At the same time, it reduces the enemy’s attack, defense and health by a mouthwatering 30%.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'houseofkingdoms_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_18',150,'0','0'])); Which enables troops under Aethelflaed’s leadership to take command and eliminate the barbarians quickly and effectively as possible. It’s hard to choose wrong since they have related skills. Very fast commander, especially with cavalry troops. I had to get some stronger members in my alliance/kingdom to help me out for the last 10 hell levels. Pairs well with cavalry commanders who have nuking abilities. However, Korean architecture is, without a doubt, the most beautiful nation in the game. As harmless as she might look, she is actually a good commander to play for scenarios like Ian’s Ballad and Ceroli Crisis. Powerful commander that delivers serious punches. is another civilization that’s worth playing for barbarian commanders. Rise of Kingdom has many cavalry commanders; however, this doesn’t mean that you can pair them randomly. Another good epic barbarian commander to play with is Lohar. Greatly reduces your enemy’s attack by 40% as well as reducing their defense by 10%. He also have a very good skill set which enables him to have a small chance to heal his troops and gain 100 rage. It would be better if you looked for the commanders whose sculptures usually get offered through the events and quests in the game. Keira is the epic commander for scenario battles. These are commanders that have the best synergy with skills, talent tree and bonus damage against barbarians forts. Which can be a really great asset to reduce incoming damage, allowing him to stay on the map for much longer and even to fight against multiple barbarians at the same time. I have a 6 star 5523 Richard and a 5322 Charles behind him and a fort 5 takes ages and is a huge hospital bill. One of the interesting advantages she brings to the table is ability to reduce the rage of enemy targets. is a good choice. It might be the best overall option for active players. © 2020-2021 House of Kingdoms | All Rights Reserved. If you do not have these commanders I would advise you to let someone who has these commanders to defend. They have great synergy with skills and talent tree build. Furthermore, one of her passive skills increases the skill damage taken on the enemy targets. In this guide, I am going to share the top 5 best barbarian commanders to level up right now in Rise of Kingdoms. If you would like to join us on the journey to help us share guides & tips for players, please contact us via Star levels can be unlocked through sacrificing sculptures specific for that commander or a general sculpture. Construction is a key part of any civilization’s development. Another good epic barbarian commander to play with is. Increases march speed by 30% after leaving the battle. Why Lohar is the Best Barbarian Commander? These are commanders that are insanely good for rallying flags, forts and Ark of Osiris Objectives. If Belisarius’ army strength falls below 50%, then the troops under his leadership will do 30% more damage. Deals extra 20% damage to slowed targets. is not endorsed or affiliated with Lilith Games. Indisputable, Aethelflaed is the best free legendary commander that you can easily get in the game and she is amazing at killing barbarians due to her active skill which deals splash damage. 10% chance to restore 1,000 health points. These commanders give. Every commander has four skills that can be unlocked according to the star level of the commander’s. Guides & Tips. Lastly, the leader can build an Alliance Fortress inside Zone 2, allowing other Alliance members to move to Zone 2 through Territorial Teleport. Why Aethelflaed is the Best Barbarian Commander? Below are the best talent builds and trees for every commander. Why Minamoto no Yoshitsune is the Best Barbarian Commander? This in particular is advantageous when pairing with nukers to maximize the damage done. For you to reach target locations faster than other nations, use the marching speed bonus. Zone 3 is located in the center of the map. Easy to level up thanks to increased commander experience gained. This makes it possible to quickly, One of the best peacekeeping commanders is. To start, you will need a commander if you want to go on a battle. Keep in mind that every single commander is good at something. 10% chance to active shield for 4 seconds, absorbing 1,000 damage whenever on the map. His active skill does a moderate amount of damage and heals troops, which goes nicely to improve troops’ survivability. Surprisingly, Arabia is also top choice for cavalry commanders due to their strong damage traits. To kill barbarians you will need action points.

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