If you have the right door to support the hardware for this lock, then it’s an excellent option. These locks offer the same strength as their key-operated cousins, only with a combination instead of a key. Installation will require heavy duty fasteners. A shed lock bar is a great way to provide maximum security for your contents. How the lock is made goes a long way toward determining how strong it is.

If you do not want a lock bar there are many other options such as Door locks, Deadbolts and a simple pad lock. Unless you happen to have a shed door that is similar to the front door of a home, don’t attempt to fit it with a deadbolt as it won’t function properly. The external side of the lock is unlocked using a key. Then it likely houses expensive computers and electronics not to mention sensitive financial documents. If aesthetics are essential to the look of your shed, then the stylish Berlin Modisch lever-style door handle might be an option for you.

You can Find it on Amazon here.

I found one on Amazon with good reviews. The attraction of this lock is two-fold. Master Lock, one of the biggest names in locks, offers one of the most affordable options for securing your shed with its 40TRI Shrouded Stainless Steel Disk Padlock. Make sure you have the right tools for the installation. Whatever your shed’s use, thieves know that valuable things are stored in them. Doorricade Door Bar - Best Protection Against Home Invasion - Solid Aluminum Bar. Also, keep in mind that a bar across the door will detract from the aesthetics of your shed. You certainly don’t want to be locked out of your shed. Read more to find out how to use this lock for the best security. You will typically need a drill, screwdriver, tape measure and a level. With that in mind, hasps such as this one work best with wood shed that offers solid wood framing for secure mounting. While this lock bar may be near impervious to cutting attacks, you don’t want a thief to be able to rip the bar from the shed.

It should be noted, however, that door bars are typically secured in place by a padlock. Once installed, maintenance is a breeze. Stanley Padlock. A shed lock bar is a way to secure your shed. Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt, 9. A cheaply made product that is easy to defeat is a waste of money, whereas an expensive lock that will keep your stuff secure is worth every penny. But the sad fact is, sheds typically present an easy target for thieves as most are inadequately secured despite the fact that many people store expensive equipment and personal items in their sheds. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. You might consider an electronic lock. This style of locks offers the convenience of a lock and knob combined into one piece. It is a bar that is made of heavy metal that cannot be broken. Why does this matter? This electric knob incorporates a 12-digit keypad through which you can program a master code and up to eight user codes that unlock this doorknob. One can only get into the shed by having a way of unlocking both locks on the shed lock bar. One of the nice attributes of this lock is that it’s shrouded. Just remember, shed padlock is only as good as the hasp that it’s locking. Storage shed lock bar adds an extra level of protection that goes beyond that of a simple padlock. A combination padlock might be the answer for you, assuming of course that you don’t have a problem memorizing combinations.

Purchase the shed lock bar that will stretch across the width of the door. Should you use a shed lock bar for shed security? You can find many different custom shed plans here. Do you find yourself in situations in which you’re cursing loudly while frantically searching for a set of keys? Worried about being locked out if you forget to change the batteries? Cheaper grades of steel are easier to cut through and won’t provide as much protection as hardened steel, which is considerably stronger. The part of the shackle that’s exposed on the 40DPF is just 3/4” long. Doorricade Door Bar - Best Protection Against Home Invasion - Solid Aluminum Bar. Door bars with dead bolts (PR1900) and special door bars for cellar doors and doors that open outwards (PR1400) complete the product range. Install the side brackets at the right dimensions so the lock bar will fit perfectly. Using your shed as a man cave or home office? They also include added features like autolocking, so you don’t leave your shed unlocked.

What if it shorts out being after being exposed to the weather?

For that reason, this lock would need to be installed inside of your shed to hide those screws, which takes away much of the aesthetic appeal of this style of rim lock as the lock mechanism will be hidden inside of your shed. Remember, an improperly installed lock is worse than no lock at all as it gives you the false impression that you’re securing your shed when you’re not. They are also relatively easy to install.

Both pieces are attached to the face of the shed or shed door with the screws covered when the latch is locked. Deadbolts like the Kwikset 980 single cylinder deadbolt can be very effective storage shed locks. Rim locks are attached to the inside of the door using wood screws and offer a very low profile look from the outside. This lock works best with a wooden shed as you’ll need a wooden frame on which to mount the lock and the staple securely. The problem with door handle locks is that they offer significantly less security than a deadbolt.

And if maintaining the aesthetics of your shed is important, the GateMate is a great option as only a small lock cylinder is visible from the outside.

They now come equipped with sturdy cores and hardened steel shackles that are very difficult to defeat. A shed lock bar is a way to secure your shed. Sinova Enterprises LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

They will typically cost between $40 – $200 depending on what the lock bar construction. What does that mean? With a brushed nickel finish, this handle is certainly one of the prettier lock options out there. Whereas a hasp lock might take very little time to install, installing a dead bolt can be more complicated. Therefore, it is only for a shed that would double as mini home to secure the person that is on the INSIDE. Because they need to be installed to more substantial structures, door bars are only appropriate for use with wood sheds with framing that can provide a suitable place to mounting them. Just mark the pilot holes for the mounting screws, drill and install. The lock installs to the inside of your shed door and is lockable from both sides. The GateMate also features six pins over the more common five. There are many options when it comes to securing your contents in you shed. You will have your tools out and you will be in the shed building mode. You may end up having to pry an electronic lock off your door. Ease of installation can vary significantly from product to product. Thicker metal bars, of course, provide better protection than smaller hasps. It’s made from stainless steel with hardened steel shackle for maximum protection from thieves. Maybe the shed is a studio or backyard oasis for your wife. It’s one of the most popular brands of deadbolt locks on the market.

This is just enough space to attach your lock to a shed door latch but not so much that a would-be thief could slide a crowbar into it and pull it apart. As with the deadbolt locks you find at home, one side of the lock uses a latch, although it’s doubtful you’ll be using that latch much.

The 40DPF also features a four-pin cylinder, making it more resistant to lock picks. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Plastic doors or thinner word doors, on the other hand, will work better with a padlock or hasp-style lock that can be attached to thinner materials.

Rim locks are sometimes found incorporated into the doors knobs of the front or back doors of homes. Remember, your padlock is only as secure as the weakest part of the system. This extremely strong security bar is made from 10mm thick solid steel, which has been hot-dip galvanised to stay weatherproof for up to 25 years. Place the locks on the lock bar and now you are secure. It is attached to the outside of your shed door. Rim locks provide moderate security but can be forced. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. With stainless steel construction, the 40DPF is also weather-resistant, making this an excellent option for your shed.

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