Inconclusive. Basically, we have to fix it, or he'll have no computer for 4+ months. the center pin is used to energize the four power contacts with full current capability. Do you know if it requires the detector circuit to charge? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, SL1 i5/8GB/256GB / SP3 i3/4GB/500GB (upgraded storage). Anything but ordinary. However I do have a pinout of the larger surface connect port in the middle which carries USB, display port and power between the tablet and base. Got that concept? with zero-insertion-force and magnetic positioning so its easy to hook up. Or is that only required if I care about the LED indicator light working? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Frank's record of a bit of his life. A Taste of Moogerah - Parent & Son Weekend. I'm trying to repair the charger cable for a friend's surface pro 3. Assuming the groups of three contacts are just repeated 4 times, how many working ones are required for the surface to charge? This slight pin height gives the power supply an advantage to reduce current supplied to the four power pins when the connector is disconnected. Or does anyone have a working charger and a multimeter and a few minutes to check the pinout by hand? Once the connector pins are seated and the center sense pin makes contact, then the power supply can ramp up the current necessary to charge the battery and operate the computer.Voltage is like the height a water hose can spray and current is like the diameter of a water hose. The laptop was drawing current this morning, but not charging (and the voltage reading was lower than I'd expect (maybe? The pin out are duplicated on each sides. SP4 is DC 12V @2.58A, but it will charge down to 1.2A (I tested this with a different adapter with a millimeter. My current info (based purely on speculation) is: 2 PCIe lanes per "side" Likely SMbus (clk/data) and REFCLK on both sides You can not charge with the USB port. The higher the water sprays, the higher the measured voltage. Surface pro 3 not charging try these surface pro 3 not charging try these surface pro 3 docking station surface connect to usb type c adapter how to design your own ipod super dock. The idea is, when disconnection occurs, the center pin will not receive a + voltage from the computer and the power supply will instantly drop the power level available … That's not to say I doubt /u/id000001's advice. That only provides power.

The connector in question is missing 7 out of 8 of the power contacts (they got etched away... long story). I don't recommend charging the surface via the USB port. There won't be any people in or out until then either, so he can't even ask someone to hand-carry one here. The Surface Connect port is the only one on the market that combines high bandwidth data, power delivery, video, etc. The larger the water hose diameter, the more current available.Voltage can be measured with a volt meter and current with a current meter. Press J to jump to the feed. The same wait until all four power connectors are seated before applying the full current from the power supply to the computer; occurs when connecting the power supply connector to the computer.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Surface Pro 3 Dock Connector Pinout About Photos Mtgimage. Surface Pro 3 Dock Connector Pinout About Photos Mtgimage. A subreddit for the Microsoft Surface family of products. Can someone confirm? I brought back some thicker copper foil from my lab today, so I'll try that and hope for the best. This information definitely came in handy when repairing a relative's Surface charger where only the red wire was still connected. using adaptor can work normally once take out the Window Surface Pro 4 will shut down this is a cause, I bought one of these power supplies from an op shop, wondered why the voltage collapsed when a load was applied.

This post and comments has helped. (Even if verrrrrry sloooooowly?). So I think it's much more likely a problem with my hack-y replacement contacts (long narrow strips of thin copper foil laid over the plastic connector and the holes where the contacts used to be, then wrapped around the back side of the remnants of the original connector, and soldered to wires that run to a laboratory DC power supply) rather than a problem with the suggested pinout.

If you know the answers to any of those questions, I'd very much appreciate any input.

I have a new post with more information here:, Strength Fitness Warmup Stretching Rowing, Dans 13th Birthday Party at Kingston Park, Dan BGS middle school celebration of the arts. Comments have to be moderated because lots of spam comments. The good news is I have not yet fried the computer or set anything on fire. While a diode connects between GND and the yellow wire.When the yellow wire is connected the blue wire turns to +5v.I can't work out how the surface connects the yellow wire to +12v.Even though I haven't figured out fully how t works hopefully someone will found this useful. There won't be any people in or out until then either, so he can't even ask someone to hand-carry one here. You simply can't do this with Thunderbolt.

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