The weapon features a side-folding skeletonized buttstock which locks into a stud on the handguard; some versions feature a folding bipod made of an aluminum alloy which folds into grooves in the lower handguard.

SIG 556 Classic: Features slimmer profile handguards and hooded front sight. The SIG SG 550 (SturmGewehr) is a Swiss assault rifle designed by Jürgen Baumann and Ennio Mattarelli around 1978 and produced by Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft since 1986; production of the rifle is currently handled by SIG Sauer AG (formerly SAN Swiss Arms AG) with the privatization of SIG's firearms division in 2000.

The upper receiver has the capability to mount optics or other attachments. Weapon type SIG SG 550,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 552 Commando, 553: 28.7 inches (73 centimetres), 552 Commando: 19.8 inches (50 centimetres), 552 Commando, 553: 8.9 inches (23 centimetres), 552 Commando, 553: 7.1 pounds (3.2 kilograms), 550 – 553: 5-, 20- or 30-round detachable box magazine. Noted as being fully ambidextrous and caliber-convertible.

Included with the sight is a lens hood for mounting on the ocular that reduces image quality-impairing stray light and a gray filter for glare reduction. In 1981, the experimental 6.45mm GP 80 cartridge was rejected in favor of the more conventional 5.6×45mm GP 90 round (with a 4.1 g, tombac-jacketed, lead core projectile) that is the Swiss equivalent to NATO's standard 5.56×45mm cartridge. Production began in 1986 and four years later the rifle was officially accepted into service in 1990, hence the military designation Stgw 90. The rifles can be fitted with Stgw 90 bayonets produced by Victorinox and by Wenger in the past before the former acquired Wenger. The SG 550 features a bolt hold-open device which locks the bolt open when the gun is empty; the shooter can simply lift the bolt catch lever on the left of the rifle or tug on the charging handle.[5]. Numerous variants exist: Highly enhanced and modernized version of the SIG 556. The modifications are available as a conversion kit that includes a new bolt carrier, charging handle, recoil spring and gas tube.

The sights consist of a rear, rotating diopter drum soldered to the receiver and a hooded front post installed in the gas block.

Features a lighter two-stage trigger, a heavier hammer-forged barrel, a new folding stock with adjustable cheek piece, a new adjustable pistol grip and a new adjustable bipod. A long barrel version of the SG 552 known as the SG 552 LB incorporates a 346 mm (13.6 in) barrel with provision to fire rifle grenades and support a bayonet. As the piston is driven back, the gas port and the L-shaped channel move out of alignment, cutting off the supply of gas to the cylinder. Gas-operated, rotating bolt World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. [11] The first generation of SIG556R rifles had a number of performance issues that were later resolved in later production runs of the SIG556R.

The SG 552 series rifles have a 360 mm (14.2 in) long sight radius. Only key components - those required to absorb the punishment of the firing action - were left metal while the shoulder stock, handguard and magazine were all of plastic.

SIG PE 57: (Privat Einzelfeuer) semi-automatic only civilian version available in 7.5×55mm GP 11 Swiss. [14] The rifle had been popular with hunters and gun enthusiasts, who until February 2014, only required a possession and acquisition licence to obtain the rifle.

It uses a simple blowback semi-automatic operating system and its barrel has a 406 mm (1:16 in) twist rate. Introduced in 1988.

Each magazine was also designed with slots to allow several magazines to be clipped together (all standing vertically) for an increased ammunition supply - the operator simply ejecting the spent magazine and sliding the next available magazine into the well.

However, late in 2013, a gun dealer had imported some PE 90 rifles from Switzerland and brought them to Canada for sale. Length Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 550-1

The SG 553 series rifles have a 339 mm (13.3 in) long sight radius. This features a 21 in (533.4 mm) long barrel without flash suppressor, upgraded, a match type trigger, Magpul PRS stock and older style plastic handguards. With a proper lug adaptor, the rifle will also accept a NATO-pattern KCB-77 (made originally by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen, West Germany) or the American M9.

The trigger is enclosed in a pivoting trigger guard which can be folded down to the left or right side allowing for unhindered operation with winter gloves.

Based on the previous SG 540, the SG 550 is the current service rifle of Switzerland. 552 | Content © The new folding stock has an adjustable cheek piece and a spacer system on the butt, the ergonomic pistol grip's angle of inclination can be regulated, the forend was shortened, and the bipod features a height and cant adjustment mechanism.

The sights are adjustable via micrometer screws with windage and elevation increments of 0.15 mil (≈0.52 moa), or 15 mm (0.6 in) at 100 m. For night use, the dedicated "1" notch setting in the rear sight drum is provided with two self-luminous tritium-powered inserts fitted laterally on each side of the notch and additionally in a flip-up post attached to the foresight. In the U.S, a variety of semi-automatic SwissArms firearms are available for sale. Another aim was to reduce the overall weight of the rifle while retaining comparable or improved accuracy out to 300 m. The solicitation was narrowed down to two designs: the W+F C42 (developed by the state-owned Waffenfabrik Bern, using both 6.45×48mm and 5.6×45mm cartridges) and the SG 541 (developed by SIG).

SG 551-1P: Police carbine version.

90 (Swiss Army)F ass 90 (France)PE 90

[10] Several folding stock models have been released as well as variants with railed forend combinations.

SIG 550SG 541 (original name)Stgw. 1986

The magazines - in 5-, 20- or 30-round counts - were constructed of transparent plastic to allow the operator to receive a quick visual read-out of his existing ammunition supply. All rifles are test fired for accuracy and function prior to leaving the factory at the manufacturer's underground 300 m test range.

550 Like the SG 550/551, this model can accept rails and accessories enabling the use of optics. c.1978

The SG 550/551/552/553 are also available in semi-automatic only configurations, intended for the civilian shooting market. The barrels are cold hammer forged steel which is gas nitrided, hardened and tempered; they are fitted with birdcage flash hiders. Upgrade part kits are available to convert a SG 552 in to a SG 553. Number built

600,000 rifles were delivered as of 2012.

[citation needed] The sight weighs 730 g (26 oz) and includes a variety of features, such as STANAG 2324/MIL-STD-1913 compliant mounting components, a Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) elevation adjustment knob for ranges from 100 to 600 m, a tritium-illuminated reticle that enables target acquisition in low-light conditions and a diopter eyesight correction adjustment.

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