Marco hurried his way towards Star. "What are you talking about? "Where do you learnt how to fight?". Well, I'm your Black Tar Heroin dealer! Star asked herself. UPDATE 9/21/19: Should have said this a long ass time ago, but this fic is abandoned now. What's the second thing?". My name is Marco Ubaldo Diaz, and it is my duty as future king of Mewni to put this to an end. Star asked with surprised. Is it your teacher? Marco said a little annoyed. Everyone in the office turned to Marco that was standing right next to the switch. Everybody in the kingdom took cover until the rain stopped. Marco was wearing some earth clothes his parents thought he would like. Marco pulled off his wand out of his hoodie pocket and aimed the tip of it at them. Star's dad asked to her cheerful daughter. "Star Butterfly, please meet Principal Skeeves in the hallway near the entrance.". Marco had always known that there was something wrong with the new transfer student, Star Butterfly. Star said as she ran downstairs while pulling Marco by his arm. My husband can be a little aggressive sometimes." sora/riku/kairi is background canon which is why it's here in the additional tags, marco diaz is trans (but doesn't know yet) in this fic and i am zero percent subtle about this, the fourth wall is never super important but at about chapter 20 i throw it away entirely, Completion Status: Deprioritized but not cancelled (I promise!! Star quickly said with a big grin. The kingdom of Mewni, a beautiful place full of life, magic and corn. Why? Or will this be the end? After Toffee's defeat, there's plenty of reason to celebrate. The blue flash was going directly to the corn fields. ", "But it looks so cute this way! I'm gonna be your guide and we are gonna have so much fun!" "It's nice to meet you, Mrs. "NO! "Hey, it was not your fault. She didn't care about being in problems or not, she was just relieved that she wasn't going to be for some time inside that boring class. Marco is called Marcia in this fanfic; Summary. "Take this too, you will need it." Star exclaimed. He avoid mentioning that he was a magical prince from another dimension and the fact that he had a magical wand inside his new backpack. Star, could you show Marco his room, please?" What happened? Where are you sending me? Marco shook slightly Star's mother hand. "Those red things you have in your cheeks." Universe Butterfly is the next in line for the throne of Mewni. Marco and Tom Bdsm by pedro francisco. All that time walking and talking. Star approached at the new guy quickly and shook his hand. Marco's mother put a forced smile on her face. "Marco, the corn! Now, GET THE WAND!" Star grabbed Marco and pushed him in front of his parents. The Owl House but the Boiling Isles are a far grimmer place. They kept walking and talking until they arrived to the Butterfly's house. Ludo walked away while making a tantrum. Marco asked. We, the mewman race, had been living in peace for generations. The cafeteria was giving my favorite food! Who told you that?". Quantum Destiny Progressive Saga is a soft reboot of Hurricane Star - Quantum Destiny and is set in a separate continuity taken place on the alternate reality of Blue Earth 2018.23 the events of the Delta Phase Saga still happened but certain events in that story has been retconned, tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (527), Over the Garden Wall (Cartoon & Comics) (14), Marco Diaz (Star vs. ", "We are going to send you to a safer place for you to practice with the wand properly. Ludo's monsters were trying their best to hold back laughter. "Now you see what the worst that could happen was?" Dad! "Well, the guys around here usually don't have those things on their faces. A story about love, support, sushi and dysphoria. Marco turned around and saw the flames near the corn. THE WAND IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE THAT!". Star approached at the wand that was lying in the floor. Let's see how it goes. "Thanks, could we start the tour now?" "There we are." various crossovers because kh is a crossover machine but none get as much focus as kh, plus bajillions of characters not prominent enough to tag. My mother has pink hearts and I have these red diamonds.". Marcie is newly out, well, she's out to herself, Star and her parents. Some chimes could be hear from inside. "Yes, could we start to talk about when he can be introduced properly into the institution?" They're tearing the world apart one planned disaster at a time and spinning everything Marco Diaz once knew around onto its head. "Do I have something on my face?" The hunger virus has reached the Marvelous Universe MZ-47 and no one was ready. "Why does everything keep happening so much? Which is, a big relieve.". Bye!" Marco recently came out as a girl. "Well, he's new and I need you to be his guide. Star wants her to tell the truth to the girls at St. Olgas, but she thinks maybe it's time to tell Star the truth instead. Marco said nervously. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "It looks more like a rattle to me." His mother said while giving the wand to Marco. Ludo quickly pulled his head inside the portal, dropping his skull hat. "W-What? Star turned to Marco and handed him the wand. But that might not be the entire story, and strange forces are on the rise... Just some Drabbles I write at 12 am bishes. Told you I could do it!" Mr. Butterfly waved at his daughter. I don't want to be wandering around if I ever get… Lost.". There was another moment of silence before Marco spoke. "Don't worry, I got this!" "Show me, show me, show me!" Maybe you could teach me how to fight like that?" Marco face his parents with pride. Marco Diaz, right?" Go and find Principal Skeeves now!" He exited his room and made his way to the throne room, where his parents were waiting for him to give him his birthday present. Are you afraid of dark?" Meanwhile, inside the castle. The wand that had been passed by generations through my family. "Oh, yes, sorry." Marco looked nervous. Taking that next step is proving to be a bit of a hurdle though. A light blue blast came out of the wand and strike all the monsters in its way. I think I will need the help of a guide." Marco said as he was getting his wand from the backpack. Protect the corn!" "Well, now that we are ready. "I only look like this because I don't have my big boy body yet!" The Forces Of Evil) (34), Trans Marco Diaz (Star vs. "Nice to meet you too, Prince Marco." Marco whispered to her mother. "Wow! In the beginning, there was a creature that led the first queen to what would future be known as the royal Mewni family wand, although not all would know this as they can only be seen by individuals like the wielders. my first SVTFOE fic; Comedy; Cute; Dysphoria; Summary. The most dangerous and clever monster of them all!" "Come on! I am not still fully convinced about that part." No I didn't!" that was a stressful period, with all of those feelings going wild! A series of short fics for varying fandoms, whether written for myself or for others. "Oh Marco, it's nothing." "Mom! "The T.V!" "Ops, looks like it is a magical wand after all. "Okay mom." Prince Marco Diaz!" Star said as she grabbed Marco's cheeks and pulled them up. Those monsters only came for my wand, I think they would have attacked us anyway." Mrs. Butterfly asked softly. It was actually pretty fun." Please consider turning it on! The wand started to shine in a white light while it changed its form. "You're right, that was pretty dangerous.". Marco said while rising his right hand and arm to his chest height. Deleted Scenes and Bonus Content from my Monster Carvers AU. "Then, you are my guide, right? "Of course! ", Marco was processing all the information that this girl was giving him. This occured before SVTFOE ended. Marco stated while looking at Star that had a big smile on her face. So now that you know, I'm going to ask you to not tell anybody.". ", "Yeah, that will be easy! "And I have to admit. And I made a new friend!" "Yes, but you promised your parents to be back before dinner and it's starting to get dark already." They were walking around the town until it was starting to fall the night. Now it looks more like a wand!" I'm sorry. "I'll make sure to send you more when you need them. The Forces of Evil) (1510), Toffee (Star vs. "See?! "What kind of dark magic is this?" Don't leave me out!" "You are the most dangerous monster? Principal Skeeves said while hugging the wood box. Marco rolled his eyes. Tempest was quite surprised to learn that Kingdom Hearts was a true story. "Don't worry boy, your parents were here earlier and told us everything." Before leaving, they gave their son a familiar hug and left. Everyone looked amazed at the wand that Star had in her hands. That's our corn!" In the portal! Star looked at her hand that was still holding his. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "What? "Um… Star, I think we should go back now.". "Wait… Cheek marks? "Sure, I am your guide after all!" I want you to show me the facility and how things work around here. If anyone wants to finish it up, lemme know and I'll make you a co-creator. Star asked happily. "Really? "Here it is son." ", "Star, please give the wand back to Prince Marco.". "Well, in that case. Principal Skeeves said full of joy. Having Marco and Tom star together in their own episode would've inevitably sparked a ship, but an infamous promotional poster really kicked off the ship. But Marcie Diaz is just happy to see her best friend alive and well. Another boring day, in another boring class of the boring Miss Skullnick. And she didn't even asked for his name until now. at eleven years and nine months old, sol butterfly became crown princess. The Forces of Evil), Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls), That Guy with the Glasses/Channel Awesome, Doki Doki Literature Club!

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