That go the mo light, mo won't you come and meet the Devil And who the fuck care smoking on this kush till it taste like air Look, I smoke, I drank, I tote that iron All these diamonds got me sick, I'm actin' spoiled Since the country music genre started in the 1920s, songs about drinking for fun and good times (or trying to forget a love "Cold One" -- by Eric Church -- Proof

Drunk drunk man I feel so drunk I Smoke, I Drink (feat. We getting paid from the block to the club that's what's up nigga Y:

"Statistician's Blues" -- by Todd Snider -- Proof -- Proof "Save Water, Drink Beer" -- by Chris Young -- Proof

He said that he tried a new squash drink on tour: "It's like Sunny D or something like that.If you put vodka in that, you don't really taste the vodka. (Uh-huh) "Set 'Em Up Joe" -- by Vern Gosdin -- Proof Money and weed, you know my mind see on the Don Don P, With Mr. Magic and Traffic blowin' some bomb weed ", "If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)", "Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer", "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)", "Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You", the consequences of any actions you might take on the basis of the information provided herein, The views and opinions presented here are solely those of the poor shmoe that came up with the hare-brained idea for this page. I drink water to quench my thirst "Killin'ime" -- by Clint Black -- Proof

"Misery and Gin" -- by Merle Haggard -- Proof Oh my, I came from stealing bikes to flying on a G5

Drunk, high in the club bout to get it hot

I'ma dog, I love hoes Numbers: Everybody know me probably saw me half [unverified] I smoke, I drank starts and ends within the same node. I prick with pin to watch it burst F: Out here with the moves like I invented smooth (That iron) "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" --

She lost in the sauce 'cause Gucci got the glow (huh), [Chorus: Bruno Mars & Gucci Mane] "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw" --

Louisiana nigga, down here we getting bucked Why do you roll smoke? Grab that blunt and blaze it up

I drink I smoke It reflects the degree to which alcohol is lauded in the song, and uses a scale of 1 (for hardly at all) to 5 (for completely lionized). I do it big nigga, So many ways to get paid better, keep, fake, ID Look In alphabetical order by title:

Or like my nigga Pete, but Uncle Pete (Can't find your song? The ladies love the luxury, that's why they all fuck with me Smoke 'til I'm high ('til I'm high)

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