Where can I find curved chair backs (need 4) like the one in your letterhead. service@modernconscience.com Replacement Selig and Plycraft Lounge and Ottoman Glides (Nylon base) - Set of Four I am not affiliated in any way with any of the links on my site, so please contact the supplier directly to resolve any problems.

The plywood needs to be refinished. Please contact them if you’re interested in purchasing. Any chance you have some of the original leather from one of the chairs that you have upolstered? Is this something that you are currently producing? It’s in OK shape, I’ve always like the style. I have a link on my site to replacement parts. How much did you end up using – repeat is a non-issue. Yet another plycraft chair project. I am tackling my own vintage Eames reproduction project, and was wondering if you have any advice for selecting new foam. They can help you with that. I am fabricating the arm rest, I have the brackets. Thank you.
While cleaning out my mother’s house I rescued her classic mid-’60s Plycraft Mr Chair and ottoman. Walnut Modern Lounge Chair Selig NR we have a great modern lounge chair This is an Eames Era piece I'm not sure if this would be considered a plycraft or selig piece. Often this is possible. Good luck! This is a classic & stylish Mid Century Modern era lounge chair , even though it doesn’t have a label I believe it was manufactured by Selig MFG Co. and designed by Frank Doerner in 1975. There’s a big difference. Hi, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Watch. If a more aggressive restoration is required plan for the kit to handle about two chairs. Second, is it a genuine Eames lounge chair? Hi, Just FYI; I am making replacement Overman sofa glides. These are all industry standards for wood finish conditioning and restoration. Randy. I can bring the wood and metal bits back to life, but I need a replacement cushion set. Also, in evening out the grain, it dulls it. View Cart. Best, It is about 18 years old with the following label attached: Code: 7 Line: 305 Style: 767-13/10 Description: PLYMSTR/OT.TO TP/GRN/LEA BLACK. Good luck. Modern Conscience Wood Restoration Kit (Tung Oil Finish), Selig and Plycraft Lounge Glides. Someone is selling 3-D printed glides for Overman chairs and sofas on Etsy. Hello, Plycraft Tilter & Base Assembly SKU K402P $268.20. They r in real good original condition. Each kit includes enough product to handle an average restoration for four to six chairs. You could also use rub-on polyurethane for a more permanent finish with a soft sheen. Plycraft Complete Assembly: Swivel, Board & Base SKU K402MB $289.95. Any help would be much appreciated!Update: It's the larger of the 2 chairs, with the seam in the back, but it has a wooden base like the chair in the first pic. I don’t stock any myself. Thanks! 2 years ago.

Each kit includes enough product to handle several pieces of furniture, such as a set of eight dining chairs, a dining table, and a credenza. Mid Century Mr. Use it to keep your priceless collection in gorgeous condition. These are replacement glides for many versions of the Selig and Plycraft Lounges and Ottomans. Hi,

I don’t know if JMfromJP will ever see your question but he wrote above that he found the part. While a wax based solution gives the restorer more freedom to build a finish ranging from matte to gloss over more time with several coats. If so, would you please contact me at “rthomaseast@hotmail.com”? Tilter and Chair base. I don’t remember it looking like it had something missing but maybe there was a set screw somewhere.

Thanks How To Call A Girl Out On Her Bs, Recently I have had a problem with the swivel mechanism. Good luck! I don’t carry any parts but there are sites that might have what you want. Good luck. The sides of the foam are even with the sides of the outer shell, but on the front and back sides (or top and bottom for the back sections) the foam tapers to the edge. They can be found online. Also – the person I want to buy it from it almost positive that its pleather… I had thought that reproduction eames chairs were still real leather… is that not true? The kits contain a 1/2 pint of either raw tung oil, tung oil finish, or waxed base solution. Black Cavapoo Puppy For Sale, Anyway, it invariably gets scuffed and scratched, showing the lighter wood beneath. Linseed oil can promote mildew growth. Read/Learn  Eames Plycraft Information Read/Learn How to install TiltersMounting board-Easy adapt to your chair, Most extensive chair parts replacement catalog online, >Kitchen or Dinette Trendler chair swivel 120160 & Insert, >Measure Kitchen or Dinette chair Insert/Bushing, >Chair & Stool Swivels - Everything you need to know, >Measure chair Gas Cylinder for replacement install/remove. Sorry, I am not buying Plycraft chairs at this time. I only work with local clients. Hi Miss March Full Movie,

I used Star-Brite teak oil on my chair but if you want more gloss, use a brand that has some varnish in it, like Formby’s. Plycraft lounge chairs are a good alternative to the Eames lounge chairs for those of us who like the look but don’t have the checkbook to match. The bolts solid heads (no slot or star indent for a screwdriver) are called carriage bolts. Or the left/right sides? The most obvious difference between the genuine Eames Lounge and the Plycraft and Selig version is usually the base. Good luck–hope you figure it out! How may square feet of leather did you find you needed?

i need one too, did you ever find a plastic foot? Charles Bernard Foster, I need the correct screws, washers, chrome escussions and new feet/pads for them do you have those or know where I can find them? I am looking for 8 x replacement plastic feet/black plastic feet tube ends. They occasionally show up there and you might get one for cheap if the wood part is chipped badly enough (and they often are).

I just acquired a Shaw Walker (same as in your Nov’11 post: http://www.modernchairrestoration.com/2011/11/vintage-shaw-walker-office-chair/). Mid Century Modern Plycraft Eames Lounge Chair with Matching Ottoman. I think some were even done in vinyl and often you find them redone in strange fabrics. Someone there may be able to help. Store Home Botw Best Horse, There’s a link on the right side of my home page here if you scroll down a bit–Plycraft replacement parts. I haven’t owned an Eames chair myself but I’ve read enough about their construction to know that they’re much better quality than the Plycrafts. Bilal. Mid Century Modern Selig plycraft chair. They are in horrible condition and need reupholstering & new foam. Does your chair squeak, rock or wobble? No, sorry, I have never had one that was worth touching up, but I know there are places that do that kind of thing. Grumpy Song Lyrics, service@modernconscience.com. Required fields are marked *. Appreciate it. Would you know where I could find a foot that attaches to the Selig or Plycraft chrome base? Love your site! Big Mac Rap Song, Upsw Auto Parts Coupon Code, Plycraft Selig Base End Insert $ 7.00 each. Hopefully one will work with your chair. Good luck! Thank you!

Hello – I came across your blog like many others. It also needs to be reupholstered. How To Adjust Disc Plow,    

Selig is also known for sourcing most of its designs and some manufacturing. EAMES PLYCRAFT PARTS. Read up on the different grades of leather here: https://bestleather.org/types-of-leather/. This paste wax is a versatile finish. Laura, I’m sorry but I don’t have any original leather or vinyl from any of the chairs that I’ve redone. It provides a rich, satiny luster. Homeward Bound 3 Imdb, Some people even find them more comfortable than the Eames chairs. Plycraft Lounge Chair Replacement Parts.Selig Plycraft Lounge Chair And Ottoman Modern Chair . While a wax based solution gives the restorer more freedom to build a finish ranging from matte to gloss over more time with several coats. Blake Kinsman Job, The only source I know of for replacement parts is linked over on the right side of my blog. If you want to get closer to a teak color without all the fuss, you could try the cherry and/or mahogany plugs from WidgetCo.com.

Good luck, hope you can find what you need! These have a chrome hood and a white nylon foot; screws are also included. Mine is an ebay score (here) – I think I can reuse the padding luckily, but obviously the surfaces are pretty shot. Terms of Use. If you have the original upholstery, all that needs to be done is to reupholster the chair. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The metal 5 leg base will actually lift from the Doerner base but does not come completely off. The old screws/washers were really rusted, so I want to get new ones. Sorry, I have no idea where you could find something like that other than having a new one machined. A local upholsterer can make the buttons for you and might have vinyl or leather to match.

Maybe you can find someone skilled enough to do nice veneer patches for not a lot of money. I have a Plycraft with an ottoman that needs a base. Try lacquer thinner first on the finish, then just a regular stripper product, either citrus type or methylene chloride. Do a search for leather refinishing. 28" Eames/Plycraft Replacement Polished Base w/Chrome column & glides SKU 7109M $191.00. iBSL stands for the Institute of British Sign Language, a Charity registered in England. Get them at the Danish HomeStore in the UK or from Design Restoration Spares in Germany. Tommy Vext Twin Brother Picture, It may also be worth putting a request in to Restorations Spares (link on the right of my blog page).

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