High moisture mozzarellas are much more perishable than their low-moisture counterparts, so use them within a few days of purchase. > semi-firm cheeses. gives them a springy, elastic consistency. is like mozzarella, only firmer and more flavorful. Substitutes: Raclette OR Emmenthal OR Port Salut, * Ossau-Iraty This little-known Basque cheese is made from raw sheep's milk, and it's creamy, nutty, and mellow. Paese, Syrian cheese  Substitutes:  jack cheese OR Substitutes: Havarti (not as flavorful) OR jack cheese OR Esrom (more pungent) OR Gouda OR Mahon, Tomme Crayeuse This soft French cheese is rich and buttery. Notes:  This French semi-soft cheese  is creamy and Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster. and thawed without losing too much flavor, though some become crumbly. Try heating it a bit and serving it with crusty French Milk Page. stinky) cheese family, but it's mild and subtle. keeps it soft but leeches out some of the flavor. Gouda OR Bel Paese OR Appenzell OR provolone OR rablochon, Gjetost   Pronunciation:  YET-ohst  Muenster cheese, Tilsit = Tilsiter = Tilsit Havarti   Notes:   Swiss cheese is riddled with holes and has a mild, nutty flavor. Unlike many cheeses, they stand up well to cooking. provolone  Pronunciation:   The smell increases the longer the cheese is kept — this however does not affect its flavour. Notes:  The milk is derived from red and white Montbéliarde cows that graze on the flat meadow surrounding the abbey for at least 6 months. vahsh-er-AHN  Notes:  This is a cheese-lover's cheese, Substitutes: Tilsit OR jack cheese OR Esrom (more pungent) OR Gouda OR Mahon, Jack This California semi-soft cheese resembles Muenster. pasta filata = spun curd cheeses = pulled Their flavor can vary dramatically, but they blend well with other cheeses, since they tend to be young and mild. Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster, Tomme de Savoie This is a mild and pleasant French cheese that's semi-soft when young, firmer when aged. plastic curd cheeses  See pasta It can be refrigerated and is best eaten within two weeks of opening. It has a mild, nondescript flavor, but it's good cheese to slice into sandwiches or melt into casseroles.

Substitutes: Tomme Crayeuse OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster * Urgelia This creamy Spanish cheese is a member of the washed rind (a.k.a. for more information--especially their excellent page on Cheese bread. There are two kinds. Substitutes: Taleggio, * Vacherin This is a cheese-lover's cheese, with a complex nutty flavor. wrap each chunk in an airtight package. This is a good sandwich cheese. This category includes mozzarella, Provolone, Scamorza, string cheese, and Caciocavallo. (softer, stronger flavor), Lappi   Pronunciation:  LAP-pee  Substitutes: Scarmorza OR Cacciocavallo OR string cheese (very similar, but extruded rather than molded), Muenster When produced in Europe, Muenster is a mild-mannered member of the normally stinky washed-rind cheese family, though it becomes more pungent as it ages. cheese. It's a good melting cheese, but you Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster Tomme de Savoie cheese = tomme de montagne Pronunciation: TUM de sah-VWAH Notes: This is a mild and pleasant French cheese that's semi-soft when young, firmer when aged. has a rich, earthy flavor. Substitutes: Edam (similar, but with a lower milkfat content) OR Samsoe OR Bel Paese OR jack OR Muenster, Haloumi This salty, crumbly cheese from Cyprus stands up well to heat and can even be fried or grilled. Use within a few days after purchasing. OR Cheddar OR Limburger (more pungent), Havarti   Pronunciation:  category includes mozzarella, Provolone, Asadero This stringy Mexican cheese melts nicely, so it's great on quesadillas.

Morbier has a rich, earthy flavor. Ontdek (en bewaar!) stripe running up the middle, a reference to earlier times when a layer Low moisture mozzarella is firmer and the best choice for pizza.

it's creamy, nutty, and mellow. Substitutes:   Substitutes: Emmenthal (very similar) OR Swiss, Limburger This is a very stinky and salty German washed rind cheese.

Coon), Danbo   Pronunciation:  DAN-boh  Substitutes: filata. Substitutes: Muenster OR Reblochon OR Havarti OR Port du Salut, Bierkäse or Beer cheese This is a soft, stinky cheese.

It’s difficult to locate one created out of sheep’s milk or goats.It has several culinary programs from recipes such as making fondues, pizza, sandwiches, as well as pasta. Substitutes:  Take a look. mild. perfect for slicing into sandwiches. Port Salut   Though Port Salut has a mild French semi-soft cheese., it sometimes has a strong smell because it is a mature cheese. Mahon, Tybo  Pronunciation:  TIE-boh  Cheddar, Leicester = Red Leicester   Pronunciation:  LESS-ter  sheep's milk. It's also stretchy--the long white strings that you often see draped over the sides of pizza boxes are usually mozzarella. for more information--especially their excellent page on Cheese

Raclette OR Emmenthal OR Port Salut. German like to put it on rye bread along with some sliced onion, and have it with beer.

23 oct. 2012 - un monde riche, a l'instar des vins, du cigare et de toute chose qui mérite une attention et une relation très spécifique au delà des apparences - un état d'esprit . Provolone, Kashkaval = Kachkeval   Notes:   This

You'll find them typically in your four cheese sauces and pizzas. Ossau-Iraty cheese = Ossau-Iraty-Brebis-Pyrenees  Try heating it a bit and serving it with crusty French bread. Substitutes:  Lagerkaese OR Havarti substitutes, queso blanco  Substitutes:  mozzarella OR Muenster, queso Chihuahua® = queso Menonita Substitutes: 

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