The runner’s time for the event is recorded digitally when the technology detects the player crossing the finish line.

Cornerback. Research confirmed what I already knew and that there is no way to really tell. Shilo.

Is there anything more discussed than the 40 yard dash? 2. If anyone could run a sub 4.1 forty, it was Darrell Green. One other problem is that some players run the 40 yard dash with cleats on grass while other places have their players run on a synthetic track with spikes on. Here are some important things to know about the 40 yard dash: - A hand time (use of a stop watch) will usually be faster than an electronic time. In an effort to centralize all the reported 40 yard dash times. Shedeur Sanders led the way and Shilo had a huge pick. Sanders ran a 4.21 forty yard dash at the 1989 NFL combine and kept right on going through the finish line into the first round of that year’s NFL …

Where does your team stand after a roller-coaster Week 8?

When an electronic beam picks up the movement of a player from the start and starts the clock. No doubt, Hayes was one of the fastest men, if not the fastest man to put on an NFL uniform. ... Go to Shilo's Video page Images of Shilo.

Savvy scouts will insist that players run up one way and then down the other. Some times you can’t be sure that the distance run was indeed 40 yards.

That’s just flat out ridiculous. You can view the list at:, Brady and the Bucs crack the top five in our latest power rankings. Demps ran this as a high schooler and owns the national prep record for the event. When and why did 40 yards become so significant? - There are two types of electronic times: 1. For starters, let’s find out why the 40 yard dash? The 10-yard split was important for wide receivers as a measure of their burst off of the line of scrimmage. The 40 was used for all players.

With this, a drill was born and almost 50 years later, it has become the center piece of info on a prospective high school, college or professional football player.

Should current Florida Gator Jeffery Demps make it to the NFL for any significant amount of time, he will own the fastest time at 10.01. Repetition does not make it a fact but if enough sources have reported this time to make me believe it. Like Green and Jackson, anyone who watched Sanders play would have little trouble believing that Sanders pulled off this feat. There’s always the chance that the distance was not properly marked.

Every Spring, this drill takes center stage and undoubtedly the question is asked 1,o00’s of times. Coaches see great value in having their players run on a slight decline to record eye popping times. These things plus my own two eyes would lead me to believe that Darrell Green, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were the fastest football players to ever play the game.

There are plenty of practice fields across the country that have a slope. Sanders.

Remembering that .25 seconds must be subtracted from that time due to Accu-track timing and you come up with a 40 yard dash time of 3.93 seconds. Prior to this time period, NFL coaches chose the 50 yard dash as the mark of measure to determine a player speed worthiness.

Sanders recorded a 10.21 100-meter mark while at Florida St. Of course there are scores of reported 40 yard dash times that have made the rounds on the Internet. Jackson has an official 10.39 time in the 100 meter dash in college.

An average of the two times is taken to get the most accurate time. Many sources report a 4.12 forty yard dash time for Bo Jackson and if you watched him turn the corner and run down the sidelines in 1987 versus the Seattle Seahawks, you would not doubt any time reported by this freak of nature.

I have first hand knowledge of a player starting in front of the starting point to run a forty, fully taking advantage of the fact that there was only one scout on hand and that he could not tell if the player was indeed starting at the correct mark. Edit. 6'1'' | 184 lbs.

The Dolphins did not sign Neal since his football background was quite limited. I will say one thing, can you web surfers stop reporting that Deion Sanders ran a 4.57 forty yard dash backwards. I will start what we call the SUB 4.3 Club. During his World Record 60 meter run of 6.33, a mark that still exists, Green crossed the 40 yard mark at 4.18.

Shedeur and Shilo BALL OUT ►►'s Brotherhood Is Off To COLLEGE ►►'all Want Merch!? Cornerback. …

So who had the fastest 40 yard dash ever? One player that is not on the list is Bob Hayes of the Dallas Cowboys. ►► Sanders and his two star sons got their first win of the season 23-19 over Bishop Lynch. View Ad Free. Studies have shown that that average reaction time by a human to a starter’s pistol is .25 seconds.

I will attempt to keep a running record of the sub 4.3 forty yard dashes and their owners in this list. What’s the fastest 40 yard dash? To his credit, Green does have a verifiable and official time of 10.08 in the 100 meters while he was a college student at Texas A&I University. Sanders ran a 4.21 forty yard dash at the 1989 NFL combine and kept right on going through the finish line into the first round of that year’s NFL draft. It started in the 1960’s with the NFL team that had the most developed and comprehensive scouting department and that was the Dallas Cowboys. After much research a few things have come up over and over and over. In 1960, Gil Brandt, the director scouting for the Cowboys along with his department came up with the 40/20/10 measurement. Track star Henry Neal recorded a 4.20 forty yard dash before my own eyes in a workout for the Miami Dolphins in 1996.

Green has said in interviews that the fastest time he has ever been aware of running is 4.15. The fastest recorded 40 yard split on record belongs to Olympian Maurice Greene. This time will be slower than version No. It was run on an indoor track with spikes on giving the runner an advantage over the football players who have run on grass with cleats. Shiloh Sanders Track & Field Bio Hidden in search results Claim this Athlete ... 45 Yard Dash. When a watch is started by a coach and an electronic beam records the time when it picks up the player crossing the end point.

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