There was no planning. His sister Sheila’s husband Terry, Roy’s brother in-law, had other ideas for his relation through marriage. Terrifying those children was a wicked thing to do. His children were growing up without him and it was all his fault. That is why he spent decades in prison. Lindsay Finnimore made claims to being his girlfriend and in a bid to have access to his assets made claims to being his common law wife. "[2] As an adult Shaw mainly lived in Bethnal Green. It is a pity that he did not spend the whole of his life behind bars. ( Log Out /  He was no good at crime because he kept getting caught. He was called up by the army.

He was orphaned but this elicited no … He does not use violence in a rationale but unethical manner to gain things. You couldn’t lace Pretty Boy’s gloves you mug. He was acquainted with the Kray twins since at least the very early 1960s; Shaw attended the funeral of Reggie Kray in 2000, and was quoted as having said: "We grew up in the same era. Mean Machine – Roy Shaw. Nowadays they are all having each other over all the time."[2]. He claimed to have thrown her new boyfriend off a balcony. Shaw stated on his website that the two unlicensed boxers he most admired were Cliff Field and Johnny Waldron, both of whom also defeated McLean.

Roy Shaw seems to have suffered from a profound sense of inadequacy. Roy and Terry became extremely successful at pulling off these blags because of the lack of D.N.A testing and cameras, among other things, that we have today. In his twenty’s there’s no doubt about it, Roy Shaw wasn’t going to stack shelves at Asda so alternatively he became a fully blown career criminal. His was a thief and a thug but I bet he never told a lie. Yet he wanted her to don prison widow’s weeds. Shaw is best remembered today for his career as a fighter on the unlicensed boxing scene, becoming an arch-rival of Lenny McLean.[1]. But when it came to his property he behaved like a petulant child. He did not retaliate against hard men. I am a mug? Shaw would later say in his book that he kept hitting Stander with punches which had no effect on Stander – until he found his broken rib.

Sorry but my step dad done the armed robbery with him in 1963 and done time with him in fact I have met Roy shaw and is an absolute gentleman but you slag him off whilst he is dead he would have beaten the life out of you probably with less than 3 punches he was a amazing man with respect among his friends and even people he didn’t know he had a respectable reputation r.i.p Roy shaw. Shaw was well into his forties when he and McLean fought and was giving away stones in weight. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). You should really do your proper homework before you insult those that cannot defend themselves and the only coward i see here is you. He showed his incredible stupidity by throwing beer over a statue of the Virgin Mary.

I feel so inadequate. He only capitulated when he was full of beer and the police trained their guns on him. A book has just been published about one of Britains most notorious figures Roy Shaw. Rather than wait for his turn he began throwing punches. Shaw was the subject of a 2006 documentary DVD entitled Roy Shaw: Brute Force. He spoke about taking liberties? Oh no! During his time in Broadmoor, Shaw again encountered Ronnie Kray. Did he really burn men and women to death? The Krays were legends.

Change ). Getting himself arrested while on honeymoon. Judge Lindsay said that when it was put to Shaw in court that he intended to transfer £643,000 to her, he replied: "Don't talk so silly – she took me for a right mug. He picked on the vulnerable. He also became involved in protection rackets. He and his opponent claimed they would fight to the death. In 2000, Shaw was one of the best known mourners to attend the funeral of Reggie Kray, a lifelong friend. Shaw fell for a Maltese lady.

He was soon concerned in petty crime. He couldn’t take it when people said what he was like.

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