Procure making many saves, in case of any mistakes.You should have noticed that there is no difficulty related trophies in Skyrim.

*Optional quest: if you completed the civil war questline before ending Alduin's Bane, than Skyrim is reunited/liberated and this treaty has no reason to exist, so the quest will simply be skipped. Kill him again afterwards and Molag Bal will replenish the rusty mace with its full power, and so you earn the Mace of Molag Bal, which inflicts additional magicka and stamina damage as well as soul trap upon enemies. TGLarceny

The easiest ones to find. Anyhow, that is enough for the trophy to pop. Free gold and lockpicks lying around the headquarters. This way when you make your bribe, the trophy pops and you can reload your game to before you spent the money. Sam will reveal to be the Deadric Prince of debauchery and will give you Sanguine's Rose for your trouble, which enables you to summon a Dremora. Nazir will confide these easy kills to you. When captured, bargain with the dragon for a trip to Skuldafn in exchange for its freedom. Talk with her again there and the trophy is yours.MISSABLE NOTE: You can actually kill Astrid instead of any of the prisoners. Grab some roll of paper and charcoal from the adjacent office to make a copy of the stone. This trophy is awarded for ending the Civil War questline.After having started the civil war quests, you will have to complete some missions for your faction. Farkas will vouch for your loyalty when returning.A small ceremony will be held to formally welcome you into the Companions. How unexpected from the Deadric Prince of trickery. A Shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense. For Haelga, you can either brawl her or steal her statue of Dibella as leverage for persuasion. Located on the second floor of the Goldenglow Estate, on a bedside table in Aringoth 's bedroom. You will not find them piled up carelessly on tables or bookshelves among 'The Memories of John Smith', 'Uninteresting Tales from Nowhere Land' and 'Whoever Read This Shouldn't Have', so don't bother examine pile of numerous works thoroughly. She will ask you to prove your magical ability by casting a spell. The first seven trophies are unique versions of the items that are the targets of Vex's sweep jobs and burglary jobs, while the eighth is a safe filled with replenishing randomized loot. Just know you can hand in Orthorn (if he's with you) for the books and that if you choose to fight, you're in for a brawl with a strong conjurer that can use restoration and teleport around.

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