Skit #103: Alisha in Captivity | After meeting Alisha at Griflet Bridge, go to this save point. You'll get a short battle and a scene.

You'll receive Lailah's second Mystic Artes, Head to the event marker on the map right at the gates.

Then head to the ! Make it more useful by clicking the "Edit" button and adding your own text, pictures, and videos! Then go to the second mission marker. You'll see a stationary enemy.

You'll need the scene where Sorey almost falls off the ledge that is right above the invisible bridge and the rubble falls from the ledge.

Boss Fight: Medusa | Blessing Orb 7/14 | Weak to Wind, and Dezel is immune to petrification, Discovery Point #42: The Crest of Maotelus | After the boss fight, head northeast to the wall, Skit #090: The Crest of Maotelus | Discovery Point #42, Skit Sub #006: The Statue Victims | The petrified statues in the room. progress to the west.

Not marked on the map. Then at the next fork, turn southwest at the middle of the map into a blue door.

Skit #011: Wonderful Water Wheels | Discovery Point #06, Discovery Point #07: Great Sanctuary of the Sacred Blade | At the top of the stairs leading to the Great Sanctuary.

Skit #140: Lunarre's Disposition | After defeating Lunarre, rest at an inn. Take it. Personally, the first three parts are all the same to me, but the last stage results in one seraph left so Rose would not have a Seraph for that portion.

Skit System #003: The Way of the Shepherd | Closest save point. So if you have ANY intentions of beating Heldalf in this save again on a higher difficulty, do that FIRST. Malevolent Crucible: Sanjiva | 3x Slime, 2x Wolf, 2x Snake, 2x Lamia, 1x Treant, 2x Harpy, 3x Centipede, 3x Snake, 2x Brutaur, 5x Slime, 4x Wolf, 1x Scaled Bird, Skit Sub #063: Sorey's Victory | Complete Malevolent Crucible: Sanjiva, Herb: Verbena | Head northeast from the middle point, it'll be just northwest of the giant rock, Discovery Point #25: Collapsed Leaning Tower | Northeast corner of the map, it's the collapsed tower. Now take the west path. Also "Mayvin, the Explorer" sub event is missable. In the following room, go northeast into a 4 way split.

Follow the path until you hit a circular path.

Sorey prepares a Soft-Serve Ice Cream with Alisha in the party. Edna will leave. Break the boulder to your north. Boss Fight: Breed Wolf | Anomalous Orb 8/36, Skit #029: The Sin of Resonance and Rose's Values | Automatically when you return to the inn.

I will note that there are Arcane Bottles behind that gate. 6F: Directly to your west is a statue for you to open the door, then go through the door. A brand new adventure awaits in a fantasy world filled with magic, knights, dragons and mystery in Tales of Zestiria.

Lailah will split from you for a bit, talk to her.

Head to Dumnonia Museum in Marlind. 7F: Activate the windmill to the east, then windrush to the south. Head to the mission marker after the fight.

Light them. The boss is waiting at the final room.

Items to the east. So, it's been a while since we've been to an inn. On 4F, the malevolence is much more blatant. Upon fighting Heldalf again, you will find that he is much stronger than the used to be, plus he's strong against every element.

The following room has several eye tiles. Go through the scene. Skit Etc #016: Dog Whisperer | Any save after the talking to the Village Chief.

Windrush across the gap and enter the shrine. The southeastern door leads back to the beginning. You'll pass a pair of chests. Head back down, then head to the center point. Do not walk in.

Head outside for an easy fight. Those are the only three related to Alisha that were not mentioned in the guide up til this point.

Then up the stairs to the north. Head to Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial.

This includes consumables, equipment, key items, and fashion items. After that, head to Pendrago, the Blessed Capital.

If warping, use Westonbolt's Gorge. Have Lailah prepare a Strawberry Shortcake while Dezel is in the party. Head inside the Sanctuary for a scene. At the end of that path break that boulder too. Skit #042: Putting Slots to Use | Save Point, Skit System #009: Lailah and Edna's Skill Lecture | Save Point, Normin 2/49: Difens | On the bridge railing just west of the save point. After that, enter Gramp's house. After the scene, head to the ! Go through the door and light the torch there to raise the lava.

I would avoid that Behemoth unless you can take it.

Skit #175: Georg Heldalf | After you gain control of your characters, look northwest. Welcome to IGN's Tales of Vesperia guide and walkthrough.

Once that's all done, you'll have to go to the shrinechurch to progress. Hit them in SE, NW, SW, NE order.

Rose needs Lvl 12 Item Ordering, after that she can switch to Snack Preparation to help with the RNG. Ultimately, you do have to beat him on the hardest difficulty, Chaos, or get to the 5th playthrough without retrying.

on the map. Skit Sub #021: This is Between Them | After the scene above.

Start anywhere, check which achievements you're missing and search for that achievement in this guide to figure out how to get it.

I think of the Tales series as RPG comfort food. Boss Fight: Beast Master | Anomalous Orb 9/36, Skit Sub #033: The Seraphim Morgrim | After defeating the Beast Master. Discovery Point #64: Horses Returned to Nature, Herb: Red Saffron | First floor, in the last room with the exit at the north, southwest corner, Discovery Point #65: Merchants' Abandoned Wares | Southwest corner of the east room, Skit #145: In the Hellion's Lair | Discovery Point #65, Northwest staircase is the right one. Head to the mission marker at the bridge. When she asks to depart, select yes. on his head.

Like in previous Tales, Zestiria features a local only four-player multiplayer option, something I think more RPGs should have. Rest at an inn. You'll see a giant waterwheel with a guy staring at it. If that skit did show up for you, then make sure Sorey is on Snack Preparation. This particular Crucible will only let Sorey enter.

Skit #024: The Palace Library | Discovery Point #10.

Monolith: 3 Types of Artes I | Behind the giant trunk, Monolith: Strategy I | Right next to the house. Skit DLC #001: Alisha and Rose | As soon as you walk up the steps.

Normin 36/49: Pinyon | In the crate of the southwest stall. Head to the purple star mission marker.

Exit west. Go downstairs and exit to your west through the hallway. Discovery Point #06: Ladylake's Great Waterwheel | Head up east and take the first right fork. Go inside and head upstairs. Hello. Herb: Chamomile | Directly south-southeast of the monolith. Well, it doesn't have to be Lastonbell, but it's my favorite town. I had a good time coordinating attacks with my friends, even though the zoomed-out camera sometimes made it hard to see and character movements looked choppier than when playing alone. Boss Fight: Dirt Leech | Anomalous Orb 10/36 | He's small, weak to fire. above him. You guessed it! | Discovery Point #44. He'll mention Mayvin. on him. Talk to the soldiers to the north, the guy has a ! After the fight, you'll have to head to Tintagel Ruins, old Scattered Bones hideout. Once inside, follow the linear path to the main room and go up the stairs. Skit Sub #046: Maltran's Past | After the above scene about Maltran, Now to your west and east are two sub-event points with purple stars. Save Point: Exit Leading to West Pasture | Note: This is in Meadow of Triumph.

Save Point: Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial - Entrance.

Zestiria removes the pen that once confined us to narrow corridors of trees and bushes and lets you freely journey through a nice variety of locations that include green pastures, sand-swept deserts, and gloomy swamps. Boss Fight: Dangeroma | Anomalous Orb 15/36.

My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Tales of Zestiria with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. Head west to the save point near the waterfall.

Head to the Knight's Tower. Skit System #023: Fusion Sounds LIke Fun!

Break the boulder with Giants' Strength. You'll have to use Siegfried with all 4 Seraphs at one point, so the order you use them in will matter. Spiral staircase for a boss. This chest contains the diary of the Shepherd. Use Spectral Cloak on the southeast wall to remove it.

Take the north path. You should spot a guy in orange with a purple star on his head, talk to him.

Gold Chest located here. This is used to remove several types of map barriers, similar to Sorey using his sword to clear cobwebs and vines. Yay! Once you enter, Mayvin is straight ahead. Other than the obvious fact that you'll have to light up the torch next to the boss, light the one next to the door to unlock it.

After that, talk to the merchant with the purple star over them near the entrance of the Noble's District.

Fourth, the last switch is in the main room to the southwest. If you're having trouble, try using snacks and resting at inns for buffs. You're gonna want to go on the middle one. After the talk, head home to progress. Go down. Head to the mission marker.

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