OK, understand. You'll see a list of what's been replaced (hopefully they're honest) - what it does (such as a noise when turning left) what's defective and why they're selling it. Change the oil frequently and never let it get low on a daily driver and that won't be an issue. Last. It had 247k and a #2 cylinder misfire from low compression. Just not something I would be willing to gamble on. View cart for details. I looked up the EA81. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I was reimbursed fairly for using it doing service calls, so I didn't mind. I prefer buying from owners than yards. was starting to make noise. We use Hastings piston rings, which are very high quality rings. examples of EJ25s out there with over 200k miles. I then addressed the mismatched tires that were put on it when it was put up for sale. Then we blast the block and heads in a baking soda blasting machine.

with newer vehicles long with just to save some gas means a lot more to go wrong. The fuel efficiency of the FB25 is a way better than the EJ25. Fast shipping. The Quality Question: Why Has Subaru's Reliability Gone Downhill? The engine comes with a new factory Subaru High Volumn Oil Pump. it is the ones with sketchy maintenance history's that are the ones that fail sooner. Dealers have some upsides too, usually on newer vehicles. When I was a kid self service gas stations were non-existent as far as I recall. But all this start/stop, cylinder deactivation, electric steering etc. Call for Price Quotes at 1-866-418-3229. Was even able to change the oil on my son't '95 Legacy without jacking it up. If I recall there was even an oil gauge in the '85 I had. We resurface the heads with a milling machine which gives a much better finished surface than the spinning disc method which many rebuilders use. Currently I have an older Honda Accord, 5MT. What I've always like about Subarus is I could change the oil on every one I've had in my driveway. Some berate the 4EAT, but many times at the same time saying it's very reliable, which is true.

I miss my Forester.

There's a dealership in my state that claims to replace the timing belt and head gaskets on every Subaru they sell. The '99s were DOHC but with the new phase 2 block so better main bearings and coolant passages but phase 1 pistons and heads.

Nice! A couple pluses that dealership i my state that I mentioned has is the one year warranty on the engine. No doubt it'll go for a long time. Baking soda is non-abrasive and cleans out easily with water and compressed air leaving absolutely no residue. Traded it in 3 years ago. The attendant would always check the oil. If the oil gets low, which is easily the case in an older EJ25, the rod bearings will pay the price first almost every time. All-in-all we really don't like them.

We specialize in Subaru Rebuilt Engines.

Every car where the person didn't have a real reason to sell (they always have "a" reason - company car, needed something new....lots of 'artifical' or convenient 'reasons' to sell that are described to a prospective buyer but they aren't real reasons) - is when you are likely into a problematic vehicle.

This is the oil pump that Subaru uses in their EJ25 Turbo Engines. Copyright © 2020 - Clegg Engine. As for big end bearing issues, usually low oil in any engine.

Engine rebuild kits for your SUBARU. Some rebuilders do not resurface the block. Ford 4.6L & 5.0L Modular Rotating Assemblies.
They are made by 6 Star and are the best head gaskets we have ever seen made for Subaru. It seems a of people find this hard (remembering that I've helped a ton of people buy subarus), but it seems easy to me. The only one I think I didn't was my first one, a 1980 GL.

With the 3 speed automatic that thing was at a crazy high rpm on the highway! I've seen quite a few H6's with blown HG's around/above 200k and we just end up swapping them with JDM replacements. location and skirt shape were optimised to reduce vibration noise; A new piston skirt coating to lower friction; A mass was added to the left-hand exhaust cam sprocket to reduce https://www.enginesus.com/testimonials/1171/. Excellent result thanks!! That's been happening since at least 2014 - small batteries/CCA's probably to save weight/costs. We specialize in Subaru Rebuilt Engines. rebuilt THE SOURCE FOR INFORMATION 500 covEntR y lAnE, suItE 180, cRystA l lAkE, Il 60014 PhonE 888-326-2372 or 815-526-7600 FAx 888-329-2372 or 815-526-7601 • www.aera.org AERA EP Ad Website.indd 1 3/18/15 9:39 AM SUBARU FB ENGINES BY DAve hAgen The double overhead camshafts are driven by chains rather than toothed belts. In 2010 they released 2.5-liter FB25 motor for the large Subaru cars. CHAIN DRIVE The double overhead camshafts are … The EK series was a inline twin cylinder engine. All rights reserved. With proper care I've seen (although maybe rare?) Early versions were air-cooled two-stroke cycle, later replaced with water-cooled configurations in 1971.The engine was upgraded to a four-stroke SOHC in 1973 to meet Japanese Government emission regulations, using the SEEC emissions system (later SEEC-T), with an alloy block and head.. Engine Details. He admitted though, it was probably low on oil. design rather than being produced from separate aluminium parts; New pistons with raised crown surfaces for a higher compression I have a 2011 fb25 that died, is there any newer engine that I could use? I should more often. Fast shipping. Private and dealer both have upside and downside issues. Love this guy! So - if you're buying an Ej25 - try to verify maintenance and oil change history. Maybe they all did. intake path; Larger intake valves (36 mm diameter, previously 34 mm); Increased valve pitch (41 mm, previously 39 mm); Revised position and ports for the Tumble Generator Valves (TGVs) to ('09-'13) - 2011 Forester engine compatibility... Subaru Forester Questions - 2013-14 2.5L DOHC for 2011 2.5L DOHC engine swap - CarGurus, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. mass and increase the high temperature performance of the catalytic Oxygen sensor/catalyst inefficiency and evaporative emissions stuff is common across all Subaru engines since the late 1990's, particularly those models (H4 and H6) with emissions equipment in the back. The EJ251 and later variants are the best option as the parts are plentiful and they can easily go 250k with proper maintenance and good head gaskets. It happened to a family member in a 2007 Legacy. my '02 Foz (EJ251) had 214K on the clock when we bought it, first things done were basic maintenance - oil change, timing (full set), coolant flush & new hoses, basic tuneup stuff. Wow, 260K, and blue 2002 - now I'm really wishing I kept this! If you buy well they're fabulous. My OBW H6 has 265k on the original engine. They warranty the Subarus 6 months bumper-to-bumper and 1 year on the engine. Interesting - then an EJ25 with the timing belt replaced may be a better bet. I research it that this engine is in use from 2011 - present on the Subaru Forester. It's easy! Maybe it's a small percentage, I don't know. They slowly get worse over time. Tried a 2013 and power steering wasn't compatible, any alternative or advice? Great customer service. 1996 - 1999 Subaru 2.5L EJ25D DOHC Engine Rebuild Kit. Likely a very small percentage, but of course a red flag. Interesting the newer 3.0 has more issues. be careful at dealers or vet private sellers or get a warranty. high-efficiency cooler was adopted; The exhaust manifold collector had a smaller surface area to reduce or Best Offer. We completely rebuild and resurface the cylinder heads.

The H6 has no common code issues at all. Sorry to hear about the solenoid needing replacing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I think that we have achieved this goal. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. the other half has a 2006 LL Bean outback with the 3.0 - he has more issues with his than I do with mine.. fussy sensors and such, lol, but he is slowly catching up on the mileage, well over 225K at this point. Lots of examples like that. Good to know it's possible. I'll fly far away for a great private vehicle over a dealer.

Any new short block will have the improved rings in it anyway.

Don't know how much since it didn't have a tach.

1990 to Present Legacy, Impreza, Outback, Forester, Baja, WRX&WrxSTI, SVX. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I wonder if the majority of failures were on the 3.0 H6? four-cylinder petrol engine. In my mind it's almost stupid to only look at dealers for sub $10k cars - you're guaranteeing to know nothing of the past history/ownership that way.
Older Subarus are what I'd consider since I'm a manual transmission fanatic. Glass is abrasive and it is difficult to clean out the all of the glass residue from oil passages. I would like to know if this engine can be used on a 2011 model. Bought it with blown gaskets but it ran well and I really liked that car. I prefer to buy cars from private sellers and heavily favor private sales on H6s. H6's do not have "code issues".

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