10w50 is the recommended Oil (Full Synthetic), as you have already used 20w50, I would suggest change it to company recommended standards cause it will/may harm/void your bike Warranty also. From the specs it seems really a good oil, but I think that a 15w50 should be a better choice for the Himalayan.
Price of engine oil for RE Himalayan – It is recommended buying a 2.5 Ltr bottle. Only downside is its seat which is too soft. I've never had to top up between changes on any of my bikes. Engine oil grade is 10W 50.Add only Elf Moto4 Tech oil recommended by Royal Enfield.Hope this helps! AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 2017 Royal Enfield Continental GT. After some initial hiccups(mainly issues with magnetic coil), now it is one of the best selling motor bikes from Eicher Motors. RE Interceptor 650 engine produces heat very much and I could feel it in my thighs from the petrol tank. Mileage i getting 28 in 80-100kmh and 23 in120 -140 kmh.It required Alloy option, Best you can get at the price point. List of all Offers, Discounts & coupons from Amazon.in, Amazon.com, Flipkart.com. Good batteries you can use along with 10 watt solar panels in India. Recommended Oil grade and quality for royal enfield himalayan – SAE 15W 50 API SL GRADE JASO MA 2 SEMI SYNTHETIC. Q. Engine oil color and level is visible through a round glass area(When bike put on centre stand). Motul 5100 10-50 at 300mls and 1600mls oil change.

10,000 km service interval. I have a service bulletin from Royal Enfield that says 20w50 is fine as a substitution to 15w50. If bad road, the back is going to hurt after some time. Royal Enfield.
To have the same kinematic viscosity the 10w60 should reach the temperature of 110/120 degrees celsius.

Next oil change will get what I can find easy and cheap. Also available in black. Because 15w50 is what Royal Enfield says to use in that engine. Royal Enfield oil filter and gasket - P/N 888464; Royal Enfield drain plug crush washers - P/N888461; It seems that some of the Himalayans use the fiber gasket for the oil filter cover and some use an o-ring. fees by advertising and linking to amazon.in.”. Generic Royal Enfield Liquid Gun 15W50 Lubricant for All Models (2.5 LTR). Q. In addition, Royal Enfield has also increased the oil change interval to 12 months or 10,000 km, from the current six months or 5000 km. I used 20w50 semi synthetic for 6k miles in 2 oil changes at 300 miles then at 3000 miles, cause it’s what I could get. luminous 6 Amp Charge Controller Detailed Review, How to convert existing inverter to solar inverter, How to know whether a product is original – online buying in India. This oil filler cap is machined from billet aluminium and has a separate branded infill to be fitted last, thus keeping the Royal Enfield logo always positioned as intended.

I am worried whether it's safe to drive when petrol tank gets heat? Yes & No, it is recommended using SL GRADE JASO MA 2 SEMI SYNTHETIC. Starter relay/solenoid clicking/ticking but scooter/car not starting. It is really easy to change engine oil in Himalayan. Engine oil is fully drained & then refilled or just top up? Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search. This has nothing to do with that. Q. I booked Interceptor 650 BS6 recently. Use a cone to add oil through. Search your question about Interceptor 650. Happy riding!

They resist the devastating effects of extreme heat, even in rally or parade traffic on hot days. Fully Synthetic 10W-50 JASO MA2 / API SL , such as ELF MOTO4 TECH 10W50. 3.1 liter capacity . Liquid gun is the same HP 15w50 oil but branded by HP for ROYAL ENFIELD. After service and first service the RE service center mechanics have adjusted the valve clearance still remains. Can you tell the difference between BS4 & BS6 on the Interceptor only? @ uppiliappan | 10 w 50 oil grade . Starting in 1901 the first Royal Enfield Motorcycle is produced.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Royal Enfield himalayan is a 411 cc adventure tourer motorcycle launched by Royal enfield in 2016. Open 2 nuts in the lower left side of engine. Bardahl XTC C60 15w50. Different models – of royal enfield himalayan.

Remove sealing plate along with 2 nuts & oil will start flowing down. After some initial hiccups(mainly issues with magnetic coil), now it is one of the best selling motor bikes from Eicher Motors. I use Motul 5100 15w50 semi synthetic in my Himalayan. The rear wheel is driven by a long rawhide belt. Q. Marty at go moto in Minneapolis recommended spectro golden 4 15w50 semi synthetic which is what I have used since new I purchased from Ebay. Some sources suggest that the fiber gasket is the newer design and that the o-ring was replaced but I couldn't confirm that. Netmegafone is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate Protecting your motorcycle's exteriors will determine how cool your bike looks in the long run. What is the engine oil grade for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650? Will it be difficult to handle the bike and also wanted to ask about the seat height.? Engine oil grade is 10W 50.Add only Elf Moto4 Tech oil recommended by Royal Enfield.Hope this helps! Everything about this bike is good. The Only Issue I have is Rear Shocker. Is it But keeping it that way means you will have to do more than just saddling the bike and riding into the sunset.

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