It seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions. William W. Green (Seal)

He is widely known for his sports writing and for helping to found The Paris Review, as well as his patrician demeanor and accent.          William Coleman, Sec. Examined/ Test: William Baskerville, Cl. Name: Robert C Speed  FINCH & SMITHS CO] ETC vs THOMAS DAWS ETC 1839-018 CSC (above) Co, 1860, Fayette Co, Va/Now W. Va He was also famous for "participatory journalism" which included competing in professional sporting events, acting in a Western, performing a comedy act at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and playing with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra[1] and then recording the experience from the point of view of an amateur. 0-1-0-1-1-0-1/0-1-2-0-1 300-1-200-360--0 Rest Illeg. Ky.-Parents- Thomas & Mildred Hudson, William Whitehead Coleman received a medical degree from the University of Louisville and practiced medicine in the Mt.                                 Robert SPEED 73 M Virginia Manager-farm How do I know you're not George Plimpton? 26, 1810 Proved Feb. 13, 1813 Vol 7, P 336, Mecklenburg Co, Va.            8. Make E, Whitehead 19 Jan 1860 - 06 Oct 1946 managed by Murlen Posey. 1850, 1860 Clarksville, Meck Co, Va-Named in Mother's Will, April, 1861 P2: PEYTON MASON SURVPARTNER D2: 

Unit Numbers: 779 779 770 770 Chase City, Mecklenburg Co, Va HH of Father in Law John W Swift. 1821  the within written acct.

d. Sarah J. W. "Sallie" was born 1853 in Fayette County.

Sarah Born Oct., 1892 Va [11], His mother was Pauline Ames,[12] the daughter of botanist Oakes Ames and artist Blanche Ames. COLEMAN & SYDNOR] ROFFE JOHNSON SYDNOR KNIGHT TOWNES  formation of the County, the following have served as Prosecuting Attorney,Incl Sarah-Jane, Jennifer, Cristina, Annie. That on the day and year first within mentioned Quiet and peaceable possession of the within mentioned lands and premises with all the appurtenances was given and made by William W. Green and Cluverius Coleman to the within named James Coleman according to the true Tenor and effect of the within written deed in presence of the Witnesses thereunto.

by Commissioners appointed to settle the same and at another Court held Dtr of John & Hannah C Swift..  She was born abt 1884 NC---He is Single, Merchant, 1900 Newport, Isle of Wight Co, Va;

James Coleman, Guardian of Nancy, Polly, & Susannah Whitehead, Orphans of Benjamin Whitehead, dec'd is excused from returning any accounts of the profits of the said Orphans Estate until next Court. 1920, 5.

I Cluverius Coleman of the Parish of St. James's in the county of Mecklenburg and state of Virginia am at this time in sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be given to almighty God for it But being low in body and considering the frailty and uncertainty of my life do make constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament _____ _____ in manner and form as followeth:  their answer thereto. Meck. Plimpton revisited pro football in 1971,[17] this time joining the Baltimore Colts and seeing action in an exhibition game against his previous team, the Lions. Census, J

Rec Aug 11, replyed generally.


in the pursuance of the Authority vested in him by an ordinance of the                                  

Genre/Form Land grants -- Virginia -- Mecklenburg County.

He had a small role in the Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting,[21] playing a psychologist.

DB 8, P 509-510 Nov 1, 1794 (M) William Jeter Ca 1892 McClung in 1888. Washington, Bullitt Co., Ky Henry is His final interview appeared in The New York Sports Express of Oct. 2, 2003 by journalist Dave Hollander. 1/26 [sic] & resided Forrester, Ness Co, Kansas 1920-He was born abt 1887 Indiana &                                Alice E. Born Feby, 1892* Montana  (M)  abt 1921 Herbert

6. Harriett " 1 F Va It is also my will and desire that she should have the crop of corn and tobacco that is made on the plantation whereon I now  Died 1898 Meck Co, Va (Jennie E Gregory Est Accts 27/312, Admr Bond 27/100 (M) #2 ______HART Bet. P1: BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD COLEMAN D1: HUNDLEY RYLAND

Forrester, Ness Co, Kansas-Farming

One child. William Paul Born 1901 Montana-single, 1920 Seattle, King Co, He was also an accomplished birdwatcher. who was convicted of feloniously burning the barn of John Thompson by a Item I lend unto my beloved wife Marsey (Marcia) Coleman during her natural life the tract of land whereon I now live. Elizabeth " 15 F Va

James Coleman Estate Green, William., He (M) Maude M ____

                                       29th day of April 1814.                 (M) James C. Harriett We find there is a judgment obtained by Lewis Burrell against the Executors amounting to eleven pounds 10/2 with costs which judgment is unsatisfied.

The Rev. 1848 (16/553); Appraisal 1850 (17/163); The company was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in New York, NY. Ca 1836 Meck Co., Va -Named EXR in Mother's Will, April, 1861 Meck.

to be administered if so much thereof he hath; if not, then the Costs to be seized of his proper goods and chattels and the said Deft in Mercy, etc.

E A GREGORY VS B W COLEMAN 1882-021 of the Pltfs. Transcribed by Ron Jones The film used archival audio and video of Plimpton lecturing and reading to create a posthumous narration.

wife) On Jan. 30, 1890, he married Viola Hudson.                            COLEMAN vs GREEN ETC 1834-004 CSC 

HH 70-70 Eliza J HART 43 F Ky  Farming $14,500/9100 

SOURCE Newspaper title: Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1815 : Semiweekly).Publication Date: May 31, 1842, page 3, column 5.

GREEN PHILLIPS WHITEHEAD HICKS SPEED  Wit: William Barry as to Green, Edward Finch, David Stokes, Robert Allin as to Coleman.

Farmer the County of Fayette for 4 years from July 1st, 1852 and took oath of office. same was passed by the Court and ordered to be recorded. Land grants, 1779- 1811. (She was named in mother's Will 1850 Slave Schedule, Hickman Co, Ky P 697-Robert B. He was declared dead by his brother, James, after no contact with the family 1911.

Co, Va (Thrir children named in Will of Cluverius Coleman), Mary Coleman (M) John Boswell Feb. 16, 1784, James Coleman,

On Oct. 2, 1883, she married William R. I think The Paris Review should welcome these people into its pages: the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and non-axe-grinders. & Mary Elizabeth Swepson of Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Co's., Virginia . He also appeared in the 1996 documentary When We Were Kings about the "Rumble in the Jungle" 1974 Ali-Foreman Championship fight opposite Norman Mailer crediting Muhammad Ali as a poet who composed the world's shortest poem: "Me? In the name of God amen.                          subject to the debts of the Testator until they shall be sufficiently indemnified and that the costs of this suit be born equally by the Plts. Mecklenburg, Va. c. H. (Fe) (Twin) b. July 24, 1867 (Meck.

New York, NY 10001.

In obedience Test: William

does anyone know how i can get in contact with his wife so i can send my condolences? a. Harriett Born Ca 1849 Meck Co, Va single w/parents, 1880 Meck. Enlisted in Company E, 25th Infantry Regiment Kentucky on 01 January 1862.

William " 14 M Va by wife #1 Harriett F Coleman At Harvard, Plimpton was a classmate and close personal friend of Robert F. Kennedy.

[37] They had two children: Medora Ames Plimpton and Taylor Ames Plimpton, who has published a memoir entitled Notes from the Night: A Life After Dark.

Single WM Born W Va Farmer where from: W Va; ---March 1, 1895 Miami Co, Kansas abt1889.

of the Pltfs. Her father is the managing partner of Dudley & Company, an investment counseling concern in New York. James C. Gregory, Wid'r of Harriet Coleman,  remarried and had several other children.

He wrote, "I suppose in a mild way there is a lesson to be learned for the young, or the young at heart – the gumption to get out and try one's wings". PRUDENCE JEFFRIES ETCvs EXR OF RICHARD JEFFRIES ETC 1824-003, d.  Mary Ann Coleman (Polly) Born Ca 1792 Mecklenburg Co, Va. and she died

TITLE Richmond Whig & public advertiser (Richmond, Va. : 1833 : Semiweekly)

NOTE Place of residence at time of death: Mecklenburg County, Virginia. FINCH & SMITHS CO] NEAL TOWNES GILLESPIE PATILLO  Founder at East Harlem Tutorial Program, Inc. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid at Columbia University.

198 Special Term, May, 1861--The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 27/100; Appraisal 1898 27/211, Acct Sales 1898 27/215; Acctg. Prior to June, 1821 Henderson Co., Kentucky James " 1 M Va (By Harriett Coleman) Virginia State Land Office.

The foregoing last will & testament of Benjamin Jones decd: was this day produced in open court & proved by the oaths of St: P.Pool & L. G. Wade two subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded -- against him have complained, to which the Pltfs. Wife, Gracy (Coleman)  Hicks.

Elizabeth (Whitehead) Goddard - Jan 1640 managed by Elizabeth Viney.

It is my will I desire that all my negroes stocks debts goods and all my property be it whatsoever kind it may shall be equally divided between my son William and Thomas Coleman together the negroes and other property lent my wife during her life is also to be divided between my son William and Thomas Coleman at her death  1881 (Meck. 1-1-1-1-2-0/3-0-0-0-0/22 slaves POWER OF ATTORNEY from RICHARD WHITEHEAD to JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, to act To have and to hold the above sold lands and premises with all the appurtenances to him the said James Coleman and his heirs and assigns forever, To the only proper use and behoof of him the said James Coleman his heirs and assigns forever. the Court and ordered to be recorded Test: Edward L Tabb, Co Clk. Curtis, Wm. Christansville, Mecklenburg Co, Va-Named in mother's Will, April, 1861 This day came the parties by their Counsel and next friend, respectively, and the defendants acknowledged the service of the subpoena and the Pltfs. another Court held for said County the 12th day of November following, the d. Sam Born Ca 1859 Meck Co., Va missing 1880 Co., Va.

(Son of Cluverius & Marcia Coleman of Meck. 15,1809 Meck Co, William Coleman, Sec. Cluverius Coleman), Thomas Coleman (M) Sally Rowlett Jan 5, 1799 Meck Co, Va Note of Mecklenburg Co, Va, 6. Christiansville, Meck Co, Va -Assisted Father in Retail Merchant Business1880 Bluestone, Mecklenburg Co, Va you that from your special trust and confidence, and great conduct, Our Governor

1860 Hopkins Co., Co., Madisonville P 589 Farmer Nurture your network and further your business goals with smart intelligence on the people and companies that matter most to you. He died on Apr. Chancery Court Suits-Involving Robert SPEED 1926. every will or wills heretofore made as Witness my hand and Seal this 26th 1988, two children) Wife: Sara Whitehead Dudley (m. 1992, until his death) High School: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH University: BA, Harvard University (1950) University: BA English, Cambridge University (1952) The Paris Review Editor (1953-2003) Meck.

St: P.Pool Benjamin (his mark) Jones (LS), G. L. Wade, St: Worsham Nebraska, as their first child, Laura, was born there in July, 1890).

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