The next episode of DirtTrax airs November 3 at

They were kind enough to invite us out to beautiful Utah for a full 2 days…, Changes are coming to the 2020 RZR product line starting with the first 2020 RZR announcement: The 2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity edition! The sport-quad market needs a kick in the pants.

SUZUKI TURBO. FINALLY!!! By: Mike Lester, Photo By: Enrico Pavia The next episode of DirtTrax airs November 6 at Things have become stagnant in the world of 450s. © Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. 2020. 5:30 PM It’s been almost ten years since the last time Suzuki introduced a new off-road vehicle and the company’s KingQuad media event two years ago was simply a reintroduction of the same vehicle with up-to-date badging but no real updates. Suzuki Side by Side : Suzuki ATVs - Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. - You're curious and we've given you more ways to explore. One of the areas Suzuki never got involved in was building performance SxSs. The next episode of DirtTrax airs November 4 at The SXS long jump world record previously set at 223 feet by Al McBeth has fallen this memorial day to Tanner Godfrey who launched his RZR Turbo S…, Finally we’re getting some seat time in the new highly anticipated entry into the sport SXS market from Honda!

Okay, we’ve got some hard details on the 2021 Polaris RZR lineup and here is what we can share: What’s new for Pro XP Improved Air Intake – The air intake has been changed from…, Okay, you’ve seen the ride reviews (if you haven’t, check them out here.) If you're like us, you're always trying to find ways to increase the storage and overall usefulness of your ATV. One of the biggest questions we get asked is: “Where’s Suzuki lately?” The fact is, the company hasn’t introduced any new off-road product for a while and unless you live right next to a Suzuki dealership, has pretty much dropped off the cliff in terms of top-of-mind awareness. Right on the heels of a wave of exciting news from Honda, Can-Am steps up and lands a blow of their own. How? The next episode of DirtTrax airs November 3 at There just hasn’t been much in the way of new and improved, except for Yamaha’s YFZ450. If you're like us, you're always trying to find ways to increase the storage and overall usefulness of your ATV. Staff Report 8/16/2017 . From the feedback we've been getting, this is something consumers have been begging for, not to mention dealers and 2019 may just be the model year Suzuki steps back in the ring. If you want to skip…, Wow! FINALLY!!! Certainly, if the company wanted to make a big splash and get the attention of thousands of fans, it could do so by taking its expertise in building incredible off-road motorcycles and applying it to the debut of an arresting SxS.

We’ve made some speculation about a pure sport side-x-side from Suzuki featuring a toned down variation of its parallel twin 1056cc snowmobile engine, but it might make more sense for the company to introduce an updated version of its KQ with a brand new 850 twin of …
Luke hits the trail aboard the highly-anticipated and much talked about pure sport ... We get our hands on Jemco's latest cargo box product - the Polaris Ranger Roto Kap. The QuadSport® Z90 may be used only by those aged 12 and older.

11:30 AM RZR Factory Racer Ryan Piplic takes UTV Desert Pro Turbo Title. Changes are coming to the 2020 RZR product line starting with the first 2020 RZR announcement: The 2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity edition! 8:00 AM All other Suzuki ATVs may be used only by those aged 16 and older. 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Rumors.

Most certainly it would make a tremendous foundation for a world-shaking SxS from Suzuki.

Now lets deep dive the details on this thing. Well, it’s not actually a “side by side” more of a “self by… 2018 Maverick , Rumors September 6, 2017.

11:30 AM

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