Now, where did I put my application form for that marketing job?’ Not if they had a single functioning brain cell. His adoptive father died when he was nine. Iraq Tells US 'Get Out of Our Country!' But that wasn’t to be and they were much shorter than we’d expected, which was a bit like crawling through the desert dying of thirst and having a few drops of water dribbled onto our cracked, lolling tongues. As someone known for your erudition and seemingly endless curiosity about life, the universe and everything, do you think you’ve struck a good balance between intellectual enquiry and experiencing the world sensually and joyfully? How do you interpret this – what does ‘the intelligence of the heart’ mean to you? Thank you for bringing him to my attention. [18], In 2015, his BBC Radio 4 programme Robert Newman's Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution attempted to challenge some of the concepts of Richard Dawkins's book The Selfish Gene. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when I was obsessed with skateboarding. He’d be stunned, of course, yet kind of intrigued at the same time by my nonchalance and detachment. I’m a surgeon with a scalpel for false values.’. Besides comedy, Baddiel is also a published novelist and a screenwriter and the author of the children’s novels The Parent Agency, The Person Controller, AniMalcolm, Birthday Boy, and Head Kid. David Edwards and David Cromwell. They became the first comedy act to play Wembley Arena, they had their own TV series on the Beeb, they had beloved comedy characters adored by their obsessed fans, they had catchphrases for god’s sake! He might disagree with me (see the interview) but I think it’s a perspective comparable to that of physicist David Bohm who, when explaining his theory of reality as one which describes ‘an unbroken whole’ commented that as deep as that question is, he was interested in the effect the fragmented way most people think has on society, because ‘the widespread and pervasive distinctions between people – race, nation, family, profession, etc – which are now preventing mankind from working together for the common good’ have their origin in this way of thinking. Jimmy Carr Start listening to #Comedy of the Week on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app. Don’t believe me? Read about our approach to external linking. During the "Live and in Pieces" tour, relations deteriorated further and the Wembley show was widely and accurately predicted to be their last appearance together. And now, they've been publicly reunited at the Harper Collins summer party - leading to many fans (and some fellow celebs) pinning their hopes on them getting back together. [12] Apocalypso Now toured nationally, sometimes as part of a double-bill where Newman was joined by Mark Thomas. VideoWell, that was wild. Listen to Rob being interviewed about The Brain Show by Kerri Smith on the science journal Nature’s podcast. I love your website! Some of it is troublingly racist, too.’. These shows employ only people who can be relied upon never to rock the boat – just like corporate journalism, in fact. Three years in three minutes, In pictures: Trump and Biden through the years. AB: David Bohm, the theoretical physicist, talks about whether man is competitive or cooperative in this vid – specifically at 2.20mins: In his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order he makes clear that his theory of consciousness is related to the widespread problems we see in the world in that a fragmented mode of thought leads to fragmentation in society and therefore conflict on every level, from personal, to wars between nations and the ‘war’ between man and nature. These are Mark Curtis’s ‘Unpeople’; the human beings considered as dispensable dross by the criminal warmongers the corporate media regularly invites in for interview as if they’re respected statesmen and women. The totally fearless and uncompromising Lenny Bruce said, ‘the world is sick and I’m the doctor. Frankie Boyle can host Have I Got News For You if he doesn’t mention anything ‘controversial’. Guidelines. This systemic bias is summed up by the ’Propaganda Model’ advanced by Noam Chomksy and Edward Herman in their must-read book, ‘Manufacturing Consent’. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies We are interested here, then, only in interviewing those who have inspired us, people clearly using their talent, knowledge and creative power to reveal some Truth – yes, with a capital ‘T’! He has written four novels: Dependence Day (1994); Manners (1998); The Fountain at the Centre of the World (2003); and The Trade Secret (2013). Adam makes the jingles and records the intros and outros for most episodes while walking with his dog friend Rosie in the East Anglian countryside where he lives with his wife and three children. The show was filmed at the Hoxton Hall in Hoxton, east London and shown on More4 under the title A History of Oil, with a later release on CD and DVD. RN: He is very brave and has done great and vital work in drawing attention to issues that would never have got any coverage otherwise, and this has led to real victories as with the New Era housing estate. Now, you may say that creating laughter is uplifting in itself, and those comedians who make us forget our problems, even for a few minutes, are doing sterling work in lightening our load, and all that is undeniably true. Fat chance! 'active' : ''"> In 2005 the show Apocalypso Now or, from P45 to AK47, how to Grow the Economy with the Use of War debuted at the Bongo Club during the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Look how easy it’s been to fool the public with the most transparent and simplistic lies on WMD’s, or on any of our country’s ‘humanitarian interventions’ in a series of strategically attractive countries that have left a mountain of innocent dead.. Soloman was charming, readily agreeing to be interviewed by us. The most insightful comments on all subjects Newman was adopted into a working-class family who lived in a Hertfordshire village. Newman has expressed regret that he and Baddiel didn’t allow Bill to support them on their last tour when he wanted to because, said Rob, if he’d gone on first, ‘there wouldn’t be any stage left for me to play on.’ which is endearingly honest. Oldest first, -1) ? But then he was too busy, hence his need of ‘people’. It was the first time they'd been in the same room since 1993 - though Baddiel said they'd bumped into each other a few times "in various parks and streets". A ‘rock star’ comedian who, along with his partner, David Baddiel, had the world at his feet. All my money goes on ... fixing the damp in my home. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Zinn said: ‘I’m concerned that students not become passive acceptors of the official doctrine that’s handed down to them from the White House, the media, textbooks, teachers and preachers.’  He also said: ‘history is important. Rob Newman tells the story of a species we've lost forever, and explores our role in their extinction. Have a laugh and test your news knowledge while figuring out what's real and what we've made up. AB: You have said, ‘there is no meaningful response to climate change without massive social change. Not any network censorship; and this is when it’s good. That's you, that is", in a nod to their catchphrase). My biggest regret ... is that I am so dim and stupid. If you have a story suggestion email The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. He’s like a postmodern minstrel (he even has a ukulele which is a bit like a lute) wandering from town to town sharing his thoughts, stories and insights; sparking deep thought in his audiences and managing to be both profound and playful – the man’s a fucking genius! A comedian, author and political activist, he read English at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he met David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt, alongside whom he appeared in The Mary Whitehouse Experience from 1990 to 1993. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. to your comment. Being an activist is something you are, not something you sometimes do out on the streets, but it is also something you can become – and that journey is one of the most profound of all. Visit the official website at It was decided the interview needed some sort of comment by us on the brevity of the answers and that Rob should know about this beforehand so that he wouldn’t feel wrong-footed, so I braced myself and sent an email expressing our disappointment (god, I cringed) and trying to make clear that, unlike some interviewers who decide against their subject before they even start, we had no such agenda and wanted only to be honest about wishing his answers could have been a bit longer. Did you ever crave it yourself? Ooh, dangerous! AB; Chris Hedges (Pulitzer Prize-winning ex-New York Times war reporter who resigned after speaking out on the Iraq invasion) writes of his profession: ‘.the creed of objectivity becomes a convenient and profitable vehicle to avoid confronting unpleasant truths or angering a power structure on which news organizations depend for access and profits.’ Do you agree, and if so, what effect does this ‘objectivity’ have on ‘mainstream’ news consumers? Your subscriptions, bookmarks & playlists will sync across web and mobile apps. We’d love to put David ‘thickos can become icons kids’ Beckham, Victoria ‘my po-facedness is ironic but so relentless it might as well not be’ and all their annoying kids into a prison cell where they would die from lack of access to Instagram; we’d like to take the drone voiced, dead-eyed Kardashian sisters round a fur farm and make them insert the electric anal rod into the poor animal themselves (used to keep the coat pristine) and then force them to carve the skin off before rushing, draped in it, dripping in fresh blood, to their next pouty, pointless photo-shoot; we’d even like to kidnap This Morning’s Phil and Holly and give them an urgent crash course in the realities of geopolitics so that the next time they interview war criminal Tony Blair they won’t let him get away with such offensive bullshit as ‘it’s the terrorists who kill children, not us’. And I maintain it’s an impulse present in all the comedians I’ve mentioned whose talent is directed towards an ideal bigger than themselves; an impulse perfectly expressed by Bill Hicks in a statement he wrote just one week before he died from pancreatic cancer at the ridiculous age of thirty-two: I was always ‘awake’ I guess you’d say. Gievn a choice between the two, I’ll stick with the cleverness of the mind thank you very much. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. AB: Related to the last question, I can’t seem to avoid mentioning Russell Brand because of the impact he’s had since ‘coming out’ as a political dissident. Can you imagine? Instead, it’s, ‘thank you so much Mr. Blair for taking the time to talk to us at Channel 4 News’. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. AB: Why do you think so many climate action groups are reluctant to address the role of animal agriculture in climate change? His treatment by the corp media has been brutal. They became the first comedy act to play Wembley Arena, they had their own TV series on the Beeb, they had beloved comedy characters adored by their obsessed fans, they had catchphrases for god’s sake! Join host Scott Aukerman ("Comedy Bang! Newman's first speaking appearance was with Third World First (now known as People and Planet), the student political organisation. continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. How do you feel about hitting 50? The interesting thing for us, however, was the path Rob chose to take when he was free to steer his own course. Enter your email to follow new comments on this article. Oldest first, -1) ? We might be angry here at BSNews – about avoidable and deliberate cruelty and suffering – but we love playful! The corpo-hacks at Channel 4 News have been sucking Blair’s cock for so long they wear knee pads whenever he’s due in the studio. Robert "Rob" Newman (born 7 July 1964) is a British comedian, author and political activist.

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