Granted I think the datsun sliding bushing setup is a bit more elegant in some regards. My inline switch to the printer started acting up and seized shutting off the final print of the adapter so I had to make do with one that was a bit shorter, took a couple tries, but I'm happy with it. Doesn't work for the Ion or Cobart with the plastice ECU case. The nut on the back is fairly large. I called a local wrecker and paid $65 for the column from the wreckers, they threw in the lower steering shaft for another $20.

Attached is a photo of a Unisteer electrical power steering unit on my 33 Imperial. Those of us with motor swaps can usually clear the PS pump hurdle automatically. The Electric Power Steering (EPS) system reduces the amount of effort needed to steer the vehicle. With that end taken care of it only leaves the mounting of the motor.

Most items will be sent within 24 hours. I realized that on more or less final assembly that the datsun shaft sits quite high up in the housing, so I will loose about 1/2 an inch of spline engagement, luckily I maxed out the spline engagement to start with so still more than 1.5 inches or so engaged. That's it ! I think it should be adequate, socorob has been running his for over a year with a V8 swap, but yes time will tell. I just have to separate the column, make a jig and put the pieces together for the next bit, just turned my TIG on for the first time on saturday, so a bit of a learning curve required., Also the bruno controller can be found on eBay for quite a bit less, but all the little parts can be found on his site. That is good for someone like me :). Everyone says hydro is better than electronic, but as far as I know you can essentially turn this down and it will be the same as a manual rack which I believe trumps hydro. Socorob did so much of the leg work, I'm following his method to the T on my first iteration. You have to make constant corrections. Free shipping on many items ... 02-07 SATURN VUE EQUINOX COMPLETE ELECTRIC POWER STEERING PUMP MOTOR COLUMN EPAS. Luckily this setup is built with some misalignment allowed in the enlarged holes for the dash to column mount and the u joint after the motor which should allow an angle if needed. "ZPowerSteering" is a lot of money but at least you know everything fits/works!

Depending on how an electric setup is made you could have unwanted delay. Is the VSS/ECU communication/ignition plug. Here is the datsun column stop welded to the saturn lower column. Like when I asked about some of the other systems, the controller maker suggested I stay with the basic one as the more advanced one that had torque sensing wouldn't be as linear or immediate. It is very easy to install. And lets not forget, for those who could not be bothered, there are 2 commercial options for our cars.

We will have to see, like I wonder if the steering wheel will self center with an electric assist setup. The black plug main power and ground feed goes in the middle. Clear editor. × This video details how to convert your Mustang or other car from regular power steering to electric power steering using a Volvo power steering pump.

  Pasted as rich text. The mounting points on the plate are fixed and everything kind of lines up in this picture. $199.00.

Thanks for making it a bit easier/harder to choose. ... 2008 2010 Saturn Vue Power Steering Pump Wire Wiring Harness 25868027 OEM (Fits: Saturn Vue) $39.91. Basically these have fail-safe settings where when no ECU input is detected, the unit goes into an automatic pre-determined assist setting. There are slight differences in the columns.

It sends information to the ECU according to the position of the knob.

I think i can live without (or rather maybe not live) the collapsable column. Labor for bracket fabrication and mounting for both the steering unit and the module and electrical wiring $1500. and for full disclosure- i had to trim off part of the nrg adapter, all the outer lip where the nrg logo is at on the amazon pic. The later model ones neck down to a much thinner diameter than the older ones as in my 2003 column is beefier looking than the 2007 column where the u-joints meet the collapsable column. Don’t be fooled by other Distributors, Sellers or copies. Here is the saturn's upper column. Pretty easy in concept, the size was right. If I had left about a quarter inch or so more it would have been perfect, but as it is I was already fairly tight on space. Together Bruno and ePowerSteering have been selling these units for over 10 years. You just don't run the PS pump until you've got a rack to connect it to.

Does this seem right? The air bag has two connectors, 1 yellow and 1 red. when I test the wires one have voltage and one did not. I was going to try the Yaris non-abs with VSS signal. This does output quite a lot of heat very quickly so have a rag handy to cool it or you will cook all the grease out. 2006-2011 Toyota Yaris - (Non-ABS needs VSS signal or flashing LED). Since I'll be welding I decided I should try and separate the shaft. , Power Steering System Description and Operation. The air bag is held in by 4 posts with a cutout, In the back cover of the steering wheel there are 4 triangular shaped grooves. They did not reply to internet inquiries, but they picked up when I called. Misc hardware $100. google_ad_width = 728; This is a pretty crude piece so take a moment to pry the pieces into shape to fit the bearing or if it is too wide tap it in so the bearing is a pretty tight fit. To get it working again, would I have to do any "reconditioning" first? While a hydraulic power steering option is definitely viable, depending on the motor the correct pump or conversion fittings may be difficult to source. Ignition On, Power and Ground to the Steering ECU. Once mounted it is just a matter of adapting the saturn input to the datsun input/steering wheel. the electrical system in my 2009 saturn vue shorts out causing all kinds of issues, the first time was in late 2013 when nothing on the dash came on, my radio did not play, no gages worked. Also managed to press the gear back into the housing. FFR5148K MkII Roadster, Engine #4 - 331 CI 465 HP w/ FITECH Fuel Injection, 3-link, disc brakes, SN95 Cobra Front brakes, FR500 17" Wheels. I also ended up cutting the saturn shaft housing a bit too close to the motor housing, with the penetration from the welding it seizes pretty hard the last 1/8 inch or so. This will give you room to get a traditional pulley puller if you don't want to use the proprietary steering wheel puller from GM. 2006-2011 Toyota Yaris - (With ABS works in Fail-Safe). If the pump is already there, it seems like a no brainer!

Much appreciated for this info! The hole spacing for the 240z is 70mm center to center.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Wreckers: I also found a wrecking yard that had several Saturn Vue's. I wonder why people say "hydro is better than electric". I just bought a 2002 saturn vue. There is a pin that will separate the upper shaft, unfortunately I didn't have the right setup to do so.

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