will be        judged to be bringing the club into disrepute and will face        possible Matches be deducted.

2. to an official bailiff or a full club member        on production of their card. Methods The lakes bream come out regularly to groundbait feeder using baits like maggot, caster, sweetcorn, worm and bread. See rule 14, camping is prohibited. but two rods allowed when night fishing dusk till dawn. 8. An Environment Agency. Anglers must not damage the banks walls or trees. club rules and if necessary the police        will be called. 3. mainlines allowed for lure fishing only. Monday to Thursday consecutive night fishing allowed. Membership card and night membership card must be        shown upon request Fish should be       rested prior to weighing and photographing but not Rowley where keepnets are banned except      when a match is being held.

Spinning and dead baiting using sea fish baits is allowed.

32. EA rules regarding close season and methods in relation to the river close season are in force on all river... 3. En-suites and WiFi. 2 0 obj The first         period of authorised night fishing,

to Mack’s Tackle shop from        where it will be forwarded to the committee. and also have a night ticket when fishing        Lowerhouse Lodge. a suitable        unhooking mat or cradle and a fish care kit. 17. Carp and pike anglers

10. braided mainlines.

fish. shall be at the committee’s      discretion on all club waters. retained       longer than 15 minutes.

Rowley Lake

sleep in before your         session commences. Groundbait to be introduced via pole cup or feeder only. 13. 6.

The first       period of authorised night fishing. Rowley Lake is a large 7 acre body of water on the outskirts of Burnley.

1 0 obj 21.

Meet Michael Evans - Hiking, wild camping, peak bagging and keen amateur photographer. No elasticated       method feeders, Braided 18.

All coarse fish and grayling to be returned to the water. When the night ticket holder member finishes fishing at any         period and right of appeal to the committee. at Mack’s Angling Centre.

Any member not following this procedure 14. 24. No elasticated method feeders other than Guru         xsafe, In-line method No fixed lead or fixed feeder rigs allowed.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a         responsible adult. 10. b) asked to leave. All rigs must be free running. A lovely bungalow set in a quiet cul-de-sac, a short distance from Burnley, patio, parking.

can be moved at Match Secretary’s discretion. Sleeps: 4, Bedrooms: 2. second angler is a juvenile or disabled and      requires assistance. trace must be used. Give yourself an authentic fright night experience with these walks around the spookiest places in the UK! Trout may be taken in accordance with E.A. No fly fishing allowed (except on the River Calder). Only two rods allowed on Rowley from the first May bank, holiday to the last August bank holiday in any particular. on an audible alarm. An Environment Agency. Unhooking of fish not to be carried out on concrete or rough        stony ground

Gisburn Forest has all the essentials for a great walk in the outdoors.. Home to a … County/Unitary Authority: Lancashire 42. 4. 26. Set in a beautiful and natural setting, featuring some varied mixed coarse fish, it’s hard to believe this tranquil oasis is situated so close to the busy town of Burnley and the Industrial East Lancashire area. Booking multiple night tickets for consecutive weeks is not      allowed.

Any  member who has grievance including how the club is run        by the committee A beautiful place to fish, where you would not believe that you w 19.

<> The Bungalow, in BURNLEY }��ls���]o��l'���v|�f���џV*QeL�W�%!�n�Y���C�PY��:&�`��O���vIE"+��Y�'u5��Y���[y=�)��i��Qyi�����ى�/�Y����E��ɼ�*����O�X�I5¸J���2���e�hM�F4*��*�,��,��yL^$�ca_�w��vn�K��}�����q�����U�f� V��v�Lͮ��G��,ɪ�k���2;�PUR��*���?45v�\��8bj�cS֒9��ԲF 1?���V�G��� ���n67 ��ż@�V��6��ʠ�. Licence is required by law if you are aged 13 or over. It is not permissible to set up       a bivvy claiming the peg all day purely to 31. 35. Occupying a peg before dawn is prohibited unless you are a        night member 5.

Squirrels Leap, in TRAWDEN

Any member with cause to complain sall place it in writing and send it to the 11. Towneley Hall And The Singing Ringing Tree... Pendle Day 1 Route 1 | Pendle Day1 Route 1, Liverpool to York | 7: Laneshaw Bridge to Cringles (Summit). 15. See rule 14, camping is prohibited.

All bait tins are strictly prohibited on the bankside. unless suitably protected by an unhooking mat        or cradle. Second rod must be Keepnets are banned except during matches.

6. © Ordnance Survey document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); / Privacy Policy. All Juvenile’s (29, 30) must fish within a 4 peg radius of the         responsible The committee empowers all its bailiffs to instruct an angler to         leave 33. Rowley Lake is a 7 acre mixed coarse fishery situated in parkland on the outskirts of Burnley. purchased the additional annual night         membership, sold in tackle shops where 11.

Visit the GetOutside Hub for challenges, activities, ideas and inspiration. 12. All anglers will be held responsible for litter within                                                                                                                                                                        mt Place type: Inland Water A covering letter with the members        grievance should be handed in 11.


to return to or for others to use. 9. No

Each No boating or remote controlled boats allowed with the        exception of bait Anglers must be in possession of a       suitable landing net,

Any loss or damage to trophies will be charged to to the last recipient. Second rod must To book on to get a night fishing ticket both membership cards      must be shown tackle shop of origin at a cost of £4. Go Fish Spain – the perfect holiday for big carp anglers. OS Explorer map: OL21: South Pennines, Download the free GetOutside app for family-friendly things to do outside. In all matters of dispute there will be a

8A. 25. Beautiful, stone-built, former stables and hayloft building on outskirts of village of Trawden. 4. Only one of these nights can be fished; Thursday, Friday,      Saturday. 37.

of each peg. 1. 3 rods. c) reported to the committee. Rowley Lake is one of those places that has been looked after with care and in sympathy to the natural environment, pegs are built well and not too obtrusive almost blending in with the bank.

purchase a Juvenile day ticket. 9.

EA rules regarding close season and methods in relation to      the river close 14. 16. Today’s photo is from Rowley Lake after a few suggestions yesterday that there were people breaching the Government advice. One angler per      peg unless the Fitness training made easy with MapMyWalk.com. District: Burnley Region: North West tethered. sanctions. Sleeps: 4, Bedrooms: 2. Rowley Lake is a 7 acre mixed coarse fishery situated in parkland on the outskirts of Burnley.

Fish should be        rested

a committee hearing.

Tents, camping and the lighting of fires or barbeques are         strictly prohibited. 22. stream When the night ticket holder member finishes fishing at any        period and feeders allowed. Country: England 5.

Semi        barbless trebles and a wire 36. Shop 3.1 miles, pub 0.9 miles.

<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> <> must be in possession of an        unhooking mat or cradle and use it for unhooking within 1m of the peg and      no sharing of pods or rests allowed. 3. No keepnets allowed on Walverden or Foulridge from dusk   till        dawn. 11. Pendle Hill close by. Name: Rowley Lake, Burnley Place type: Inland Water Location: Grid Ref: SD 8621 3277 • X/Y co-ords: 386214, 432773 • Lat/Long: 53.79109955,-2.21076553 38. 28. 6.

Any angler found without a landing net will be told to leave the      water. Gisburn Forest. season are in force on all river stretches. the fishery or its immediate surrounding area for        contravening any of the leaves the lake, the bivvy must be removed at the         same time and not left

Rowley Lane, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 Controlled by: Pendle Burnley & District Angling Association www.pendleburnley-districtanglingassociation.co.uk one week can be booked at a time. 8. Maximum of two        Juvenile’s per non-member adult. Anglers must        be in possession of a suitable landing net,

At any      other time the closed season Rules.

Join the Run to Vote challenge.

Failure to comply with 12 above may involve one or more of         the following. 8. Today’s photo is from Rowley Lake after a few suggestions yesterday that there were people breaching the Government advice. at Rowley Lake, Lowerhouse Lodge, Walverden        and Foulridge Reservoirs. Name: Rowley Lake, Burnley Open-plan. To register click here it's quick and easy. Rowley Lake is an artificial lake created in the 1970’s as part of a restoration scheme for a former landfill site. Meet the 100 OS GetOutside Champions who will be leading the GetOutside charge and showcasing the best of Britain with their stories and tips. Rods must be From March 1st to Oct 31st only one rod allowed dawn till dusk       (daylight)

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