* A bike that I can have for 100,000 miles with minimal undue maintenance. The Yamaha however is better put together, components are higher quality and... is a Yamaha, meaning only ordinary maintenance and replacement of wear items (wheel bearings for example) will keep it on the road for a long long time. amaha Super-Tenere Everyone of these bikes were very good when tested, especially on road all tracked and handled well and would eat miles no problems and of course had comfy upright riding positions. That's the beauty of having a Yamaha and a BMW dealership, both very keen on selling bikes, in a five mile radius. Battery is behind fairing. Thank you for the great replies. You should use all the sites to your advantage but there is no better site than than this one. By Also, at resale and /or trade the BMW will be worth more and one can recoup the margin. Was the suspension better on the Super Ten? A little more thought on the 13 Super T and I see they were updated in 2014. I have ridden my friends '08 GSA and it felt just a little lighter (good for the trials) but the Tenere felt more planted on the hwy. Right in my back yard and I didn't even realize it was here! I was kinda thinking the same thing, Marty! I just bought a 2010 1200 Tenere. This bie is the real deal.. Been a lot of places since my 1st review. Mad Mick the guy I rode with, also agreed. We hope our site will help with selecting of a reliable and safe car.

OK, got it!

http://adventuremotorcycle.com/riders/rides-steph-jeavons-crf250l-rtw. Of course there are exceptions and horror stories, I'm talking in general. Now, if getting into the ADV game price is important to you, take a look here.

Both bikes will go the 100k without much fuss, but the Tenere will be less costly I think. I have not priced them out as you would purchase one but based on MSRP and a $1500 adder for the Beemer I would take the BMW. Get the ECU unleashed.. I want to move from my air cooled RT to a water cooled dual sport platform. 2016 R1200GS, Triple Black. If you plan on doing some work yourself check this out.

I'm close to making a decision. Is there any ECU upgrades for this bike. Any thoughts or feedback would be most welcomed! Our users can find data on mass market car models from most popular brands. Great work yamaha.. agreed. It felt a lot like my WeeStrom which could best be described as numb.

I haven't ridden a Tenere but there seems to be a lot of used ones for sale. NorCal Meets SoCal in the Middle . Just saw one at the bike show. Everyone of these bikes were very good when tested, especially on road all tracked and handled well and would eat miles no problems and of course had comfy upright riding positions. A Yamaha will be sorted starting with the second model year. Would be grateful for some advice as to which brand works best and is good value for money. Anyone know of a brand new 2013 GS sitting around for sale? That's also the beauty of the local BMW dealership being run as two separate units: the people down in the shop are not in the business of selling bikes, only fixing and servicing them. Read above carefully...Bill knows of what he speaks. The model was discontinued in 1996. At Overland we believe that a bike review should be a realistic test. I'll gladly sacrifice a little agility and tank range for better quality. This is an online automotive information provider ✅ of a detailed information on complaints, defects and recalls for I fitted Yamaha crash bar system / fog lights / Tank protector and all for $24K.

Granted, shipping is gonna cost you a bit, but still a decent deal. I'll bet some dealers even have them.

Dude rides more offroad than I sleep. But since you now have one fine ride time to plan to get in on the fun. There's also a KTM dealership a further two miles away but they are nowhere near as keen on selling bikes. I’ve just sold my GS and did 40,000k on it - only to go out and buy the new BM GS Adventure, because I love these bikes, – until I test rode the Trumpy and the Super Tenere . Thanks. The following is my criteria, as to why I will likely buy the Super Ten over the GS. The new KTM and BMW GS & Triumph basically were $27K + ,out of the Budget range, once kitted with panniers and the heated grips & Cruise.

Retaining the established parallel twin format of the old XTZ750 Super Ténéré, the all-new XT1200Z Super Ténéré expanded in stature.

There are several close to you. Used prices for XT1200Z are reflected in the popularity of the newly-released Yamaha T700 - there are some excellent bargains out there in the marketplace for XT1200Z as owners trade-in on the T7. Granted, shipping is gonna cost you a bit, but still a decent deal. Rem... ember - "everything old becomes new again" when chain-drive vs shaftdrive reality bites? I hope that all the bad things I've heard about BMW reliability aren't true and that I enjoy this bike for hundreds of thousands of miles!!!! ie Sydney to Cameron Corner and the like. Issues encountered: 98 RON petrol (manufacturer's choice) not always available in outback locations so 91 RON used and slight lack of 'oomph' noticed in comparison. Similar opinion? Kidding Krista, Tenere or GS you'd be welcomed either way! lighter. I've ridden 3 of them in Europe and they didn't break down there either. What a motorcycle!! There is adifference in cost of acquisition and maintenance. Simple answer is Yes..

on the outback roads..just awesome Just talking about Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood to the best of my rekolekshun. Beautiful looking machine. If so, is there a better site for water boxer questions?

When it rained ( we were in Vic ) on the run, set the mapping to Tour and electronically softened the suspension, and surprisingly the combination of the std bark-busters the screen and the wide tank deflect a lot of water similar to my old Kawasaki's fairing. Being such a youngster I'll forgive this. Am privileged to have been able to spend a day riding the 201...Read more, Sure it's heavy but feels like an XR650 weight when riding ( until youhave to pick it up) Tons of power, smooth gear box and a fuel tank that gets you there.

I love this bike like a family member. Yamaha SUPER TENERE Recalls, Problems and Complaints. The new KTM and BMW GS & Triumph basically were $27K + ,out of the Budget range, once kitted with panniers and the heated grips & Cruise. Post up some pictures when you can!! 400k on road easy. Looking around this site, it seems most users have older bikes, 1150's, or the early hexhead 1200's. I have taken rides on both, and I like them equally.

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