after assuring him we were looking for a piece of studio equipment (after having spoken to him on the phone) we listened to a piece of overpriced, esoteric equipment. This time, it did not bounce back. I called up and described the type of sound I liked to Andy, and made an appointment to come in. Sound By Singer 242 W 27th St New York NY 10001. Which as in this particular case they never actually boughtor sincerely soight to buy something from. His prices are fair, he is highly reputable, and he has been very easy to deal with. Yelp has removed nearly all of themBecause yelp only wants to hear from people who are regular yelp users. "We are in a great cash position and will be prepared to be much stronger because of the move that we are going to make.

I've bought a great deal of high end audio over the years. tel: 212.924.8600 fax: 212.741.8837 Your reputation proceeds you along with your long time competitor Lyric hi fi who also share some similarities.

Ask fellow travelers and attraction managers your top questions. “Andy Singer is by far the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to high end audio.” in 6 reviews, “i would recommend Andrew to anyone who knows what they want and has done the research necessary in advance which to me is really.” in 3 reviews, “I had an issue with a DAC under warranty and he followed up with the service company and manufacturer so I could get my product back quickly.” in 3 reviews.

For someone as picky as I am, this is no small feat. It has been our pleasure to present and demonstrate the finest audio/video equipment to you for the last 31 years in our showroom(s).

I am extremely happy with my purchase. Then it is assessed individually on its own merits for sound quality, construction and reliability. He's a boor, unfriendly and acts like he's doing you a favor. under warranty and he followed up with the service company and manufacturer so I could get my product back quickly. the following Friday. We will close our doors at our current location to the public on Sound by Singer — High End Audio - Video Done Right! I replied asking if I could make an appt. Within three weeks updated lists of our remaining SALE audio/video components will be posted on the Sound by Singer website. First I would like to say the owner andy singer was arrogant, condescending and bit unprofessional. We didn't like it but had more questions for him about his other pieces of equipment. How unfortunate that without ever having experienced actually shopping at Sound By Singer you have made the decision that it is not for you.

No surprise here! Never before has an audio dealer been able to instill this sort of confidence in me. Playing and listening to music made my heart beat faster and captured my imagination like nothing else. Whenever Singer's name comes up, his obnoxious attitude is mentioned. Their sales staff is helpful, not pushy. As a result we left our CDs in the car.

Learn more. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! My email bounced back to me, so I called and spoke to the owner. Then shortly thereafter keep your eyes on these pages for. Andy Singer is by far the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to high end audio.

Imagine what it would be like to deal with people like this if there were any issues with your purchase.I've attended audio shows and spoken with exhibitors and vendors. I read and experimented, auditioning, buying and learning the whys and wherefores of the art until I knew as much or more than anyone working in any of the HIFI shops I visited. If you're looking for new or an upgrade in equipment, Andy is someone who I can rely on because I believe he is truly looking to help you with his guidance/opinion. I emailed Sound by Singer regarding some speakers I wanted to audition.

14 other reviews that are not currently recommended. Before I came to Sound By Singer, I was looking to upgrade my speakers for a long time but couldn't find anything that seemed worthy of the price. Andy was very straightforward with me, and I appreciated his honesty. This low-profile operation based in the UK caters to the true connoisseurs of the global audiophile market, offering highly sought-after hand-crafted equipment, to a word-of-mouth client base that demands true quality of performance without frills. What Mr. Singer lacks is the ability to see the pattern that is critical of him and how he comes across to the public. Upon listening, I could tell that these were truly excellent speakers. Andrew was nice on the phone and was equally nice in person. I was copied on those communications so I know he was a bulldog for me.

He wasn't satisfied with the response, and offered me a store credit, and I bought something better.

Find more Electronics near Sound By Singer, Find more High Fidelity Audio Equipment near Sound By Singer, Find more Home Theatre Installation near Sound By Singer. if you are used to dealing with a real NY'er without all the fluff this is a nice place. Get directions, reviews and information for Sound By Singer in New York, NY. I appreciate that, and I've added one star to my rating. The links are below. USA, Product Lines: Arcam, B&K, Crestron, Escient, Krell, Focal JM Lab, Runco, Sooloos, Thiel, Vandersteen Audio, Balanced Audio Technology, Burmester, Cary Audio, Creek, Graham Engineering, Lyra, Magico, Musical Fidelity, Rogue Audio, Sonics, VAC, Vienna Acoustics. I'm awaiting delivery of a line stage preamp, purchased from S. by S.  When making a considerable investment, both as a consumer and as a music lover, it's important to know you've a top-notch dealership behind you.

Proprietor, Andy Singer, is one of the most controversial and often polarizing characters in all of audio.

Someone who joins yelp for the express purpose of posting a comment is in effect considered a spammer and his review is removed.

In this case, it was clear to me that by buying a pair of speakers from Andy, I would be obtaining the best possible sound quality for the money.

After listening to the speaker in question and not wanting to impose on the owner to listen to the other speakers I decided to call back to schedule an appointment for the other speakers.

I made an appt. I am responding to the comment by Mr. Singer as to what I would do if I had the situation he describes with customers looking at a set price point on a Sat.

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