I have some personal achievements, some academic achievements and a few extracurricular achievements. There is a common saying about the sports that “A sound mind in a sound body” means there should be a well working mind in the fit body in order to go ahead and get success in the life. American Sports Institute. Edwards, H. (1986). Taking myself as an example it would be like my achievements as a teacher, my accomplishments as student in school, college or in personal life. 86(630), 34-41. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. ], – Football, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby etc.

The indoor sports could be further classified as mind, physical and electronic. Main mistakes that amateur athletes do while training. Who is the best sports player of all times?

Retrieved June 17, 2008 from http://www.amersports.org/library/reports/1.html. The fourth factor is an individual's emotional reaction to success or failure. However it has many hidden benefits as well. The leader among them is bodybuilding, crossfit, powerlifting and other types of workouts which include hard training with lifting weights. In a similar study, Eitle and Eitle (2002) found that based on the measure of test performance, the participation in football and basketball had a negative effect on academic achievement regardless of the race of the student which implies that cultural disadvantage may contribute to an increased interest in particular sports and that this interest in sports may have adverse consequences in terms of academic performance. Also for the individuals who excel in their fields can participate in various national and international sports events and bring pride to the country by their performance and emerging as a winner. – Table Tennis, Badminton, Snooker, Boxing, Chess etc. Academic achievement through sports. Exercise has been noted to increase performance on cognitive tasks (Nash, 1996). Promoting achievement in school through sport (PASS): A description and evaluation study. Free weekly notes for General Paper (GP) tuition. Does the huge attention to sports events turn the sport into a show?

google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; Participating in sports and maintaining a good academic performance is a difficult task for many student athletes. "author": { Eitle, T. M. & Eitle, D.J. When athletes fail, it leads to severe mental problems which may become a hard burden even for people with a strong will. Sports mean not only the bodily exercise however it means to promote the concentration level of the students towards study. "name": "admin" Some may lean on the positive (Prasad, 2007; Norlander, 2006; Kirsch, 2002; Stephens & Schaben, 2002; American College of Sports Medicine, 2006; Snyder & Spreitzer, 1990) while others may lean on the negative impact (Meyer, 1990; Parham, 1993; Cantor & Prentice, 1996; Simons, et al, 1999; Aries, et al, 2004; Eitle & Eitle, 2002; Pascarella, et al, 1995). In this list, you will find not very complicated topics for your research. The ethnic sport games which became world famous. Sports are organized at national and international level by the government of the country for motivating the students to take part and get popularity through sports. In the past, the Greeks regarded physical training and games as a form of knowledge to strengthen the body and to temper the soul (Simon, 1985). Last year one our our students, a star football player, wrote about his aptitude for solving puzzles. It sometimes makes us feel confident and even invulnerable. Where there is a will there is a way essay, Essay on Importance of Friends in our Life.

Do many people do bodybuilding because they have mental complexes and it helps them to feel more confident? The achievements, successes or accomplishments we gain in school are the part of best school life years. In Davis’s case, instead of rejoicing in the fact that a Singaporean is playing in the UK leagues, it was framed that he was simply playing for his personal interest. Every person in life has some achievements, accomplishments, rewards and successes earned. Sociology of Sport Journal, 10, 44-56. This only shows the positive impact of sports in relation to the academic achievement of students in the middle and high school levels. My School Bag Essay | Simple, Easy, for All Students. There are some examples of achievements like personal achievements, academic achievements, sports achievements etc. It is very useful for growth and development of the individual as well as the country. Sport is a vigorous physical activity which involves physical exertion and skill, generally played by two teams against each other by following the set number of rules in order to win or defeat other team.

Indian government has made compulsory playing the sports in the schools and colleges for the student’s welfare and good health as well as improving mental skill. Sports and games both are very important and easy way to improve physical and mental fitness. However, do not expect that the raised issues are too plain.

target_type: 'mix' We successfully won the final match. Should College Athletes be Paid in the US? Linking extracurricular programming to academic achievement: Who benefits and why? The game of life. The serotonin connection. "@type": "WebPage", B., Craig, A. F., & Ferguson, B. W. (1992). thanku so much for these wonderful essays.these are very helpful for me. There are a few extracurricular achievements I must be proud of. Sports also help to spread communal harmony on a larger platform during various global sports events like Olympic, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc. "mainEntityOfPage": { Journal of College Student Development, 33(5), 447–453. It keeps body in shape which makes us strong and active however it also keeps mind peaceful which brings positive thoughts and keeps us away from the many diseases and disorders. First of all, Sport refers to an activity involving physical activity and skill. Youth & Society, 21, 390-98. E.g. "image": [ Only a few number of parents may be aware of the positive effects of sports in the academic … In the same study, the authors also discovered that the students who participated in more sports for many seasons had a higher level of scholarship than those who had competed in only a few seasons or for only one year (ibid.).

Even great coaches have their own coaches. GP Essay #39: ‘In the global age we inhabit, there is no justification for national boundaries.’ How far do you agree? It has been promoted to a great extent in the schools and colleges by the government of the country. B. Especially children are very fond of playing game in the playground in the nearby areas of home or they generally participate in the school. Retrieved June 18, 2008 from http://www.thehindu.com/edu/2007/10/01/stories/2007100150280400.htm. Sociology of Sport Journal.

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