If you're lucky enough to have Shadow Mantle, since it activates 10% of the time it is equivalent to having a -10% back piece but it will not be a consistent reduction. As an Abyssea note, you can get a blue stagger with Sidewinder but only if you are /RNG which is not likely most of the time. Each build will have a different subjob in mind, different enemy you're facing, the food you're eating or even something as basic as being in a different position relative to the mob. The exception to this might be Mamool parties. Remember samurai damage is often 50% or more from weaponskills and anything you can do to add to that will improve your play. Prerequisite:The player must have purchased the Stormblood expansion, and also reached level 50 as a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic. For merit parties, this probably doesn't make or break the experience points. - D88 : Good for a few levels, but the 2 RARE/EX options below are better. Isn't there a jeweler in Ishgard as well that sells the accessories? You also know from your Ninja skills that Utsusemi: Ni will overwrite Utsusemi: Ichi, but not the other way around. Recommended for non-Rajas users. It is pretty epic to watch. Over time though it's more damage than your alternatives and when it does land you'll know it, lol. It really doesn't work for long durations though without a THF or /THF trick attacking you. Now to caveat this... (what doesn't have an asteriks next to it in this game?) This section is going to cover some basic to advanced gameplay for Samurai. Quest Name: The Way of the Samurai Quest Location: Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:9, Y:9) NPC Name: Ul’dahn Citizen. Overall sword is really not all bad, but it's a C+ skill so you're not going to use this in any serious capacity. - Because, although there are many gear guides around, most are based on opinions more than facts.In this guide, I will try to back up all my statements by maths (which I'll produce on the talk page if asked). is daunting at first.

If you have Rajas, this is a slight upgrade, if you don't hang on to your Hosodachi for 2 more levels. - Because it's pretty fun for some of us, to look at gear stats and map out the possible uses :P. Although this is strictly a gear guide (your playstyle's entirely up to you), I need to have a quick word about subjobs, as some require SJ-specific gear. Don't use this GK, under any circumstances.

Use them only with weaponskills. I do find that the gap from YGK to Rana is smaller when using a non-TP Boost GKT so perhaps this is the way to go for people that do not yet have a Hagun or Keitonotachi +2. Mangetsu (L35) (Gain Getsu!)

Since I did change out my Rajas Ring with a Merman's Ring I had to put the Usukane Sune-Ate back on to keep enough Store TP to make me happy. Unkai Sugemino is a nice WS back piece. For Sneak Attack weaponskills, my setup is essentially the same as the YGK build. If you still had 1 left it will be overwritten so there's no fumbling around with removing the effect. Normally what I find myself doing is staying full-time or near full time Hasso and shadows are just there to save you. My opinion then is keep the Hachiman Sune-Ate and get the Dusk Gloves. If you’re lost we have reminders on the relevant pages AS YOU LEVEL UP, but we may as well put the entire list here… for reasons. Just because it's a melee spam party doesn't mean you should be absent-minded, the mages supporting you are most certainly not. Dance lessons? White Tathlum has 2 Store TP if you're still coming up a bit shy. 1 Sen: Higanbana – Long DoT, only used for long fights. Summary: Your next stage is going to be Utsusemi: Ichi though which has a long casting time so you want to not risk it for too long. Since Overwhelm has no effect on Sidewinder do not concern yourself with mob facing and just park it to the side so that you're out of the way. If you take off all your Store TP on a weaponskill, then you'll need additional on your melee hits to catch up and keep your desired build. Of course, without decent haste gear, your recast times while sequencing are large too.

Everywhere else it's best to grab the most accuracy you can.

One slot I haven't mentioned that is getting some attention recently is the Waist. Personally the chest piece, especially if you have Haubergeon +1 is a tough sell. With Third Eye still up, preventing interruption, you can cast Utsusemi: Ichi and overwrite the effect. I have 18% haste gear in this configuration and 10% more for Hasso. There are two reasons to use this over Gekko : the added effect and for the purpose of making Light. Unfortunately you'll only get moderate damage out of this and YGK will remain your primary pain train. Updated some of the new Triple Triad card locations. It will certainly beat taking it in the face. Use them together! Black Tathlum is still a good alternative to the Thew Bomblet. Remember the 6 hit TP build will give you 15% more weaponskills and will always be worth more than the meager 2% or 3% haste you might gain from putting another piece in that slot. HP+10 DEX+2 VIT+2 VsFire+8 Enchant : Fire. DoT : 10% more hitrate=10% increase over Benchmarkmaru, unless capped. Let's get this straight first off...the damage on Tachi: Hobaku stinks. Samurai Exclusive • Samurai Gear Set Tank: Paladin ( Gladiator ) • Warrior ( Marauder ) • Dark Knight • Gunbreaker Melee DPS: Dragoon ( Lancer ) • Monk ( Pugilist ) • Ninja ( Rogue ) • Samurai I'll be brief, and I won't include ability lists with comments about each ; I loathe those and you don't need my help to know, for instance, that /NIN is mainly about Utsusemi, not Stealth. no meleeing) there's a few pieces left. ), great! So while before you could consider Shura Haidate, Myochin Haidate +1, now the clear leader is Byakko's Haidate. Benefits are: Dancer? Remember my TP Build discussion earlier? Conversely the same can be done with magic damage mitigation. If you have Usukane Somen, Gote and Sune-Ate all for the accuracy/attack/haste combo, Usukane Haramaki will get you a tad more accuracy than the Hauby+1 and will get you that Store TP needed to keep the 5 hit build. This used to be used in mid-level parties to help control enmity and increase the skillchain damage. Note: The problem with this rotation is heavy TP use, and you will never actually trigger your buffs. You can actually be a fair distance from the mob and still hit it. I throw this setup in first because it's the most basic way to tank and because you tend to have a lot of this gear in your inventory anyways. Penta Thrust, however, rocks!

Bear in mind it's all theoretical max/min/avg numbers and nothing empirical, but it allows fast comparisons of setups without parsing for hours. There is enough Store TP to ensure that I keep a 6 hit TP build and enough accuracy to ensure I'm hitting. There's more STR gear I could get, new high level rings offer more STR to replace Flame. If you're doing a skillchain and you know your partner is going to strip hate, run behind him instead of where the mob is currently facing, you'll be in proper position for your weaponskill. It happens to everyone, dont worry. Pugilist/Monk gear is also used by the Samurai. Hopefully, our Samurai Leveling Guide helps you out – especially with setting up and the early L50+ rotation! If you have Twilight Helm... you probably don't need to be reading this guide, heh. From there you can push on to the Usukane Haramaki Set and the Justice Torque and the other shiny baubles, but you have to start somewhere. Besides, it's fun and different! You could use Byakko's Haidate maintaining some haste, accuracy and decent defense. Yep. I wouldn't rely on the Aftermath effect, though. This might take longer to get, but instead of the old rules giving you 7 accuracy out of the piece, the 15 DEX is also ~12 accuracy making it the largest single boost to accuracy outside of Haubergeon +1. Don't even think of something else if you have this. Mob stats : 75 VIT,... - Rana.
Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/index.php?title=Category:Samurai_Quest&oldid=696763. /DRG is useful from level 20 all the way to 75.

This is the primary reason why the AoE rotation “sucks” against 2 enemies. I put it in weapons because it resides in your Sub slot and because it's listed under Weapons in the auction house, but you can call it however you like it.

The benefit has changed a bit due to the two-hand updates in 2007, but it is still a large boost on HNMs since their defense, VIT and level are much higher. If you're lucky enough to have Shadow Ring the same rules go for it as do for the Shadow Mantle. Samurai have higher STR, better access to STR gear and one awesome bow (Shigeto Bow). Polearm will never be your primary weapon and should be considered after getting what you need for Great Katanas. If you don't have tomestones, then you got to buy. This is because you have many many pieces with 10 accuracy and can easily reach the accuracy mark of sushi. If you'd rather journey on your own using the guidelines I posted above, then skip this section. Anguinus Belt is a different tack. Adding in my gear I have a total of +48 Store TP on melee hits and +41 Store TP on weaponskills. Most of it is true of all classes that /THF, but Overwhelm makes a Samurai more aware. Often called Gimpulse Drive for how much it stinks, it can still put up some numbers and make a darkness chain. Yes, it's weaponskill accuracy, but for now let's only focus on those Sidewinders. On firesday, pretty strong. There's just no reason for them. Now that the level cap is over 75 this may not be desirable. Fixed some bugs when loading old gear sets! This is a strategy session! For TA you can pick between a heavy hitting build like the YGK setup or an accurate build like the Rana setup. Pretty easy to calculate too, take base weapon return and multiply it by 1.XX where XX is the amount of Store TP you have. If you want to stick with GKT you'd be at -30% damage taken, still not bad.

When you swap back and forth Third Eye is not lost, but how it behaves will change. This section is, by nature, partly opinionated. So, for my Abyssea aside! Your body is another normal spot.

The trouble with Tachi: Jinpu is the same trouble with multi-hit weaponskill in general. Now because Utsusemi can overwrite Third Eye and Ni can overwrite Ichi and Third Eye is this nice instant-cast job ability, you can squence these along for awesome tanking power. Added a button to clear the current gear selection. Ok at low levels you can get by with some ranged accuracy rings and a good bow, Beater's Earring for good measure. It's also certainly hard to maintain hate while doing that as you have a subjob that adds no damage and you have Hasso down which is a great damage boost as well. Gregedor you're off the deep end now. Well 100/7=14.29, meaning you need to get that much TP per hit. Sneak Attack. The slight DPS increase is not worth the slower TP gain and lesser D. No one ever bothered to make this, at least on Lakshmi. Here you can use Dusk Trousers which have the most defense and HP. If you have Katayama, skip this, otherwise get this. You certainly cannot go wrong with just stacking on more and more accuracy though. https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Samurai_Gear_Guide:_By_Ashmada?oldid=1107228.

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