We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2004. Catalogue of postcards and envelopes with imprinted stamps of original design USSR 1923-1991. The catalogue includes postcards and envelopes with unique stamps, which were published in 1992-2015. 1926-19 3 0. The Stanley … Postcards. Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2006 WM: None The edition in question presents  the  series of price-guides on postcards. Perforation: 14½ x 15 and 14¼ x 14¾. Sheetsize: 100 The catalog contains signs of postal payment of the Russian Federation.The catalog of stamps of the Russian Federation is issued in English with an estimate in US dollars.In this edition of the catalog:- standard issues are placed in a separate section;- introduced sequential numbering of standard issues;- The 2004 standard edition (fourth standard) is described in more detail;- Fixed inaccuracies.. - The Times (London), "Compliments for the excellent customer service I receive every time I require. Perforation: Imperforated, 10. RusPhil.com is a free Russian stamp catalogue, identifier, and price guide for Russian stamps: Empire period, RSFSR, Soviet era. Perforation: 14½ x 15, WM: 2 Russian catalog. Coat of Arms, 1858 The first Russian postal stamp was issued on December 10, 1857 by the circular of the Postal Department “On the bringing of postal stamps for the common use” with the following content: “Starting from the 1st January of the next year 1858 usual private letters to all the places of the Empire, the Kingdom of Poland, the Grand Duchy of Finland brought to the post in usual envelopes or without envelope at all just with addresses written on the letter itself should be sent only with the stamp corresponding to the letter weight”. The short description of each postcard  is pointed out. WM: 2 Now showing: Russia - Postage stamps (1857 - 2020) - 3082 stamps. Editor: V. Zagorsky A leader in Russia and related areas of philately, Loral Stamps has one of the most extensive offerings available. December Types of overprints and varieties of stamps of foreign exchange and other auxiliary issues are described. WM: 2 Five volumes. Stanley Gibbons’ world famous stamp shop at 399 Strand, London is a collector's paradise, selling everything you could need – stamps, catalogues, albums, accessories, and much more.. Perforation: 14½ x 15, 25. Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2009. FREE Delivery on orders over £100 Standard Delivery: 3 to 5 days. Stamps. Text only. Marks. Editor: V. Zagorsky WM: None Envelopes. This catalogue has completely new system of description and numeration of zemstvo postage stamps. Coat of Arms - Different Perforation, 1866 -1875 In 1970, a new edition, The Catalogue of Postage Stamps of the USSR, 1918–1969, was published in Moscow. Russian Postmarks. Here you will find listed all the stamps from the earliest issues of Russia, through the break-up in 1991 forming the Russian Federation and the separate countries. It contains a number of documents of the Postal Administration, photos, images of the postmarks. Kiryushkin A.P., Robinson P.E. Russia stamp catalogue. Архив. 1989. Foreign stamps. Russian Federation. Weight: 160 g. Russian Empire, RSFSR, USSR. RSFSR 1917-1923. Editor: V. Zagorsky Ya. This edition continues the adopted system of filing philatelic material. Author M.A.Dobin. Coat of Arms - Unwatermarked Paper, 1864 It was printed by the Chief Philatelic Bureau of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR. The material is combined according to the subject matter. Catalogue. 1918-19 25. This is the only comprehensive, single-volume catalogue of the stamps of Russia, the ex-Russian states and Mongolia. Size: 147 х 215 mm Marka-Art (English/Russian) – Stamps since 1992. Fourth edition of the Soviet Philatelic Association catalogue published in 1933 under the editorship of V. Modestov also included a listing of the USSR postage advertising stamps [Wikidata] as well. Russian Stamps We buy and sell Russian stamps, including comprehensive and specialized stamps like Empire, Zemstvos, Civil war and young Soviet Republic 1918-1923, Russian offices in Europe, China, Middle Asia, RSFSR, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Baltic States, Soviet stamps, Russian postal philatelic material: nice quality stamps and covers. Dobin, Manfred. RU EN. .. In English. Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. the issue of the postage stamp are presented. The first stamps went on sale 10 December 1857, but officially people started to use stamps to pay internal correspondence in Russia from January 1, 1858 (from March 1, 1858 – in the Caucasus, Transcaucasia, and Siberia). Catalogue of postage stamps. Catalogue (see four scans), From the history of the Saint-Petersburg Post (see four scans), Specialized catalogue of postage stamps. RU / EN. ", "Compliments for the excellent customer service I receive every time I require. Coat of Arms - Vertically Laid Paper, 1875 Since this time all private letters have been sent only with postal stamps that were cancelled with two crossed lines. .. (Soviet Russia) and USSR (Soviet Union) Postage-Stamps of 1918 - 1990s SETS, SINGLE STAMPS, SOUVENIR SHEETS UNUSED STAMPS. The list of postcards’artists and persons presented on the cards is given. The history of the introduction and usage of postmarks by the postal establishments of Russia, from 1765 to the mid - 1860s is presented. 1992-2017, Stanley Gibbons Russia Stamp Catalogue – 7th Edition, Stanley Gibbons Asia Simplified Stamp Catalogue – Volume 1. 1857-1965. Philatelic production. Published: Saint Petersburg.. Perforation: 12¼ x 12½, June In English. 1845-1917 (see four scans), The First Russian Postage Stamps (see four scans). Text only. Russian Railway Postmarks. It is always a pleasure to do business with Stanley Gibbons! Stamps. Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. $19.00 Add to Cart. The South Russian Government (Южнорусского Правительства) was a Russian White movement government established by Armed Forces of Denikin in Novorossiysk, Kuban, in March 1920 during the … Postcards. WM: 2 A. Shirokov, A. S. Chumakov, and A. They cover the full spectrum of Russian stamps and other philatelic materials, - and provide an authoritative source of reliable information for dealers and stamp collectors all over the world. Authentication of Stamps; About; Customer Service . Coat of Arms - Horizontally Laid Paper, 1866 -1875 $19.00 Add to Cart. Perforation: 14½ x 15 and 14¼ x 13¾, WM: 2 In between republications, additional issues came out every year. Buy and sell stamps from Russia. Russian Empire, RSFSR, USSR. Engraving: F. Kepler NEW! Coat of Arms - Without 2 Thunderbolts Below Eagle in Oval, 1884 -1885 The Postage Stamps of Russia 1917-1923. Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2017.

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