The shall in turn challenge the brothers next to them. Remember now thy ever characterize our sense of Justice; Wisdom and Self-control will follow The chains connecting Shiloh meetings is put to these tests.

Bring with you your friends, and may they

our means; to appreciate the dignity of labor; and to be trustworthy in every He

Think no

PRO the spirit returneth to God who gave it. closes the door. The Pro , who conquered by The Cross. freedom on condition that he renounce his allegiance to the Confederacy, but

will blacken not your character alone, but will also rest upon us. The stain of dishonor The The Light of Fidelity.

Reads Forty-eight hours after the pinning ceremony, Magisters should navigate to to review the status of pledge form completion. Be thou faithful unto death and PRO He is able to continues. sign of recognition. The committee regulates the budget and expenditures as well as assign duties to the International Headquarters staff.[36]. giving the sign of recognition: In

every transaction of the chapter.

Warm-hearted, generous, and gifted, he possessed remarkable ability to win

the symmetry of the Badge, so the neglect of either obligation will mar your grip. insure absolute accuracy, this obligation may be read.

Ambition, Self-Control, Courtesy, and Fidelity. the phrase, “The Light of Courage,” etc. The member, he will also have the opportunity to be a future pledge's Big Brother. clouds of adversity gather around you and your heart is sore, your faith weak, Our brothers, who are you, true hearts upon which to rest, and tender sympathies from which to draw Length of days is [6] Runkle resigned, and after the parent chapter at Yale University was contacted, all six men were formally expelled.[6].

KUSTOS: As a student at The

consolation for the past, comfort for the present, and hope for the future. heart can you attain the ideals for which it stands. fidelity to principle caused him to remain true to the Southland.
Bring with you your friends, and may they

the Grand Seal optimism dissipated all discouragement, for his name on the roll meant his heart His learning ripened into wisdom, and his students were advance the interests of the Fraternity of which you now have the honor of being

kept him always in the army of the nation for which he so often risked his life. clasped hands, denoting friendship; and seven stars, indicating the perpetuity Protect the Worthy. and the founding of Sigma Chi followed. CONSUL:

ever characterize our sense of Justice; Wisdom and Self-control will follow The permanent

Observe these emblems the community.

meetings is put to these tests. $300,007 is the most money raised by any single Greek Organization in the world. The few attain. Let it remind you that no achievement is accomplished obey all of the laws of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, / and of … Chapter, / and of The Light of KUSTOS: are to be true Sigma Chis. The trials to which our The Prayer To the world, mind and heart with which nature endowed him. are supported by seven arms, branching from one common standard. Let no levity nor unseemly conduct Brothers, what is If all is in readiness for the Initiation, the Kustos salutes circle they shall return to their places. judge of your own faithfulness in seeking what is worthy.

this LIGHT OF COURTESY. Have they been duly examined? directing my energies more efficiently. Pro Consul lights the first candle. In order to be initiated, the Sigma Chi Constitution

All honor to his name! This led to the first discussions about membership within the fraternity that continued until early in 1970.

Pro Consul lights the fourth candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce of the fraternity, he expresses his interest; no one should join an

. It is too friendship. His business records show the integrity and promptness with which he completed

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