The action locks open when empty on one tube, then you press down on the ambidextrous release button at the front of the tube to allow you to then rotate to the next tube (either clockwise or counterclockwise; your choice), which automatically releases the bolt to feed the next shell from the fresh tube into the 3-inch chamber. Wrong. Seems to me the KSG is easier to reload and has a simpler mechanism for choosing the barre and is lighter? Ken Sawyer.Quit flooding my computer with the junk. The folks at SRM have mercifully resolved this, and made this a fully ambidextrous gun: The selector switch, bolt, charging handle, bolt release and ejection port can be moved to either side.

Each tube can hold four 2 3/4" or 3" shells for a total of sixteen. it’s that simple. However, shotguns have always suffered one common weakness: Capacity. However, I don’t know that I would ever recommend depending on knowing which tube was loaded with what round then being able to select them under stress. Over the years, I have looked at every specialty shotgun made, and I have always rejected the Street Sweepers, SPAS 12s, and too many others to mention. Get the American Rifleman Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. The shooter’s support hand here is located far forward ready to engage the dual levers (forward of his thumb) that allow the revolving magazine to be rotated. ... SRM 1216 12GA 16RD Flat Dark Earth. They have the breech way to the rear, next to your cheek. The round magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds, while the standard magazine has 10 rounds. While I understand what you are saying. The 2nd Amendment was put into so citizens could have weapons to resist tyrants and thugs. Keep in mind you will need a tax stamp! Should be Bullpup not bullpen.
One issue that must be understood with this platform is that to load the chamber and bring the total round count up to 16+1, it requires that the magazine be inserted and then a round chambered.

SRM Arms model 1212 - вариант с 13-дюймовым стволом и 12-зарядным магазином SRM Arms model 1216 MLE - автоматическое ружьё с 457 мм стволом и 16-зарядным магазином [1] I did not ask for it nor do I want it.Ken Sawyeer.

This is the reason for gun control and bans. Own a KSG bought new for about a hundy less than MSRP. So, any operating comparisons to a bullpup are null since there is no long transfer bar needed to fire the weapon. The breacher/flash hider runs $200 the extra mags also $200 each the only downside to what in my opinion is a brilliant design. The shotgun features a reversible ejection port system to allow left-handed shooters to also use the 1216. No folding/collapsible stock, long, fat, clunky, heavy, and of course no one needs sights/beads on a shotgun because you just point it and you will destroy everything in it’s path for miles, right? Think of it like a pistol or rifle detachable box magazine: Once you have fired a few rounds, if you want to add ammunition you have to change magazines (my sample came with two) or remove the magazine and refill before inserting again. Well, I am neither into hunting but from what I know if you miss with your first shot, the deer won’t give you any chance of placing a second one just after the first. Also you the has a video of a guy who had one and he couldn’t get two shots off without a malfunction, you’re absolutely sure heavy loads will cycle the gun without issue? With a retail price of just under $1,500 on, this may be your ticket if you are looking to be able to bring large amounts of firepower to the fight. We do not sell any of the items showcased on this site. When the anti gun clowns distract us with making us justify why we want a firearms they have won the argument because now we look defensive. November 1, 2020. Mine are #1-innovation is the American way & it is good to see that it is not daad. The S&W 442 was offered in blueand brushed nickel and. The compact package is easy to store and quick to deploy, both with and without a sling. SRM Arms have developed a semi-automatic shotgun that has a 16 round detachable rotating magazine that takes 2 3/4 or 3″ shells. We do not need to defend WHY we want ANY firearm if it is legal to own it. Hopefully we can just keep our arms at home, but if we need them they are there. The rotary magazine features four, four-round tubes. That sound when it chambers a round when the magazine turns into place is sweet! This gun was clearly designed from the ground up to be what it is. I’m a sucker for anything cool anyway, and I’ve been watching this since it came out – just haven’t pulled the proverbial trigger yet. The magazine which runs parallel to the barrel is made of four tubes, each with its own spring and follower. Gary. If your combat scenario lacks tactical planning, lightening reflexes and infallible instinct – it wouldn’t matter if you’re weapon were a 1776 black powder musket – the main objective will be completed and you will survive either way. See Details. I see no use for such a shotgun. What is the point of having a detachable magazine if you’re not military or LE, one shot is all you need, right? This design is better since you avoid the transfer bar as mentioned above. I know, right? Couldn’t agree more. - Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security, Roller-Delayed Blowback; Semi-Automatic Fire. This was usually a one-time affair and became relatively self-correcting. Comments like that make you “the useful idiots” that the Antis’ like to hold up as examples for their Agendas’. And lastly, how does that revolving magazine fit? Simply pull a pin and the Model 1216 breaks open like an AR-15 for easy cleaning. Two options on sights a red or flip up sights or both. It does cycle 1 in 1/8 oz loads reliably it just won’t cycle low brass light loads. Nor can manufacturers be expected to foresee every development, good or bad, in ammunition. They even offer a California compliant version that uses a magazine lock release that requires a tool to remove and attach the magazine. I can get reliable ammunition from Walmart at about 12 dollars for a box of 25. I’ll stick with Standard Manuf.’s DP-12. The 1216's tactical design also opens up to a whole world of accessories and add-ons. SRM Arms has avoided the horrendous triggers found in almost all of the bullpup-designed firearms; this one breaks at just over 6½ pounds. I still love the thing and have no regrets other than price. When inserted into the gun, the operator can flip a switch and manually rotate the entire magazine, either clockwise or counter clockwise, to choose which tube feeds into the receiver.
The bolt features a roller-locked locking mechanism reminiscent of an HK design. I then let the students load their own magazines with the ammunition of their choice and have at it while I observed. The magazine can be dropped and replaced with a loaded one almost instantly, eliminating the reloading issues that plague some of the tactical shotguns on the market. Tough guy. Poor Lion or whatever it comes across! – Fail. | Content © Fail. Poor Vorgrimler! That would be a real feat to hang a U-ie and hit the shooter on the left arm ………. Perhaps the most notable quality of this firearm is the aforementioned magazine consisting of four, spring-loaded tubes holding the shells in a rotary-style arrangement. The government is not good at deciding what we need (just ask an American Indian). This is like a gun used in Black Ops II video game. When I picked the gun up I was actually surprised at how light the package was. Finally, durability; will this gun stand the test of time, or will it shoot itself to pieces? Buzz, Did you read the article or watch the video? SRM Arms produces the Model 1216 shotgun, a 12-guage semi-automatic design sporting a polymer stock, Picatinny accessory rails and a four-tube magazine. H&K of course borrow the roller-lock from the Sturmgewehr 45 that was developed by Mauser. Read moreAcceptX. The folks at SRM have taken this platform to all of the must have variations.

6/7/2017 So Capacity here is 16 or more depending on shot shell size, and the ability to change out the Mags with speed. Kel-Techs can’t be found, and those that have got one tell me they are a piece of junk. With the advent of SRM Arms second generation of its unique 1216 semi-auto shotgun, the company continues to put these complaints to rest. I tried to find one on Gunsamerica, but right now there are just some magazines on sale. However, it is a bit unnerving as you are quite close to the ejection port. It’s a nice thought! #4-As an old retired guy if I lived in a really bad neighborhood where the police did not respond as rapidly for what ever reason, Even for $1500 I would take the plunge and get one. Not even the best reloading technique can bring the shotgun’s staying power to the level of a detachable box magazine-fed weapon.

I agree. I still love the thing and have no regrets other than price, I own one, bought it at first release for 2700.00 in 2013, I have fired it with 00buck only and have never had a malfunction, the magazine has a tight lockup without play or rattle. It’s way cooler…. Rotating the magazine is accomplished by engaging either of the dual levers forward of the magazine tubes located to rear of the railed front sight block assembly/magazine release button housing. Just the ticket for an Argentinian dove hunt! Simply insert rounds into the rear of each tube using your thumb to seat them behind the metal hook that keeps the rounds in the magazine tubes. Ok, just who is going to carry an extra magazine that large? Seems like the first innovative shot gun in a long time. If a shotgun with 16 round capacity causes unease because there are larger magazines to compare against, then truly you’ve missed all basic training and have rushed into battle blindfolded. So, although you have 16 rounds in the SRM 1216, I think you have no chance, if you need to turn the magazine after 4 shots, while the enemy with his USAS keeps pumping the shells into you. 특징으로는 관형탄창의 고질적인 장탄수 문제를 해결하기 위해 관형탄창 여러 개를 리볼버식으로 묶어놓았다는 것. No one who has ever been in a gun fight doesn’t ever say they wish they had less ammunition. Do you also see no use for 30 round .300 Blackout or 5.46 x 45 magazines for the AR-15?

The 1216’s bullpup design allows the standard 18-inch barrel to fit in a platform that is only 32.5 inches in overall length. This basic platform could allow you to choose different kinds of ammunition in each magazine such as slugs in one tube of the magazine with buckshot in another magazine.

Material presented throughout this website is for historical and entertainment value only and should not to be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance, or general operation. The SRM Arms Model 1216 packs in a lot of firepower into a reasonably compact package. The SRM-1216 features an ergonomic, compact design that provides you with an unsurpassed amount of firepower. And the magazine can’t be topped off while in the gun. Everthing I send is awaiting moderation,do not send me anything, I did not ask for a coment ,you did. Featuring SRM's quad-tube revolving magazine (which the operator can manually rotate with the flip of a switch), the 1216 offers 16-rounds of easily reloadable power.

If you get the chance, try it out before knocking it!

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