See How to recover deleted PVR recordings on BlueCurve TV to learn more.
Learn how to use the PVR List feature to access your recorded programs in one convenient location. Example: Learn what the recording icons in the guide and recording icons in the PVR mean to help you easily manage your PVR recordings. Efficiently restore lost, deleted, erased, missing, disappeared recordings, TV shows and other video files from PVR. Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. Select Delete and press OK.

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Shaw PVR - How to Multi Delete recordings? All rights reserved. Recurring recordings set to “Keep Until: I delete it” will automatically be protected. The background is after a rate increase of over 100%, I cancelled my Internet with Bell. You will be asked to confirm your selection. You can use the Upcoming Air Dates screen to try to find a different airing to record or PVR Upcoming to cancel one of the conflicting events. Thread Starter. Click here for a list of areas. This feature is available only in areas where Cloud PVR is enabled. [UPDATED] How To Recover Deleted H264 Video Files? When you set a recording from a Series Program information screen, press the info button while viewing the program, choose the set or cancel You will lose your Menu details for a short while but they will refresh. Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on 'Recover' option to save them at the location you want. I contacted Shaw support and after getting really annoyed with the phone rep they sent a service rep. out with a replacement box.

All rights reserved. Troubleshooting guide to missing recorded programs, Indicates a recording which has been at least 80% watched, Indicates that a recorded PPV program has expired after it's 48 hour availability, Indicates a conflicted auto-tune, which will NOT activate. Date and Time: All recordings are sorted chronologically by the date it was recorded on. PVR Cleanup - Allows you the ability to delete multiple recordings at once PVR History - This option shows you a view of the last 28 days worth of recordings that were not recorded due to being cancelled, deleted, or when there was a conflict with another active recording.This list can be quite helpful for understanding why a scheduled recording did not take place. Preview recoverable files within preview screen of the software before final recovery. This morning, we found the PVR controls stuck and unresponsive. Summary: Lost or accidental deleted recording files or TV shows from bell PVR or from any other PVR?

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