She watched me leave the room with a slow kindling in her eyes. “I think I want to see them again, if we can.”. We didn’t speak for a moment. She nodded, dazed. I opened my mouth to respond, but her breath already carried with it the shallowness of sleep. I thought about my dream, those youthful faces, their electric eyes. A lot of people are here from alpharad, did anyone actually play the game? Haru managed to keep everything running without issue for most of the day, and as she preoccupied herself with pursuing perfection, I found myself drifting away from my work- like my mind was somewhere outside, shrouded in the sunshower.

It's not about winning, it's about sending a message... Alpharad's Forward it to Aerial evolved into Upward Special! ?”, RabbitTankSparkling, Grey_Templars, ClearlyUnrelated, JynCuervo, murb93, TeamDimension8, Superwombat6, IdioticInsomniac, TheQuietRaven, Adlzmdgl, Willthefox93, ZolphDiggler, ABeautifulElegy, ThaboiJP, Magus1108, divisionten, HiddenReference, LargeRat, nurr, beautythievery, Wandereroftheverse, Flatter_Sine, GTAlex, HeartOfHumanity, Simmemann, maswoon, Experiment_X4d2, EJElecFlameTails, Graykip, AJ2187, I_See_The_Stars_15, bubbyboytoo, Spicy_Griffin, borradinho, XxChronOblivionxX, supercellbreath, Prince_Of_Underbrush, CinnamonZor, TheSneezingSOAB, AlphaoftheDeluge, linkjames24, AriesOrionOdette, HelloMrBlue, kiafeles, royallyLilac, Redshirt_Survivor, WalkingTheRoad, StellarBernkastel, ruuruu17, covalent_bond,

“We really do need to get you a cat door.”. Persona 5 end credits-Swear to my bones. In the grey light of morning that bled in from the closed curtains, I watched Haru's ribs slowly rise and fall with the metronome rhythm of deep sleep. It had been fifteen years since I'd been to the Metaverse, but the heavy air rife with crackling energy that had filled my dream felt vivid enough to make up for my absence. She took it from me carefully and savored her first sip.

Now it was around eight, just as the sun was starting to settle over the bronze horizon. The damage spanned about a third of the entire kitchen, but was worst at the far wall. It’s always exciting.”. And he had his sword at the ready.”. For some reason, my first thought was that it was a gun. Most mornings, I was here, helping Haru run everything smoothly and doing my best to outwardly represent the sincerity she so deeply valued at the core of her business. Swear To My Bones Cover Art by Ana Haynes . With a pounce I wrangled one of those dark monoliths, my fingers finding the corners of its mask and digging under it, pulling with all my might. Add to Collection. I took a sharp right past the counter into the kitchen, muttering some things under my breath, little comforts without form. The sun rose to the sound of birds singing on the telephone wires outside. A fire truck sat parked on the curb in front of the cafe, siren screaming at uneven intervals and lights flashing, as a panicked commotion echoed from a crowd that hovered around the scene. I looked past her. I thanked them for their help on their way out but they all ignored me, save for the one I spoke to in the kitchen, who gave me simply an affirmative nod. I remembered getting in trouble a lot- constant write ups, lectures, and punishment at home. “I’m very sorry, we’re just so busy.” she responded, true concern in her voice. “...strange,” she concluded.

“Let me clean up the spill,” I offered. The bathroom mirror fogged as the shower heated up. She looked classically beautiful- something that channeled the smell of home cooking and fresh flowers. I turned to see her illuminated in the morning light, wearing her pink blouse and apron, her hair held back with a hairband. Though he grew up in America, Henry is still a Brit to his bones.

Oct 16 @ 7:41am. Now I have to walk home soaked to my bones! Morgana had been serious about his protest, and crunched on some kibble near the stove. @aranciart on Twitter and Tumblr Chapter I A labyrinth of twisting stone stretched ahead of me to infinity as red and black rolling haze churned beneath my feet. $ G AA AA A &! Unfavorite. He swooped to meet the Chimera mid-leap, and the scream of battle that ensued pulled me back into the world. Morgana gave his very expected- and impressively consistent- reply from somewhere past the storage closet: “I’m not a cat!”. He and Morgana were very close- they did almost everything together. While the eggs bubbled gently in their pan, I took a cherry pastry from the cupboard and prepared it on a plate with a napkin and a glass of water. I did well enough in school, but I never particularly enjoyed it. As I stepped into the shower and massaged the hot water through my hair, I thought about my Mementos dream. and 37 more users Today, Kunikazu and I were helping with brews and korokke in the back while Haru was taking orders and waiting tables. A labyrinth of twisting stone stretched ahead of me to infinity as red and black rolling haze churned beneath my feet. We sipped our coffee quietly as the faintest sounds of a summer shower tapped on the window. I took Haru to one of the booths to sit down and the firefighters turned off the sprinklers and left. “Can we have omelettes?” he asked eagerly. Something about that didn’t feel right, like the compass in my head couldn’t find north.

Soot and ash and smoke floated in the air and coated the white tile floor in a sickly grey film. “Hey Dad?” Kunikazu asked. When I turned the corner onto our street, every thought in my head dropped to my stomach and exploded at once. Do you know a YouTube video for this track? “Who?”, She grinned and brushed her hair behind her ears. He was, of course, the light of my life. It’s more than I could ask for.”. “We’ll handle the tables,” Haru assessed. “Had it burned for another few minutes, the gas line would have exploded and killed everybody here. That’s the first step.”, She nervously fidgeted with her apron.

Swear To My Bones (Persona 5) As arranged and performed by VGMPeeta Persona 5 Artists Persona 5 Soundtrack G 21- - - 3 D 7 - - 11- - Bm7 - 13121 Moderate h = 90: 4 4 c Guitar Intro 1 Song Intro $ $!!

I wish we’d kept pictures.”, “He had on that little mask. I was worried we might run out today.”. “I’ve had dreams like that as well. “Akira… please… too early…” Morgana croaked, covering his eyes with his paws.

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