He is just playing because being immortal is really boring. One of the past reincarnations of Tatyana is mentioned in page 161 (wording is vague but implies it was Tatyana’s soul). In game it will probably be difficult for players to trust Strahd, being that he is a vampire. Is Ireena Kolyana going to show up? Note: references include Monster Manual (MM), Curse of Strahd (COS), and Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG). Neither of them know this. And in his castle he is most powerful. JavaScript is currently disabled. For example: In the dinner situation. However it’s NOT an indicator of the person’s actions. However you only have to ask how different DMs played Strahd and you will find out that most didn’t take this approach.
Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed (and who did it), and even restore old versions. He is still prone to human feelings. Admiring the mirage of his ancestral home. Both articles offer fantastic insights complementary to (and greatly improving upon) some of of the same ideas in what I wrote, below. This is illusion, according to the room entry text, might “talk about his family or shed light on the castle’s history,” making this the perfect opportunity to begin to reveal some facets of Strahd’s ultimate tragedy. If it were like this, then Strahd would be predictable. This is fine for a one-shot, but do keep in mind that if the party uses a lot of movement, they may initiate encounters in multiple rooms, and since these encounters are often hard or deadly in terms of challenge rating, you may be leading your players into a TPK if you cram everything immediately next to each other. He grew up in castle where he had all kinds of instruction and education. She flung herself from the walls of the castle and fell to her death. Barovia has its own calendar.

The party’s probably really beat up by this point, after all. He gets nostalgic when he visits Yester Hill and gazes through the mist. Strahd’s backstory — his tragic love of Tatyana, the fiancee of Strahd’s own brother, Sergei, and the subsequent curse that befell Barovia because of it — should be ripe for discovery. you will have instant access to your previous versions. Plus, you get a 15-day free trial, so there's nothing to lose. A deal can break the adventure, but if it doesn’t, Strahd can still judge his best way to fight this team of brigands. A far realm can be seen through the mist, it is the Zarovich’s family ancestral realm. Ireena is one of the key elements in Curse of Strahd. But ! Strahd is a man of his word and places great importance in family ties (his parents), alliances and personal debts (Vistani). It must bet clear that Count Strahd has the heaviest leverage in this deal. And it will be a scary and powerful reveal when Strahd decides he will show the PCs how he is not bound by this.

in the meantime, the party continued its debate about how Ireena, Tatyana (the name by which Ireena was addressed when the party saw the Krezk shrine destoryed), and Marina (named in the Berez statue) were related. So we’ll begin with the party meeting Rudolph Van Richten on the road to Castle Ravenloft. 2.- Now let’s talk about a priest or acolyte who has dreams of power and influence. Reply. Running Strahd Von Zarovich. At some point — maybe during the carriage ride, or just before, or shortly after — he might ask what they learned from the Vistani, at which point the DM can run the Tarokka reading as a flashback. Help me get funding and enjoy hi resolution version of all my work. Strahd will never see the object of his lust again.

Long lost love of Strahd, and bride of Sergei. After the invasion by Strahd von Zarovich, she fell in love with this brother Sergei and was betrothed to him. Chapel (COS 57). That’s awesome ! Regardless, Strahd believes it and is looking for an heir. A picture of Tatyana appears on COS 67. Because of his upbringing and background, he is evil. Pro tip: if this occurs, describe how any likeness of Sergei and Tatyana from paintings or statues or whatever falls apart and crumbles into a state where they cannot be repaired. An alternative outcome would be to have Ireena never turn into a vampire, and just lie dead in Strahd’s arms. How does the party learn of the magical artifacts that can weaken Strahd, and how do they procure them? To frame the characters’ journey through the castle in a sensible way despite them basically being on a railroad (or near railroad), you can simply describe how the castle has fallen into ruin, and many of the wings, side rooms, and upper towers of the castle have crumbled, filling many areas with rubble that the party cannot navigate, or that you simply gloss over as they move between rooms with encounters that are actually fun. You should check them out. However, her spirit became trapped in Barovia due to Strahd’s curse. But just in a way that anybody else could be. His perception of love is distorted by the dark powers.

Some PCs would prefer a clean way out while others will want to take revenge on Strahd himself. This is because she is actually the reincarnation of Tatyana, a woman Strahd … He suspects that the dark powers’ curse is what prevents him from attaining his goal. He can take his time, this is the reason why Strahd seldom kills adventurers in a single showdown. They pondered whether Sergei, somehow linked to Tatyana, was the brother of Strahd. The party can stand and fight or rush into the castle grounds, but don’t forget there’s a patch of green slime (DMG chapter 5) in the entry tunnel. He wishes the worst to his self-proclaimed enemies and enjoys gladly when bad things occur to other people. References (page numbers, etc.)

Same with Strahd, specially if the PCs do not follow the expected arrangement. However I find these paragraphs too bland.

The module Curse of Strahd naturally revolves around Count Strahd von Zarovich.
An honest person might under the right circumstances commit a felony, but that doesn’t make the person dishonest from that moment on. But from Strahd’s perspective, it is still love. The following links were especially helpful in guiding the creation of this article: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! At that point, the nightmare busts off the carriage and attacks, along with the animated armor. But if the PCs insult him by attacking him openly or decide to go around the rest of the castle uninvited, then the deal is over. Copyright ©

Note also that if the party attacks the Heart, the appearance of the vampire spawn in 3 rounds will make this an incredibly deadly encounter unless they make quick work of the halberds and portraits.

It is unclear how many times this has happened, but it shouldn’t be more than 5. All the maps in this website are registered under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC. 2.- A successor.- Strahd has grown convinced that one way to get rid of the curse and finally be able to abandon Barovia, is to find someone to take his place. In my personal opinion alignment is just a guideline of a person’s predisposition towards things and situations that happens around him. A fight in the pitch dark at any level is going to be difficult, and with flying creatures this is no less the case; keep in mind that the gargoyles have darkvision out to 60 ft. K10. Strahd comes from a fine line of nobles. I believe it is Strahd’s upbringing as a noble and future heir of King Barov that accounts for Strahd’s “legal” alignment. Page 10 gives us some cues on how to roleplay Strahd. The sad thing is that it never works out for Strahd in the end. While this feature of vampires is iconic and fun to run.

The key is to simplify the reading to what you are actually going to use, but with a few options that shake things up: where items, people, and encounters will occur or are at least potentially discoverable. Regardless, this is where the party ends the whole ordeal, or dies trying.

Before leaving Barovia Village, she dyes her red hair black.

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