Most serious Sungazers report less need for food. Can I do sun eating at Doha Qatar? It is the teacher that shows us how to know all things, we don't have to read or study, we just know. What Is Sun Gazing?. This method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental, and physical illnesses as well as increasing memory power and mental strength by using sunlight. I only did it at sunrise when the light was safe. In a bucket, put 20 mule team borax and a few squirts of antibacterial dish soap. It is doable at this point, it will be impossible to do over 30 minutes in the morning because I work full time, 8:30 to 5 Mon to Fri. Would it be still effective if I split the sungazing time to sunrise and sunset, for example 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening? If we can activate the human brain and awaken these infinite powers inherent in ourselves, we can then raise ourselves to higher levels. Rest all parameters are normal. I feel that Sungazing and the HRM Phenomenon once it is experienced… is a simple tool to align and open the brain; to put it in sync with an Analogical Mind, creating a 100th monkey effect which causes other people to do the same in a wave of a "higher level of functioning" around the world. Actually the ultimate form of all energy is light. The following research was done on Hira Ratan Manek, a Jain man who spent 411 under constant medical supervision while he 'fasted' on only water and solar energy. Some should be undissolved on the bottom of the pail.

After about 3 months he says the brain gets charged and mental strength increases that heal fears and many psychosomatic diseases. Here the Sun have more strong impact since is closes to the earth? The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. he says.

Sunrises at 6:30am here and I can see it from out of all the trees by 6:45/50am. There is thus altering the energy metabolism to the lowest possible. Isn't it? . Now let's look at the connection all these Sungods had to Monoatomic elements and where it came from in ancient Egypt. Dr Shah can be contacted via email: Who recommended this to you? Bright sunlight didn't bother us. However, the truth is that based on an understanding of Chaos Theory and the Evolution of Consciousness it is this easy with an Open Mind. My sleep at night is regular. [9], "Mill Valley man's film on people who stare at the sun among featured at festival", "Solar retinopathy and associated optical coherence tomography findings", "Exposing the Secrets of Fringe Eye Care", San Diego State University Dept. The genetic material inside every cell has an inbuilt "clock", which counts down every time the cell reproduces itself. The vision in my eyes came better by three quarters of a diopter in both eyes.

I recall there being three or more of these overlapping shapes occurring all at once in different patterns. However I also agree that the individual must follow their instinct when it comes to these things as there really is no rule or set path to healing, as we are all individuals with our own way. The true secret of Sun-Gazing has to do with understanding that your Consciousness and your Actions create the nature of your evolution… in an Electric Universe with our Electric Sun [ electromagnetic radiation is a lower form of Consciousness] providing you with the greater sense of Tranquility… greater levels of physical and mental energy and a decreased need for toxic food to get you to a point of evolution… back in harmony with “Gaia”… her summation… evolutions end. It may be possible for such an individual to do routine activity with very low amount of energy or calories as 500-600 calories, to sustain cellular metabolism. it is 8 x 11 mm (enlarged !). 232]. I have started sun gazing June 26, 2016 and after finishing 10.20 minutes of sun gazing, my eye sight improve with 40%. Re: Sun Gazing & UVB, are they long waves or short. To Sungaze, there are some simple rules that must not be broken. the step II of deriving the energy from the sun and transforming it in body.) It makes me want to scream at how some "left-brain" dominant people have made this seem quite complicated.....when its as simple as looking into the sun in the early hours of the morning and the late hours of each day. Sun gazing feels as natural to me as taking deep breaths. In the Americas, the sun was also known as INTA where there is a practice in getting energy on a temporary basis… to get energy for their body, Native Indians take sunbath by standing in the sun for two hours exposing maximum parts of their body and they don't need to eat food on those days.

Although scientists and doctors have agreed that hunger is definitely being eliminated, it is because the brain functions are still very complex that they have not been able to explain how Sungazing is doing wonders or why food is not required, however more research is underway. I sing like the golden hawk of Horus, what is it?

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