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0000009857 00000 n New Montrose 0000011603 00000 n 0000010729 00000 n The most common source or errors in the diffraction grating experiment is in taking the measurements.

Check this by shaking/tapping the connecting wires lightly at each part of the circuit and observe the ammeter’s reading. SIMPLE PENDULUM EXPERIMENT Inference: ... Pls state the value of the constant you deduced and the estimated errors I don't get this. xref 0 The contact resistance at the joint can be quite significant. SmartStudy Solutions is an independent company and has not been authorised, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the Caribbean Examinations Council. Kingstown
x�b```b``}��������π �@1V� ��u�(������z�� 2y����ܬ�VFs��{���_��g� ���٢��58 0000009005 00000 n Stir the water or liquid in the vessel constantly during the experiment so that the temperature is uniform throughout the water.

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337 0 obj <> endobj The bar can be hung from any one of these holes allowing us to change the location of the pivot. Here is a summary of some of these sources of errors and how to avoid them.

If it has a cause, it can only be eternal? what is centripetal vs centrifugal in terms of circular motion?

We are also calculating kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy.
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Replies. Overheating may lead to over-expansion of the mercury thread resulting in a wrong reading and in some cases breaking the thermometer, Take temperature readings only when they are steady, When comparing heat loss due to a change in, for example, the colour of a cooling vessel, make sure that all parameters remain the same except for the colour of the vessel. 0000008052 00000 n 0000024525 00000 n

Replies. When reading meters such as voltmeters, ammeters etc, parallax errors can be minimsed by viewing the pointer from directly above such that the pointer coincides with its image reflection in the glass. 0000001548 00000 n trailer Measure the value of g? ��QPHI٢��� S�BP���0�b66�@vP�b>�%�8� =v�G %%EOF

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Having inaccurate instruments or estimating the measurements can cause errors. Thank you very much .It really helped me with my physics practical report. 0000007652 00000 n

How would time flow if we stayed absolutely still.

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