAYA WAS BOARDED IN A HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF THE LORD OF THE SKIES . At least that’s what Isabella Castillo and Matías Novoa declared in a live interview on Instagram, in early February. COVID-19 : 2020 will be difficult year- Okonjo Iweala tells Buhari, Roberto Tapia:The truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Rafael Amaya, Lord of The Skies: Success is not achieved by just one person-Dayana defends series without Rafael Amaya, Confirmed: Aracely Arámbula does have a boyfriend, Adoption, Egg freezing … Carmen Villalobos and her husband are sincere about their plans as a couple, Coronavirus: WHO releases list of African countries with highest cases, deaths, “I was very lonely”: Danna García recounts how badly she had it in Pasión de gavilanes, Lord Of The Skies: Why I decided to resign- Mauricio Ochmann. August 6, 2018 Posted in Entertainment. In fact, it had even been alleged that he has been treating staff on the show rather badly, as the actor had been turning up late to shooting too. Previous rumors started by TVyNovelas magazine, via the Latin Times, had suggested that fame had recently gone to Amaya’s head. Garroz reported that due to this Amaya is recovering to be able to return ‘as healthy as possible’. “After being out last week, we are happy to know that Rafael is fine and took some well deserved vacation days after 11 months of filming non-stop.”, The statement continued, “The production of season 4 of El Senor De Los Cielos is almost done and will continue as planned. He was then rushed to the intensive care unit of … The magazine reported that the diagnosis was tachycardia and drug overdose. His co-workers knew nothing about him, he did not answer calls and no one knew his whereabouts. Reports have suggested that Rafael Amaya was originally admitted to the hospital because he was suffering from tachycardia, which is an abnormally fast heart rate. Telemundo, the American Spanish-language broadcast network that airs the hugely popular El Senor De Los Cielos, released a statement that attempted to clarify the situation earlier this week. ( Log Out /  Why hasn’t he appeared in public? This led to various speculations, among them it was said that he was submerged in drugs and that he was admitted to a rehabilitation center. Rather ironically, in El Senor De Los Cielos, Rafael Amaya plays the drug lord Aurelio Casillas. the truth was that even in the series recordings Rafael Amaya was never captured and not even his castmates know what happened to him. Where is Rafael Amaya? But, rather than doing that, Telemundo only admitted that Rafael Amaya didn’t shoot episodes for the fourth season of El Senor De Los Cielos last week but refused to confirm why Rafael Amaya was out of commission for this period. Since he joined the show, in January 2013, El Senor de los Cielos picked up an International Emmy in 2014, and Amaya was rewarded for his performance by winning the best actor accolade at the 2014 Premios Tu Mundo. Casillas’ death shocked fans of the series. Rafael Amaya falls ill during recording of the ‘Lord of the Skies’. “We had some problems of illness in one of the locations that we were recording all those wonderful scenes that you could enjoy. I no longer work on that series, so please understand that I have no information, ”she told the media in July last year. In Spanish, Amaya wrote a post that translated to, “Coming back from the dead.”, — Rafael Amaya (@RafaAmayaNunez) October 30, 2015, Later that day, Rafael Amaya uploaded another message to Twitter that teased his issues, which read, “Ongoing mutation.”, Mutación en curso. Because of his actions, Amaya was reportedly fined around $1,800 ($300,000 Mexican pesos) for not arriving on time. This series has been a hit and a big part of that is due to Rafael’s hard work and dedication. But it was then alleged that he was then quickly treated for drug intoxication as well. Rafael Amaya is widely regarded as one of the main reasons for the success of El Senor de los Cielos.

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