Scomadi TL125 The TL125 may look every bit the Italian classic and be designed by a couple of Englishmen but like most things it’s actually produced in China. It is the closest competitor to the Vespa 125 as both feature a 125cc engine and sport a similar design features.
Scomadi Merchandise View Range. That is the reason I select my bike with utmost care everytime. The clocks and headset have also been revised and the stand has been improved. The fifty arrived just before Christmas and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the first shipment.

Colour Options Oxford Blue Old English White Dual-White &Crimson Dual – White&Blue Panther Black Stratos Silver TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (mm) 1870(L)x620(W)x1115(H) Wheel Base (mm) 1370mm Dry Weight (kg) 125kg Max Load (kg) 169kg Ground Clearance (mm) 330mm Seat Height (mm) 780mm Displacement (cc) 124.6 Engine Type Single Cylinder, Forced Air, SOHC, 2V Bore/Stroke … The 125 has disc brakes at both ends and there’s enough feel at the levers to lock the rear wheel.

Whichever way you look at it though Scomadi and its creators, Paul Melici (PM Tuning) and Frank Sanderson (Lambretta Innovations) have managed to pull it off. Don't worry, we won't send spam! I like the ride but Having said that though for it’s price tag of £2571 it is actually very well put together, everything fits well and the … Posted July 8th, 2015 in Road Tests 1 Comment. Your email address will not be published.

The digital dash is clear and easy to read, it has trip, running time, an odometer, fuel gauge speed, max speed and a rev counter, thankfully the green tinged backlighting isn’t as bright as the first ones I saw and don’t distract the rider at night. This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. To give you some idea of the kind of stir Scomadi has caused amongst classic scooter riders, the first shipment of 100 50cc, £1871 Scomadis sold out very quickly, ironically many of them were quickly fitted with larger capacity two stroke engines by dealers and owners. The seat height is 773mm which might not sound like a lot but considering the wide seats and the wide body of the scooter you have to be pretty tall to flat foot this scooter. Looks do seem to overshadow the performance of the scooter though, but to anyone eyeing the Scomadi, that would not be much of a concern. Availability: In Stock £ 39.99-+ Add to basket Compare. Scomadi’s TT125 is now on sale with a fuel-injected, fan-cooled 125cc motor meeting Euro-4 specification. The progress of Scomadi scooters has been followed by Scootering magazine from the outset and as production of new Scomadi scooters of various capacities increases, and the scooters continue to develop, I’ve a feeling that the Scomadi is going to soon become the workhorse scooter of choice for many. #halloween2020 #HappyHalloween……. There is some vibration felt through the handlebars, not enough to bother me but it’s noticeable, I reckon fitting some heavier bar end weights could iron it out if it bothers you. The Scomadi Turismo Leggera 125 takes retro styling to the net level. It’s a generic lump, air-cooled and carb fed but despite that it is actually quite surprising.
Copyright © Zigwheels 2014-2020. It however features a huge 11 liters fuel tank, which trumps every other scooter in the segment! It rides well, looks very stylish and is as receptive to customising as any classic scooter. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Just subtle personalisation is all this scooter needs but even straight out of the box it looks fantastic. and more will follow. It’s a scooter for the 21st century and has a right to succeed and be accepted just as much as the Vespa GTS has and is. TT125 (Air Cooled) Technology Data TT125 - Fuel Injection E4. Detailed Motorcycle Comparison by Price, Engine Power, Design, Specs, Features and more. Earlier this month, after months of speculation on social media, it was announced that rather than a proposed 300cc model, the ‘Flagship’ Scomadi would now sport a 200cc lump, albeit a European built twin cam, fuel injected, liquid-cooled engine. There’s the introduction of the Vespa 125cc, the Vespa 150cc, Benelli Zenzero 150cc and entering the competition is the Scomadi Turismo Leggera 125cc. I don’t think the wideness looks bad, just different to what we expect from a Lambretta. Dealers have been taking deposits on the second batch for a couple of months and I expect in a week or so they’ll be as hard to get hold of as a new 50cc Scomadi, so get your name down on what is the current hottest new scooter in the country. The duo run their own respective businesses, Frank Sanderson builds special one off conversions using various bike engines under the ‘Lambretta Innovations’ name and he’s also built a fair few scooters using automatic engines, while Paul Melici runs successful scooter shop, PM Tuning. But the company is still pitting Texas and Oklahoma against each other in an effort to […]. Be the first to review “Scomadi TL/TT 125 long stem rectangular chrome mirrors” Cancel reply. The brakes perform exceptionally well. Read all about the passion and history behind the product. I’ve not had chance to put any big mileage on the Scomadi but I was quite happy to take it down the A38 where it felt able to keep up with traffic easily enough and I’d be willing to take it further afield, I’ve certainly ridden slower and less reliable scooters to rallies in the past so it should be capable. The forks upfront and the suspension in the back do their job pretty well and absorb the bumps, the 120 section rear tyre give additional confidence while in turns or maneuvering the TL125. Tubeless tyres are fitted to the matt black alloy rims, the scooters come with Duro tyres as standard. All Rights Reserved.

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It certainly grabs the attention with its drop dead gorgeous looks. Please email, call, or drop in for any enquiries or update. Equipment wise the Scomadi comes with a clear and easy to read digital dash complete with various functions including a tacho, fuel gauge, max speed, running time, trip and speedo. Sitting on the updated seat it feels better than the rock hard 50cc Scomadi, it’s still quite high at 810mm but at 5’10” I can touch the floor easily enough and it’s only 20mm higher than a GTS. I belive this design never gets outdated and it easy to customize. The panels themselves fit well, the finish in all the colour options (orange, black, red, ocean white and dual colour) is deep, shiny and looks good up close. If you want to get your hands on a Scomadi 125 this year you need to get a deposit down at your local Scomadi dealer as soon as possible. Namely longer travel front suspension, a disc brake at the rear to replace the drum, a more comfortable seat and the backlighting for the instruments have been dimmed slightly to reduce glare at night. I also own a modern Vespa GTS 300; it offers a practical modern alternative to a classic geared two stroke, retro style without the hassle. Scomadi TT125cc - Breaking News. It’s quite easy to mistake a Scomadi for a Lambretta at a glance. Even though it has a long wheelbase it manages to glide through the traffic with relative ease.The forks upfront and the suspension in the back do their job pretty well and absorb the bumps, the 120 section rear tyre give additional confidence while in turns or maneuvering the TL125. Read More. Scomadi took the feedback back to their Chinese manufacturer and asked for improvements to be made, this held up the release of the already sold out first shipment of 125’s but during the first week of July they finally arrived, albeit only one container load, the rest will follow shortly.

More details. Volkswagen wants to use an open-source approach to refine elements of a software-based car operating system being developed by the carmaker, Christian Senger, its board member responsible for digital services and software, said. It’s good to see that any worries or niggles are being addressed by the company from the word go, this bodes well for the future of the fledgling company. If you want one you need to be prepared to wait though, at the minute you’re looking at November if you put a deposit down now, or you can wait until next summer if you want to get the 200cc flagship model…, 124.6cc single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, Twin front shocks with anti dive linkage, rear single shock absorber. If you’re even vaguely interested in classic scooters you’ll probably recognise the shape of the Scomadi, it’s based on the popular Lambretta Grand Prix – or GP, a classic Bertone designed machine. Add to Wishlist. The bike is not only providing you with a delightful Read More, Now this is the bike that provided me with immense satisfaction to ride from the day I have bought this. I’ve not seen, heard, or read so much speculation, anticipation or excitement about a new scooter since the Vespa GTS 300 was launched. Hopefully Scomadi will release a lower, narrower race style seat before too long to help those shorter riders.

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In my opinion this is a very stylish scooter with a classic design. Do visit our sister publication TNM - The Nepali Man (, an insight into a complete man's world. The performance scooter market is getting pretty intense! With a Scomadi you’re getting the best of both worlds, hopefully without the hassle.

The front shocks are longer than the 50cc ones, there’s a rear disc brake to replace the drum; it also has a single shock rather than the 50cc twin set up. Despite an original delivery date for June having passed weeks ago and the replacement engine still not having been announced, customers have been waiting patiently to get their hands on this first batch of 300’s, which shows just how popular the Scomadi brand already is. Even this Competition for market segment has never been this fierce especially with the trend of scooters above 110cc is rapidly growing.

Read More, I had been very keen on the look and beauty of the vehicle that I drive. 01 May 2018. If it lives up to the hype and the company can keep up with demand, honour any warranty issues, deliver spare parts on time and of course supply the full range once production is established the company will deserve every success and owners of these first few machines might well have a sought after model in years to come. @Theme_Fusion have released a new prebuilt site showing how the Avada theme and WPML can work together to create a……, Wishing you all a boo-tiful and woo-nderful Halloween full of treats! The headlight is bright enough, as is the rear LED taillight and the flush mounted LED indicators blend in to the panel’s very well, they have a simple clip to detach when you take the panels off (the 50cc had awkward bullet connectors).

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