As the day came closer, we made sure our veterinarian would be available the day after we arrived at our farm. The Customs office was empty but somehow it took half an hour to say, "you're all set". All breeding stock is eye tested and hip scored. The garage was full and if we were willing to take it all she would be very happy that the wool was finally going to be used for something and also she would be able to put her car in the garage. The 21-MAY-87 trip back was relatively uneventful. They had to check to see if importing sheep in full fleece meant you were importing sheep and wool because the rules were different. The customs people had a little trouble finding the place in their rules that said we could bring grease wool into the country without a tariff but finally worked it out. With her interest peaked, Linda spent the next two months researching sheep. With permission granted, the process began. The Colonel built breeding pens out of concrete block, how were we going to handle such fierce animals? There were several folks early on, who did the same thing; they are represented by empty spaces in the lower flock numbers in the NASSA Flock Book. We went through the Colonel's wool and were very disappointed; it was almost all quite matted, over half was full of moths and fly maggots so it had to be thrown away. We raise a small colony of New Zealand rabbits. It was heartbreaking to throw out most of our first Shetland clip! Farm tours are available starting in June 2019. He was busy doing what he loved to do and just died on the spot. Another Shetland ram, Adolph, who got his name because he had a bit of an attitude problem, was chasing Andrew all around the pen, weaving in and out around the other rams who were busy eating. Tut gulped, wondering what this would do to the 1986 breeding program back on our farm. At this time, wool from Shetland sheep was already widely known as a quality wool that was already softer than much of the other wool that was available. He was able to buy a farm adjacent to the African Lion Safari. We had more money tied up in these sheep than we could afford to lose. Enquiries welcome. The Shetland Flock Book Society started in 1927, and around the same time the government was approached for assistance. Soon we realized that these rams weren't killers, but very social animals that wanted to be together with other rams and enjoyed lots of human contact. A few years following the marriage, the Scottish decided to just go ahead and annex the islands. Our family raises the majority of the meat we consume, we make our own bread, and enjoy seasonal produce from our farm. Frequently the Romneys needed help delivering but the Shetlands did it all on their own. But this is a major lifestyle choice so please make sure you have the time, money and commitment to put into Sheltie breeding before you dive in. The fleeces were badly matted and they had what we later found out to be shedding breaks. Then they spelled each other driving all the way back home. In 1707 the Shetland Islands officially became a part of the Kingdom of Great Britain when the Acts of Union united England and Scotland as one country. Two Romney rams, one white, one black and the best of friends, ran over to the entrance to the shed with one of them standing on each side of the doorway, facing each other. Duane and Tut got up and rolling so we were at the Colonel's farm by 5:00 AM. Soon, ear tags started coming out, getting caught on all kinds of things. My best of luck to you if you do! It is a rare county fair, state fair, or fiber animal show that does not include these adorable little sheep among its ranks of livestock. By 1963, when we married, agriculture on the western half of Long Island was history. It is one of the most popular sheep breeds in quite a few countries around the world including America. We can discuss a wide variety of farm topics such as wool processing, egg production, animal husbandry, gardening, and the fiber arts. He would provide shelter, feed, vet care (all the sheep had to be checked monthly for Agricultural Canada by the Colonel’s veterinarian, Cambridge Veterinary Services, while in quarantine) and other ordinary care in exchange for half of the lambs born to our ewes. We went through another chain of phone calls again to determine that, no, we did not need an Importation Permit. He was a workaholic, totally dedicated to his mission, and he had several missions. Shetland sheep are a small breed originating from the Shetland Islands. We raise turkeys for 4-H and we will have a small amount of turkey meat for sale in the late summer at our Farm Store. Ask what diseases they're looking for when they test (see Common Health Problems in Shelties). Further, we would buy at least four more per year during the quarantine period at the same price. Similarly, ask what specific features they look for in appearance. Many had done this several times and their ears were shredded with very little space left for ear tags. Shetland Sheep Wool, 4 Ounces, Hand Washed -Poppy BirchHollowFarm. His veterinarian would be there to give them all a Penicillin shot to reduce the chances of shipping fever. Unfortunately for Great Britain, Spain simply didn’t want to give them any Merino sheep. This private party costs $250. The plan was to meet Duane at an intersection in Warren, Vermont, drive to Canada stopping at the border to verify that the broker was all set, find the Colonel and be sure that all the paperwork with Agricultural Canada was in order and get a good night's sleep. Check out Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift yarn, a wonderful fingering weight yarn available in our Bellingham store or online. Sir John Sinclair of Scotland, a friend of Banks, had identified Shetland sheep as a promising breed. Further, Shetland sheep were frequently being crossed with other breeds to increase … Dr. Farouk Hashme remembered us from last trip so things went quite smoothly at the Federal Veterinarian stop. This was a rather disconcerting surprise but we were too far along in this project to do much about it. Someone suggested that we needed an Importation Permit to bring the sheep into the US. As the spring of 1986 went on, there seemed to be a red tape explosion. We have been involved with Shetlies for over 40 years , and have breed numerous Champions, who hold their own at Group and In Show level .In the last 10 years we have imported from Australia and the UK to compliment our gene pool.These bloodlines will further our aim to breed that typical sweet expression in our shelties along with correct movement and temperment in the same package. His name was Gordon “Don” D. Dailley but everyone called him “the Colonel”. What about the border crossing gauntlet? Working to improve sheep breeds, maintain their purity, collect pedigree information, and encourage the use of performance records. For the selection, the Colonel relied on his own keen eye for quality animals and the expert advice of Michael Rosenberg and Jim Johnson. The long fleeced Shetlands with soft and long staple wool between 4-8 inches in length are the most common these days, and much of the available yarn on the market is spun from their fleeces. Altogether, these different lines of sheep produced a breed of hardy little sheep with soft wool, perfectly suited for the challenging environment of the Shetland Islands. Well, in short order we ran out of gates so we reinforced with 2x6 lumber. Dogs Victoria Want to experience the beauty and coziness of Shetland wool? Please click on the link below for rental information.

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