Extreme Weather Simulator. Click Run when prompted by your computer to begin the installation process. Get in your vehicle and start driving towards your target. Tornado Simulator. Ice Slushy Maker. Be one of those intrepid storm chasers that tracks deadly tornadoes in this online multiplayer video game. After installation, click Play below to join the action! You don’t want to get stuck in a muddy dead end, do you? Click RobloxPlayer.exe to run the Roblox installer, which just downloaded via your web browser. An official forecast map and discussion will also be included. Hunting Games. Yes. As you progress in your OUTBRK adventure, you’ll be able to upgrade your weather gathering gear to either collect from your car, or from probes that you’ll drop on the path of a tornado. Tornado simulator 2015 Version: 0.3.0 almost 5 years ago. Aim & Shoot. They’re too large to effectively render, plus they aren’t as fun, gameplay wise. Experience the wonder of nature and compete against other chasers as you put yourself into random scenarios based on real life weather events.

If you feel like digging deeper to stay ahead of other players, consult a variety of weather data maps. Yes, storms are actually based on real life weather data (modeled) from the past. That's why increasing the difference in pressure also increases the wind speed in this simulation. OUTBRK is a storm chasing simulation game being developed for PC set in a fictive reproduction of America’s tornado alley. Topics Answers Games Dispatches Multimedia People Educators Adventures. As the weather scenario begins to develop storms, take a look at the official forecast and plan your adventure. Discover all OUTBRK’s landmarks, points of interest and clever shortcuts as you chase in our huge world, designed to be a reproduction of the infamous Tornado Alley. Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. When the scenario comes to an end, or if you decide to call it a day, all your gathered data from your camera and probes will be exchanged for the in-game currency. Top Categories. You’ll be able to access a lot of data at the beginning of games, and some of it will be accessible during gameplay in almost real-time.
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As you go back to the menus after a game, visit your garage to upgrade your vehicles, buy new ones, or customize their look. Your goal is to shoot the best twisters pictures without dying because of powerful winds and flying debris. Feel the challenge of correctly forecasting and intercepting storms with the optimal vantage points before other players. Arrow Games. The storms then behave like real ones, so you should be able to spot features that will guide you through your chases. Make sure to stop every now and then to re-evaluate your decisions, and always plan your moves ahead! If you died or totaled your vehicle, you won’t get any rewards. First-Person Shooter.

Every player starts the game at the same randomly selected location in OUTBRK’s huge world. Play this game with friends and other people you invite. As you progress in your chase, you’ll be able to meet other players. Yes. The storms progresses from birth to death similar to their real life counterparts. Beach Kiss . EF3 (strong): 136-165 mph, severe damage. Click Ok once you've successfully installed Roblox. In this tornado simulator, the fastest wind speed is 220 miles per hour, but tornadoes' wind speeds can be as high as 300 miles per hour. See this destructive force in action . Any type of severe storm mode you can think of.

Check Always open links for URL: Roblox Protocol and click Open URL: Roblox Protocol in the dialog box above to join games faster in the future! Shoot & Throw. If you want quality data, you must get as close as possible to any violent phenomenon, without getting yourself in trouble. Positioning yourself ahead of a tornado to deploy your probe will require a lot of practice and skills. Become the chaser you’ve always wanted to be by buying new vehicles, upgrading them, and customizing them. Most likely not. If it doesn’t, start the.

Purchase vehicles with the in-game currency, or customize the ones you have with various upgrades to enhance your chase experience. Don’t get out of your vehicle in a lightning-packed area if you don’t have to, you could get hit by some supercharged bolt! Collect wind force (clouds) and crush block city. As you keep an eye on the radar and monitor your targeted storm’s development, it’s time to approach the beast. We will answer this question as soon as we will have tested a stable build on different setups. Best Games. OUTBRK features a 625 square kilometers map with various landmarks such as rivers, canyons, plains, towns and forests. Any required repairs on your vehicle will be subtracted from your earnings. In order to get rewarded from your chase, you have to gather as much data as you can from significant severe weather. Learn more about tornadoes.

Don’t forget to use your camera for extra value when you’re experiencing extreme weather! What do these measurements mean? Will there be “big events” like El Reno, Moore ‘99, Tuscaloosa, etc. Prepare to have too close for comfort encounters with tornadoes, fight your way through torrential downpours, while avoiding hazards of extreme weather. The Dominator 3 is officially confirmed as a vehicle in OUTBRK. Don’t forget to pull the trigger of your camera for extra value. Take the role of a professional storm chaser and make use of your risk management skills to gather valuable data from severe weather. Overview; Comments 23 Followers 38 Scores; Free. Unlock premium chase cars and tanks skins from real storm chasers such as the Dominator 3, the PredaTOR, or some vehicles from Extreme Tornado Tours, among others. EF5 (violent): 200-230 mph, (rare) incredible damage. Name tornado and target city form more personalization. Supercells, Squall Lines, Derechos, MCVs, etc. Adjust the tornado's diameter and core pressure difference in this simulation, then click the "go" button and observe the different types of wind damage tornadoes can produce.

Car Salon. We don’t have a release date yet, but stay tuned. The Roblox installer should download shortly. Run & Shoot. You can attempt interceptions multiple times on multiple storms as long as the scenario is still going on. What you’re seeing in current footage is mainly for functionality and behavior.
Will there be weather data maps available other than the real time ones? EF2 (strong): 111-135 mph, considerable damage. Will there be certain storms that don’t produce tornadoes? And last but not least, watch your fuel level. Will the graphics eventually be upgraded, tornado, clouds and other stuff included?

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