Additional optional flavorings for Kahk: fennel, ground cloves, mahlab. I was born in South Sudan. Contact Us         Privacy Policy                                               Store Policy          Terms & Conditions, 2020 BOTTLES OF SUNNAH NYC, INC. All Rights Reserved. Finally, long after the bakhoor is gone, it reappears – in the fold of your clothes when you move or change, in whiffs of imperceptible force that hit a hidden spot in the brain which, it turns out, triggers a flow of images, memories, sounds, and tastes, all mashed up together and concentrated. 8. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Add dry ingredients to liquid ingredients.

It also gives your bath and water a wonderful smell. My name is Noela Mogga. At the basic level meals are meat or fish stews with a vegetarian side dish eaten with Asida, a thick porridge made from sorghum or millet. Combine sahal misk and sugar powder well together on low heat till sugar is dissolved. In Sudan and South Sudan that means it is time for baking home-made cookies and biscuits. 2 tablespoon sesame seeds, roast in oven for 10min, Optional : Anise 1 tablespoon,Ground Cardamon: 1 teaspoon.

Home » Desserts » Sudanese Kahk – Sugar Coated Cookies. As often as I visit my homeland, I never tire of the many daily treats to my ear, nose, eyes, touch and taste.

8. What is Bukhoor or Bakhoor is the Arabic name given to scented bricks or a blend of natural traditional ingredients, mainly woodchips. Our perfumes and incense are very special but you have to get used to them.They are filled with sandalwood , fish scales , musk and other aphrodisiacs and that is the reason why they are only used by married women .Due to the request of my fans I am going to post methods for making sudanese perfume and incense. 10. One thing I enjoy the most (especially here in Halfaya) is that, although people struggle just to put all of life’s necessities on the table, they will never sacrifice their senses’ well-being.

Add yoghurt. Sweet hot tea is consumed at any time of the day, for breakfast, after a meal in the afternoon, offered to guests and at every occasion. Christmas is right around the corner. It is the consecration of a productive morning and the omen for a good day. To create a romantic atmosphere in bedrooms. 5. Add dry ingredients to liquid ingredients. 4. © 2020 500 Words Magazine.

After spending time in a space full of bakhoor, it fades, and you notice once again how aggressive other smells can be.

Remove from oven. Bake in oven set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, until cookies bottom edge start to turn a tan color. After it has sufficiently cooled: dust icing sugar all over. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Use cookie cutters to make cookie shapes, and also use a small glass cup to cut the traditional circular shapes, and half moons that Sudanese love. ・・・, Authentic African Beaded Earrings Red, white and b, The smile of happiness and inner peace. Traditional way to make Bakhoor at home: Ingredients: Take Sahal powder Sandal wood powder or chunks 3 cups. 5. Sudan Mourns Death of Sudanese Singer Setona, It’s Time for Sudanese Literature to Believe in Sudan, Book Review: ‘Elsewhere, Home’ by Leila Aboulela, In Her First Book, Roaa Nizar Writes ‘To All Who Exist’, On What it Means to be Sudani: An Introspection, Mohamed AlToum: The Photographer with the Dashing Smile, Modesty in Sudan: Part II: Cracking the Cultural Code, Modesty in Sudan | Part I: Crack the Dress Code, Behind Sudan Animal Rescue Centre – Sudan’s First Animal Shelter, MNCEC: The First Environmental Culture Centre in Sudan, How Sudanese are Fighting COVID-19 with Traditional Medicine (Garad), Sudan’s ICT Illiteracy Amid COVID-19 Lockdown. Place on cooling racks. These cookies are crumbly, flaky, not too sweet, and lightly dusted with icing sugar. I personally like to use the charcoal because it's traditional, natural and burns Bakhoor better. This is used specifically on special occasions like weddings or on relaxing times and love occasions or generally just to perfume the house or store, and to boost positive energy. 9. Sudanese Kahk – sugar coated cookies, are made with ghee or clarified butter. Mix well. The bricks are natural ingredients are then soaked in fragrant and or essential oils.

But many people nowadays use electrical incense burners because they are faster and safer to use. Once all the cleaning is done and the people are showered, like an exclamation point at the end of a short sentence, comes the fabled bakhoor. Some of those makers inherited the art of making Bakhoor from their great ancestors and still keep the secret from generation to generation. Oudh the Arabic name for Agarwood/Aloeswood soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with other natural ingredients (resin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood, essential oils and others). What is interesting about African. I plan to showcase tasty South Sudan food recipes, traditional customs, and natural beauty regimens.

Women spend the better part of the day cooking the day's meals. Use cookie cutters to make cookie shapes, and also use a small glass cup to cut the traditional circular shapes, and half moons that Sudanese love. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bakhoor in Yemen is made mainly of natural ingredients and every maker that cooks the bakhoor has its secret recipe that distinguishes her/him from others. Used to boost positive energy.

Cover dough and let sit for 30min. ‘Tis the season for Bakin’! To make other Christmas cookies from Taste of South Sudan, click link for Ghorayebah Cookies under the recipes section. Add ½ ounce of sugar powder. Sudanese women love perfume especially their home made ones. 7. I am a physician, mother, food blogger. A smell carrying memories for every person who has set foot in Sudan or any Sudanese home around the world.

Every morning I wake up to smells of frankincense and bakhoor, the traditional, homemade sandalwood incense. Oudh the Arabic name for Agarwood/Aloeswood soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with other natural ingredients (resin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood, essential oils and others).

Learn how your comment data is processed. On special occasions like wedding. ———————————————————————————————————— (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2020 Taste of South Sudan on the Seasoned Pro Theme. Add dry ingredients to liquid ingredients.

The Bukhoor is usually burned in a traditional incense burner called Mabkhara it has other names in other courtiers like Majmor, using charcoal of wood or manufactured charcoal discs/briquettes. We will use plain yoghurt, a little bit of sugar, flour, and flavorings. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Place on cooling racks. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

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