4, January, 2004, Barnes, Frank C. (1997) [1965]. In the latter case, the StG44 has equipped elements of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hezbollah.
For all Pre-order sales, payment is received up front prior to shipment. While development progressed on the Gewehr 41 series of semi-automatic rifles, they proved problematic in the field and German industry was not capable of producing them in the numbers needed. The Soviet armed forces followed suit with the introduction of the SCHV AK-74 rifle (5.45 mm). [16] A problem with this mix was that the standard rifles were too large to be effectively used by mechanized and armored forces, where they were difficult to maneuver in the cramped spaces of an armored vehicle. This was beyond the range a shooter could engage a target with open sights, as at that range a man-sized target would be completely blocked by the front sight blade. Haenel in Suhl; 55,000 by J.P. Sauer & Sohn in Suhl; 104,000 in Erfurt; and 80,000 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG in Steyr, Austria.

[41] It is still used in very limited numbers by militia and insurgent forces in the Middle East[42] as well as some countries in the Horn of Africa. As a result, the optical sight base, grenade-launching extended muzzle thread, and bayonet lug were removed. Developed by Nazi Germany, it was introduced in 1943 and first saw service on the Eastern Front. Over the course of its production, there were minor changes to the butt end, muzzle nut, shape of the front sight base and stepping of the barrel. Only units of riflemen firing by volley could hit grouped targets at those ranges. Highly impressed, he dubbed it the "Sturmgewehr," meaning "storm rifle.". Since both rifles shared the title of Maschinenkarabiner 42 the letters (H) and (W) were added to differentiate the two. At the same time, the HWA contracted C. G. Haenel of Suhl to create a weapon for the round. Less recoil would allow semi-automatic or even fully automatic select-fire rifles, although in his paper he called it a Maschinenpistole (submachine gun). Although the 7.62×51mm NATO round adopted post-war was still a full-power cartridge, the trend towards the adoption of less powerful rounds was already under way in the West. A primary use of the MP 44/StG 44 was to counter the Soviet PPS and PPSh-41 submachine guns, which used the 7.62×25mm Tokarev round.

In reality, he could have ordered the project to be canceled entirely if he wanted to, especially if it had been hidden from him.
Available in a variety of different models from classic to ultra modern, this firearm is sure to please any enthusiast. The PTR-44 by PTR Industries was produced for a short while, but was soon discontinued due to high prices and lack of demand. By 1941, it was becoming clear that action needed to be taken. The Sturmgewehr 44 was the first assault rifle to see deployment on a large scale. The 1st Infantry Division of Army Group South and 32nd Infantry Division of Army Group North were selected to be issued the rifle, both being refitted from heavy losses on the Eastern Front; ammunition shortages meant the 1st ID was the only division fully equipped with it. Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1979-118-55/CC-BY-SA. It should be rifle grenade compatible, reliable, maintainable, and have a "straightforward design". ), Cite error: The named reference "Joly2006" was defined multiple times with different content (see the, Springfield Armory National Historic Site, Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, In final defense of the Reich: the destruction of the 6th SS Mountain Division "Nord", "Sturmgewehr: Hitler's Only True Wunderwaffe", "Svetski Rat article on postwar Yugoslavian use of StG44", "StG 44 in 5.56 and 7.62x39 On The Way – The Firearm Blog", "Assault Rifles and Their Ammunition: History and Prospects", "M16 Rifle Case Study.

While the Sturmgewehr required specialized tooling to manufacture it, it consumed less materials and was faster and easier to make than a Kar 98k. United States and, later, NATO developed assault rifles along a roughly similar path by at first adding selective-fire capability in a reduced power, full-caliber cartridge.

It was also found to be exceptionally reliable in extreme cold. That fighting style was taken over by the widespread introduction of machine guns, which made use of these powerful cartridges to suppress the enemy at long range.

In July 1944, at a meeting of the various army heads about the Eastern Front, when Hitler asked what they needed, a general exclaimed, "More of these new rifles!". Arriving on the Eastern Front, the StG44 was used to counter Soviet troops equipped with the PPS and PPSh-41 submachine guns. Production soon began with the first batches of the new rifle being shipped to troops on the Eastern Front.

The History of the German Gun Karabiner 98k, Timeline of Gun Control in the United States, Operation Barbarossa in World War II: History and Significance, M.S., Information and Library Science, Drexel University, B.A., History and Political Science, Pennsylvania State University. [22] The ammunition was manufactured there at least until 1961. The magazine follower spring had a short service life, so soldiers were ordered to load no more than 25 rounds to reduce wear of the spring. Much time was wasted trying to make the MP 43 a replacement for the Karabiner 98k rifle. The MKb 42(H) along with the less successful MKb 42(W) were predecessors of the later MP 43, MP 44, StG 44. Furthermore, the StG 44's inline design gave it controllability even on full-auto. The Soviet Union lightened the AK-47 and introduced the AKM. Contracts for rifles firing the 7.92×33mm Kurz[3] round were issued to both Walther and Haenel (whose design group was headed by Hugo Schmeisser), were asked to submit prototype weapons under the name Maschinenkarabiner 1942 ("machine carbine") or MKb 42. Towards the end of the war, there were last-ditch efforts to develop cheap so-called Volksgewehr rifles in the 7.92×33mm[3] caliber. It doesn't shoot but it works! This led to extensive research into creating an intermediate round to fill this gap. The first prototype 7.62 mm M1943 round was created a month later and used the 7.92 Kurz design method of using the same caliber bullet as their standard rifle round (7.62×54mmR) in a shorter case. Rather than being opposed to the entire idea, his apprehension seemed to be from reluctance to send a new weapon to the front in too small numbers. The StG 44 fired the 7.92x33 mm Kurz, which was a shortened version of the 8 mm Mauser cartridge.

Moving forward, 11,833 MKb 42(H)s were produced for field trials in late 1942 and early 1943. GSG STG-44 Rifle -Own a piece of German WW2 history with this rifle made available by German Sports Guns. In short, the StG 44 provided the individual user with unparalleled firepower compared to that of all earlier handheld firearms, warranting other countries to soon embrace the assault rifle concept. The exclamation caused some confusion (Hitler's response is reputed to have been "What new rifle? The rifle was chambered for the 7.92×33mm Kurz cartridge. The U.S. Army's adoption of the M1 carbine in 1941 proved the utility of a small, handy, low-powered rifle that required little training to use effectively.

This was beyond the range a shooter could engage a target with open sights, as at that range a man-sized target would be completely blocked by the front sight blade. Argentina manufactured their own trial versions of the StG 44 made by CITEFA in the late 1940s and early 1950s,[24][25] but instead adopted the FN FAL in 1955, because it used the then more common and powerful 7.62×51mm NATO round, which also lacked connections with the Third Reich. This deception was eventually discovered by Hitler, who again had the program halted. [5], The StG 44 fulfilled its role effectively, particularly on the Eastern Front, offering a greatly increased volume of fire compared to standard infantry rifles. This is a very impressive reproduction of the Classic German WW2 Assault Rifle of history and legend. Only a trained specialist, such as a sniper, or soldiers equipped with machine guns, which fired multiple rounds at a known or suspected target, could make full use of the standard rifle round's range and power. The resultant weapon, the Gerät 06(H), was supposedly slated for adoption by the Wehrmacht as the StG 45(M). In the late 19th century, small-arms cartridges had become able to fire accurately at long distances. The German company Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken had the 7×39.1mm round, and Gustav Genschow & Co (Geco) proposed a 7.75×39.5mm round. The HMG® Sturmgewehr is a modern interpretation of the classic StG 44 bringing together the classic function and form of the original, while also making the firearm accessible and shoot-able…in a rifle caliber!

Several attempts had been made to introduce lightweight machine guns or automatic rifles, but recoil from the powerful 7.92×57mm Mauser round was too difficult to control in automatic fire. To keep the MKb 42(H) alive, it was re-designated Maschinenpistole 43 (MP43) and billed as an upgrade to existing submachine guns. Encountering increasing numbers of Soviet troops equipped with semi-automatic rifles like the Tokarev SVT-38 and SVT-40, as well as the PPSh-41 submachine gun, German infantry officers began to reassess their weapons needs. In July 1943, the Soviet Technical Council of the People's Commissariat for Armament (NKV) met to consider new foreign weapons firing lower-powered rounds. ", Military Small Arms of the 20th Century, 7th Edition, Ian V. Hogg, page 243, Small Arms Review, Vol. Kits were distributed to convert M1 carbines to M2s. The 30° model was able to achieve a 35×35 cm grouping at 100 m.[20], Some StG 44s were fitted with the Zielgerät 1229 infra-red aiming device, also known by its codename Vampir ("vampire"). [22] Relatively large numbers of StG 44 were used post-war by Polish anti-communist resistance groups until the 1950s.[22]. While these were easier to handle and increased the individual firepower of each soldier, they had a limited range and were inaccurate beyond 110 yards. It came too late to have much effect on the war, but did influence the Soviet AK-47 that was introduced three years after the war concluded. Among the attachments available for the StG44 was the Krummlauf, a bent barrel that permitted firing around corners.

For example, the M1 Garand had initially been developed for the .276 Pedersen (7 mm) round, a cartridge less powerful than the standard .30-06 Springfield. In August 2012, the Syrian Al-Tawhid Brigade posted a video clip on their YouTube channel showing a cache of StG 44[43] in their possession, which they claim to have captured amongst 5,000 StG 44 rifles and various ammunition from a weapons depot in the city of Aleppo. Fifty rifles were to be delivered for field testing in early 1942.[15].

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