Dazu gehören James T. Kirk, Spock und Nero.

Reset all cells to their default sizes and positions. This will restore the default profile binding for the key, if any. Mein Café Rezepte und Stories ist für geduldige GamerInnen! Our new forums are located here: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/. Tippt sie einfach auf eines dieser Schiffe, um zu sehen, welche Belohnungen euch nach dem Sieg überlassen werden (ihr könnt auch die Option “Scannen” für jeden Feind wählen, den ihr trefft, um eine bessere Idee davon zu bekommen, was gerade angegriffen werden könnt. Increase or decrease the throttle by X amount. Geht dann auf weitere Erkundungen und kommt zurück, um die Arbeit nach fünf Minuten abzuschließen. Kirk, Spock, Nero und weitere bekannte Gesichter sind in Star Trek: Fleet Command integriert. Aber irgendwie wirkt es ein wenig überladen. Attack if it is an enemy.

Accept the current trade offer. PowerEmit : Sets the emit point of the Power. The character will move in the direction they arefacing and not stop unless they aregiven new movement commands.

Auf die Frage, auf welche Art und Weise das Spiel den Star Trek-Fans vertraut sein wird und vor allem in welcher Hinsicht, sagte David Eckelberry (Game Designer bei Scopely): “Viele bekannte Elemente, Charaktere, Schiffe und Technologien werden sie [die Fans] in Fleet Command vorfinden. Stop recording any demos started earlier with DEMO-RECORD. Wortakrobaten finden hier die besten Wortspiele! Does not apply to STO, Manual attempt to cancel all current activations but probably does nothing, toggle scope on/off. Level erreicht habt, ist es am besten, wenn ihr euer stärkstes Schiff zum Erkunden, Kämpfen und Bergbau nutzt, während eure anderen Schiffe in ihrer Heimatbasis bleiben; denn wenn ihr sie alleine lasst, während ihr gerade mit einem eurer anderen Schiffe beschäftigt seid, funktionieren diese nicht mehr, da sie jetzt von, Spielt in Echtzeit mit anderen Spielern (weltweit). If no name is given, assists your current target. Sets the class of a build. Does not apply to STO, Power_Slot : Swaps the Powers in the PowerSlots. Fast delivery and 24/7 Customer support ! Transfer items from the given mail item lot to your inventory including NPC mail items, Sets the hide costume mode for an inventory bag, Sets the hide costume mode for an inventory bag on a pet, TrayElemDestroy : Destroys the element in the tray at the slot. Push a specific key profile onto the stack. Player moves if mouse is dragged/pushed forward, Faster than jogging and walking. Set the hover pattern on the active part being edited, Write out a character's costume (by slot index) It uses project specific defined camera angles and is a 300 x 400 shot, DefaultAutoAttack <1/0>: Enable or disable auto attack, Executes the first power on the item in the bag at the slot. Enables postprocessing, outlining, depth of field, and shadows. Normal values range from 0.5 to 10.0. Whether to remember UI List Column placement and width. Find the previous targetable entity and target it. Debug console is displayed in a separate window when -console command-line parameter is specified in game launcher options, ToggleDefaultAutoAttack: Toggles the state of auto attack, Resets the layout, used for when the server updates movable window positions.

Safe to use if there is no current contact. If enabled, you will only receive tells from friends, SG members, and Team members, Set your status to away or back from away. I’ve tried deleting it from my ipad, and deleting the saved data from within the settings option, but when I re install the game it still takes me to where I was before. The game is extremely dynamic. Tipps und Tricks zu Disney Getaway Blast gibt es hier! Aliases exist until the game is restarted, or they can also be placed in … Find the next targetable entity and target it. Star Trek Fleet Command blends RPG like progression and storytelling with real time battles with enemy ships, anytime, anywhere.

Posted: 12 August 2016 06:45 AM [ Ignore] Cadet Total Posts: 24. Create a more convenient alias for a longer command. Hier gibt es die Android-Version des Spiels. Und auch Cpt. Changes the point of view to what the character would see looking straight down. Bind a key to a command, tap command, and/or hold command, and store it on your character. Resets the power level presets to their defaults, Saves the current power configuration to one of four save points in the ship power level box. Prints the following message in your chat window: Attempt to fix your character that is currently stuck inside something, Sell to the specified contact, must be one that allows dialog-less interactions. Move a slider's value, if interactive, by the given amount. 0 = simple, 1 = soft z occlusion, Sets various shader related rendering settings, only some values are allowed (0=low, 10=high), Sets the maximum allowed framerate when the application is not in the foreground, sets the maximum shadow casting lights per frame, Adds a per-frame sleep to artificially reduce CPU/GPU usage to help with overheating (will also slow the game down), Enables and disables soft shadows (poisson filtering), Prints out the amount of time a stall took whenever a stall occurs, Sets the minimum size that textures will be reduced to (requires -reduce_mip > 0), 0 = scattering off, 1 = scattering on high res, 2 = scattering low res, Smooth particle intersections with geometry by fading out near the intersection, Enables and disables screen space ambient occlusion, 0 = simple targeting graphics, 1 = glowing outline/inline effect, Sets the amount of anisotropic filtering to use, reloads textures, Turns off all lighting on objects and sets the ambient to the specified value, Forces skinning to only two bones to improve performance ("Simple Skinning" in the Options screen). 1 - enabled 0 - disabled, 0 - default, normal always; 1 - normal in foreground, below normal in background/alt-tabbed; 2 - high always, Sets the aspect ratio. Macros can be edited in eaMacros section of Live\ui_settings.txt created with ui_save. logout: Log out the current character. Helft zudem den Einheimischen, bekämpft Piraten oder führt Friedensverhandlungen in Hunderten einzigartigen Missionen. Sets the camera to the actual target / standart "X", Toggle whether a given mission is tracked, Accept request from player to join your team, Decline request from player to join your team, Promote a player to become your team leader, Enable or disable mentoring for this team (mentor 1 to turn on, mentor 0 to turn off), Set how you handle team requests (open, closed, or requestonly), Set team loot mode (roundrobin, freeforall, needorgreed, masterlooter, or count), Set team loot quality threshold (white, yellow, green, blue, purple), Roll Need on the item currently being looted, Roll Greed on the item currently being looted. This is only supported for single-player cutscenes such as zone flyovers. Stop talking to the current contact. Cycle focus between the given gens, or if called with just one gen name, set focus to that gen. Natürlich erhaltet ihr das Spiel kostenlos in den jeweiligen Stores. Loads default UI Windows save file, usually Live\ui_settings.txt, Saves UI layout to default UI Window save file, usually Live\ui_settings.txt, Saves UI layout to named UI Window save file. PowerHue : Sets the hue of the Power's FX.

Star Trek Fleet Command ist ein Dauerbrenner. Brain Test 2 will es erneut wissen – wie schlau bist du? Wenn ihr mehrere Schiffe für die Bereitstellung besitzt, Seid ihr mit dem Schiff fertig, sendet es an eure Station zurück, damit es sich in einer, Dieser Prozess soll euch dabei helfen, neue Sonnensysteme zu entdecken, mehr Truhen zu erhalten und eine, Sobald ihr das 10. Aber Fans werden an dem MMO nicht vorbeikommen. Initiate interact gen (opens an interactive popup), Pops up entity popup menu on selected entity, Pops up entity popup menu on friendly entity, attacks hostiles, Default behavior for clicking on a node or entity with a fallback to the context menu, Default behavior for clicking on a node or entity, Interact with the nearest interactable entity within range including anything on the HUD, Interact with the nearest interactable entity within range, followed by volume, Set entity/object directly under cursor to be interact target. Assist "" : Assists the Entity with the matching name.

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