Review our privacy policy for more information. When deciding where to place your lights, consider what areas of your new apartment will be used the most (and could use some brightening). Mirrors create the illusion of more lighting sources and double the amount of light that bounces around your apartment. If you have the room, hang them on the outside of the bed frame, but they can also be hung directly above the bed in tighter quarters. This will help draw the eye across the room and help it feel larger. Don't be afraid to forego traditional lampshades, however. Whether you're into minimalist lighting or you're learning in a more maximalist direction, we've got you covered. "A large, even over-scale ceiling fixture can add illumination and drama, and also trick the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it actually is," say interior designer and Lamps Plus trends producer Michael Murphy. Compare rentals, see map views and save your favorite apartments. Monique Valeris is the senior home editor for Good Housekeeping, where she covers decorating ideas, home tours, gift guides and more. Backlighting is another great way to call attention to important pieces of art (or even an entertainment system). You can get the scale of light and quality you need without sacrificing valuable surface real estate.". While desks and kitchens need bright and direct light, bathrooms and hallways only require soft lighting. "Sconces as bedside lighting save space on crowded bedside tables and are a beautiful surprise," says interior designer Amanda Nisbet. That doesn't mean you should totally nix all other lighting sources, though. Style aside, they're super functional and radiate a ton of romantic, diffused light. Replace your bedside lamps with sconces to save precious nightstand space. To transform your dreary apartment into a well-lit abode, see these expert tips on how to choose the best lighting for your space. Mirrors propped up against your walls won't damage the drywall and can reflect light from your lamps and other home lighting. Gabrielle is the founder of décor site, Savvy Home, and has been a writer and editor for home décor and lifestyle publications for almost 10 years. We always love a good double-duty piece! It’s the more playful, visually impactful layer of light that drives the character of a space.". Luckily, you can trick the eye into elevating your ceilings by placing an eye-catching flush mount chandelier. She's lived in a handful of large cities including New York and San Diego, giving her first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of renting. ELLE Decor participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Kevin Dumais is the mastermind designer and founder of New York-based firm, Dumais. Buy a decorative wooden ladder and string lights around it, set up your pyramid shelves in the corner and adorn the piece with string lights or simply string them around a window. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience and so that third parties can show you more personalized ads. A lamp on your desk or near your favorite reading chair can make work and play a breeze while brightening up your entire home at the same time. > 10 Apartment Lighting Tips to Brighten Your Rental. Now that your space is outfitted with several floor lamps, a few strands of fairy lights and a handful of large mirrors, take a moment to consider the placement of each piece. Wireless LED candles, for instance, offer ambiance and turn on with the flip of a switch. We asked an interior designer Kevin Dumais for his tips, tricks, and secrets for the right kinds of lights to buy and where to put them so that your apartment, no matter how small, will look just right. Light placed in corners should be soft and warm. Battery-powered options make it easy to install anywhere, meaning you don’t have to deal with any wiring issues to get this look. Dumais adds, "Focal lighting highlights important surfaces, art, and objects. "You can have different material finishes like metal, glass, wood, or concrete, for example, which would tie your light fixture to your look. 9 Genius Apartment Lighting Ideas for Every Room, 20 Black and White Design Ideas That are Totally Timeless, 12 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space, 9 Living Room Lighting Ideas That Will Always Work—Here's Why, Brighten a Dark Room the Easy Way, According to an Interior Designer, 14 Pendant Lights That Will Add Major Personality to Any Space, Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Project, 8 Interior Designers Share Their Biggest Small Space Decorating Mistakes, 25 Living Room Design Ideas to Make Your Space Look Luxe, 25 Best Ways to Update Your Master Bedroom, We Gave 7 Designers $150 at IKEA—This Is What They Bought, 20 Decorating Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Living Room, Here's How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Space, Mushroom Lamps Are the Trendy Light Fixture You Didn't Know You Needed, 13 Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space, 18 Modern Apartment Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Bigger and Brighter. Add some removable style to your walls The lighting in your home should make your space feel inviting — not like you're sitting in a cold waiting room. Hang a large mirror in your apartment's dining space, living room, or bedroom across from a window, so it is in a prime position to reflect natural light … Add some depth to each room by lighting up dark corners. Instead, space out your lighting fixtures. Dumais advises, "If you have a tight space, a sconce or pendant is a nice alternative to your typical bedside lamp. Use a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures to make your living room feel ultra-cozy and moody. Since you probably want to avoid drilling into the ceiling, much of your supplemental lighting will be floor or end table lamps. Replace Light Switch Plates. By installing smaller light fixtures behind the item you want to see, the light then illuminates the outline from behind, drawing in the eye in a pleasant way. Her work has appeared in Business Insider, TechCo and PopSugar. Avoid taking up valuable floor space altogether and utilize your walls with mounted fixtures like sconces, which can be as eye-catching as any art piece. If your rental comes with old, outdated … In a kitchen, we always make sure we have a light source that casts light onto the ceiling, which indirectly lights the room.". Make sure that the fixture fits well in the space to avoid throwing off the flow of your other decor. Darker lampshades will filter out a considerable amount of light and may make your room feel gloomy. Picture lights are traditionally used to showcase paintings or library shelves, but they can double as a reading sconce if hung directly over a banquette or chair. ", 60 Small Bathroom Designs That Are Far from Boring, The Inside Launches Holiday and Tabletop Lines, This House Is a Lesson in Universal Design, 31 Cool and Sophisticated Boys’ Bedroom Ideas, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. These lights are typically activated when you apply a small amount of pressure to the top of the light. "Treat your lighting like a piece of furniture," Burgos suggests. Overhead lighting in apartments can be quite hideous and unflattering at times, and while it’s not exactly simple (or always smart) to start swapping out fixtures, you can opt for plug-in versions like sconces (plus table and floor lamps) to create a more flattering, more inviting lighting plan, instead. "Lighter lamp shades will allow more light out into the room, while darker shades will make the light more localized and shine above and below the fixture," says Pinkerton. Pinkerton suggests incorporating dimmer switches wherever possible, and choosing lamps that have either high/low switches or 3-way bulbs. And no one needs that added pressure when chopping and stirring. Cost: Under $50. Living room lighting ideas are limitless because there are so many living room configurations. "One problem with small spaces, especially in tiny powder rooms, is lighting around the vanity," says Amato. To keep your apartment as bright as possible, stick to light-colored lampshades. "It'll provide the illusion that there are more windows than you really have.". Think white, cream, light gray or similar hues when selecting a lampshade. So if you feel like your home could use a dose or two of lighting improvements, start with these clever apartment lighting ideas and brighten up your nights before days start getting shorter. Whether you add a few additional lamps or get creative with hanging lights, there are plenty of options for upgrading your apartment lighting. Therefore, it's important know what your lighting goal is when choosing a shade. Dumais adds, "Globe-shaped pendants are a terrific source of ambient light. To get that soft, yellow light, you'll want to look for incandescent bulbs, Murphy says, which are lower on the Kelvin scale than other lights. Decorative panels pulled to the sides, Roman shades pulled to the top and cornice boxes are all great solutions! Dumais says, "Sculptural table lamps are a great way to add personality to a room. Most run-of-the-mill apartments have only overhead lighting in the bathroom, which is less than ideal for getting ready in the morning—especially if the space is low on natural light. Not only will it make your space feel layered and chic, it will also create a moodier ambiance that will make you want to order in less and cook more. Plus, your guests will love this unique and romantic lighting at your next dinner party. You finally snag the perfect apartment, complete with large windows that allow for plenty of natural light. However, when the sun begins to set even the largest bay windows can't keep your rental bright. Murphy suggests choosing a lamp that multitasks — meaning it has a torchiere top and a task light midway up — to get the most out of your fixture. "In any space, it's important to have multiple layers of light: ambient, focal, and statement-worthy. While you may associate this type of lighting with the twinkle lights around a Christmas tree, there are other options available that feel much chicer. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 60 Modern Kitchen Light Fixtures You’ll Love, 20+ Modern Lamps That Will Upgrade Your Space, 15 Modern Desk Lamps to Enlighten Your Office, 26 Examples of Mid-Century Modern Lighting, 55 Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Design Style, 10 Art Deco Lamps That Look Like Sculptures, 27 Best Modern Chandeliers To Light Up Your Space. 3649 Apartments rental listings are currently available. "Placing a floor lamp or table lamp can help disperse light in the room and provide illumination in the otherwise dim nooks and crannies," says Murphy. Time: 1 hour. However, we've noticed that one thing most apartment living rooms have in common are low ceilings, which can be a challenge. While see-through or lightly-colored curtains can help to soften the sun’s rays. Mirrors propped up against your walls won't damage the drywall and can reflect light from your lamps and other home lighting. One of the best ways to maximize the light coming in from a window is to limit how much of the window is covered by curtains. And with backlighting, you don’t have to shell out for the most beautiful hardware since no one will see it anyways. That's because blue light can suppress melatonin, which promotes sleep. There's something very Parisian about globe lights, whether in a table lamp or pendant form. If you're short on space, hide a smaller lamp in a bookcase.

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