But letting it get dry deeper into the pot will lead to more browning.On the other hand, you don't want the soil to stay constantly wet. It is a slow growing, low plant. It needs direct sun for no more than a couple of hours each day, and it can even flourish in full shade. I tried to find it, unsuccessfully. Originating in China, Rainbow Fern or Rainbow Moss, Selaginellaceae uncinata, is also known as Peacock Fern, Peacock Moss, Peacock Spikemoss, or Blue Spikemoss. No need to tell me about the daily rain – the only things thriving in my garden this year are mushrooms. I was trying to find out if this is a native fern/fern ally. Apparently, the 700 species of the genus Selaginella can have 3 or more different names for each species. No to repotting .. no to pebbles. Apparently, the 700 species of the genus Selaginella can have 3 or more different names for each species. An ideal indoor growing environment is a terrarium.

Other than its common names, you may also find Selaginella uncinata called "spike moss" or "club moss." If you allow it to dry out, immerse the plant in water and it may bounce back. Regardless of its location, peacock fern has a mat-spreading habit with foliage that grows only a few inches high, with a typical spread up to 18 inches.

Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms: Award winning beaded art at ceinwin.deviantart.com! Peacock fern prospers in shady nooks and woodland gardens. Also, my blog’s header photo is from my very first Rainbow Fern. I’m guessing she had at least one of the correct names on it? I could see there was only one which prompted me to punch the gas on the buggy. It is totally trouble-free, unlike most roses.

I bought a tiny terrarium with one in it, at a farmer’s market in western NC mountains. Some microclimates in zone 6 also support this plant’s perennial growth year-round, but it may suffer winter damage in other zone 6 areas. I had to lay a piece of chicken wire over the pot to keep him out. I thought originally that they required very little light but today I read they require medium indirect light, mist, and damp soil so I moved it. Those instructions are too vague because it depends on what is meant by "dry out." He is one of two beloved cats but at that moment I thought about killing him. It otherwise looks healthy, I think. When pebbles were mentioned before, that meant a pebble tray that you keep moist, and set the plant in its pot on top of the pebbles, but never directly in the water. I've had this rainbow loss in very low light and it started to yellow a bit. The RF has not recuperated from being smashed down to the dirt. I was in Wal-Mart wheeling a buggy around the bedding plant section when I saw it hanging across the room. (2) Keep it moist. Sometimes that happens with plants. I have killed two of them and they are hard to find. It is okay for the top surface of the soil to get almost dry or slightly damp.

Privacy Policy and Complementary Plants for an Annual Shrimp Plant.

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